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Nate Dogg and Tupac’s Ghosts to Perform at Coachella (Seriously)

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Nate Dogg in heaven.

OK, first things first. TMZ reports that Kurupt will be performing with Dre & Snoop at Coachella, along with Warren G and Daz Dillinger as previously reported. The reports that Eminem would be included in this all-star ensemble have been called into question.

Now we enter the Twilight Zone. Using the same technology that let Mariah Carey perform in 5 different locations simultaneously last year (man, how did we not make fun of that?), a HOLOGRAM of the late Nate Dogg will be performing onstage as well.

Update: Tupac too. What the hell?

We’ll be leaving for Coachella tonight via hoverboards and portal guns, because it’s obviously the future.


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  2. Steve Keyes says:

    That picture made me laugh way too hard. Kudos.

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