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Recommended: Hip Hop Family Tree #1

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As some of you may have deduced from my story sources over the years, I’m an avid reader of Boing Boing. One of my favorite things about them (it?) is Ed Piskor’s retro-style comic contributions, particularly his ongoing Hip Hop Family Tree series. His comics tickle several deep-seated nostalgia glands, from the MAD magazine look and feel, the Sunday newspaper comics section pace at which the story unfolds, the 80s, Hip Hop, music trivia, graffiti, and the portrayals of future massively influential artists as they were still finding their way, like kids on a national (if not global) recess yard.

The comic posted today, #54, is pretty perfect:


Piskor’s portrayal of Russell Simmons has got to be one of the funniest things in any Hip Hop paraphernalia I’ve ever encountered.

Anyway, the main reason I’m sharing this obsession with you all today is this: The first volume of Hip Hop Family Tree comics is soon to be collected into a beautiful graphic novel, the pre-order for which is currently available on Amazon for 36% off cover price. I can’t recommend it enough, especially at less than $20.

If you’d like to dig deeper before committing, check out Ed’s site, or the Brain Rot tag on BB.


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