Antiquiet Sessions Present True Trans Soul Acoustic with Against Me! Antiquiet Sessions: Perhaps the highlight of this whole year, Against Me! came into our studio for one of the most fun sessions to date, performing songs from 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues' and a few other rare treats acoustically.
Primus Take a Trip to the Chocolate Factory Reviews: Primus' most famous lineup have reunited to cover the entire soundtrack to the 1970's family movie.
Flying Lotus Explores Death and Corrupts Jazz With ‘You’re Dead’ Reviews: Flying Lotus dives into the deep, dark unknown. You probably should too.
I Grew Up, Kinda, And So Did Slipknot, Kinda Reviews: An old friend of ours takes the scenic route through the new Slipknot album, '.5: The Gray Chapter.'
The Melvins Are Back With ‘Hold It In’ Reviews: The Melvins are back with their latest great record, and a new lineup with members of Butthole Surfers.
Nick Oliveri Talks New Album, Playing with QOTSA on Halloween, and the Demise of Kyuss (Again) Interviews, Music: Also: the future of Mondo Generator and Moistboyz, his encounters with the police, and getting naked onstage.
The Red, Thick Stains of Greatness: On Damien Chazelle’s ‘Whiplash’ Movies, Reviews: Looking for the fundamental elements of great art without ever seeking a singular answer, 'Whiplash' might be the best and most truthful film not just about jazz or music, but about art in general.
Isaiah “Ikey” Owens Found Deceased in Mexico Music: It's with a heavy heart that we report the sudden passing of our friend Ikey Owens.
Pearl Jam brings marathon-length performance for first ever Tulsa show Music, Shows: Playing in Tulsa for the first time ever, the band proves they were worth the wait.
Alain Johannes Discusses His New Album, Project With Members of Soundgarden, Mark Lanegan, & More Interviews, Music: While touring with QOTSA in South America, Mr. Johannes took time to provide an update on several projects, including the Eleven rarities album, and the future of Them Crooked Vultures.
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