Foo Fighters Tear the Roof Off of Intimate, Crowd-Funded Gig in Richmond Shows: Richmond, VA bought $70,000 worth of tickets to a non-existent concert. Foo Fighters went ahead and made it happen with hell of a show.
Riot Fest Chicago Celebrates a Decade of Riot Festivals: Here's Rory's exhausting coverage of the music and moments that made for a delectable urban romp with punk rock royalty and the diverse cross section of acts that thrived under Chicago’s warm embrace at Riot Fest this year.
Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas Shut Down Swing House Hollywood with Antiquiet Session #18 Antiquiet Sessions: Jessica Hernandez & her band's live chemistry has finally been captured in the latest installment of Antiquiet Sessions, featuring the debut of a crazy good new cover of Le Tigre's 'Deceptacon.'
Concert film director Dick Carruthers discusses working with Zeppelin, Oasis, McCartney & More Interviews, Movies, Music: The director of some of the best stuff in your DVD collection talks about his past and current projects, the state of Blu-Ray, and more.
‘Songs of Innocence’ Is Another U2 Album, But Less So Music, Reviews: When the release method is more noteworthy than the music itself.
Here’s Dot Hacker Performing ‘Floating Up The Stairs’ at Blind Blind Tiger’s Speakeasy Studio Premieres: Here's an exclusive video of Dot Hacker performing live at Blind Blind Tiger's Speakeasy Studio in LA.
KISS Brings 40th Anniversary Tour to Tulsa Music, Shows: KISS brings their 40th anniversary show to Oklahoma
Sleep Woke Boston The Fuck Up Music, Shows: Sleep are finally back with new music, and as powerful as ever.
Edgefest Comes Full Circle with Our Lady Peace, Sloan, and I Mother Earth Festivals: An enclave of former Can-Rock giants celebrated 90’s night under the clouds at Echo Beach.
Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas’ Debut is Everything There’s Never Enough Of Reviews: Not since Reignwolf has an artist impressed us like Detroit's Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas.
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