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Mojito Time With Dick Valentine

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There aren’t many bands that we’ll beat you over the head with until you’re bleeding rivers of musical appreciation, but Electric Six will forever stand as an entry point to unwavering respect in the parts of our hearts that haven’t been charred out by the RIAA.

The problem, you see, is that we’ve pushed the E6 product hard, and the return has been a lackluster swell of support. And while we’re willing to own up to having some bizarre musical fascinations from time to time, this scenario calls for our favorite breakup line: it’s not us, it’s you.

So, in addition to posting this great new interview with frontman Dick Valentine, I’m going to build a word Voltron out of the praise & descriptives we’ve given the band thus far, in the hopes that its towering presence of fellatiatic magnificence will knock some sense in to the collective you, enough to finally give Electric Six a shot.

A few weeks ago we took our Angeleno asses up to San Francisco for this year’s Outside Lands Festival, and after having bathed in the sex-charged party-rock voodoo that Electric Six delivered early in the day, we spent a few minutes talking to singer Dick Valentine about Zodiac, the band’s upcoming seventh studio album.

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As Dick explained, the band have a habit of making an album a year, which usually arrives in September. 2010 is no exception, except for the exceptional level of expectation-exceeding excellence found in the twelve magnificent tracks of Zodiac.

Have a hearty dose of standout new track Clusterfuck! to hear what we’re jabbering on about:

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Here’s another taste – a song called Jam It In The Hole:

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A bit of history: Electric Six first rose to power in 2003 with their debut Fire, torching both Taco Bell and the disco with their song Danger! High Voltage and laying to waste to the moth-eaten tapestry of party rock. They’ve since developed a cult following with their flair for hilariously irony-soaked lyrics, impossibly catchy tunes, on-stage aerobics and bizarrely awesome videos. Dick Valentine is the musical equivalent of a faith healer on ecstasy, the master of ceremonies and undisputed king of acerbic one-liners. His sex-rock hypnotics could turn a funeral into an orgy with the dead. All you need is a mirrorball and a microphone. And maybe some lotion.

They are an intentionally gaudy celebration of the absurd, embracing disposable culture and manipulating it to serve their disco-metal synth pop whims. This music is best for the kind of dancing one would only do in their underwear in front of the bedroom mirror, or on the dancefloor after a trip to the costume store and about nine margaritas.

They cause photosynthesis at night. They are ridiculous refined, a wide-eyed, sex-charged disco-metal beast, voracious for that sacred cow.

They are Electric Six.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Steve Keyes says:

    I seriously do not understand how more people do not love this band. What’s not to love? The lyrical wordplay of Mr. Valentine are simultaneously witty, satirical and hilarious. The music is consistently danceable/lovable/huggable. The only barrier I see is possibly the musical style. However people ate up that silly synth disco pop back in the 80’s by the truckload so I’m not quite sure that is it either.
    Maybe I should be content as I get to see them in small clubs and don’t have to deal w/thousands of people, but the thought of a fully realized stage show designed by Dick Valentine makes me incredibly excited as well.

  2. Long live Electric Six. As long as they keep releasing a record every year until the end of time I’ll be happy. Dick Valentine is the best frontman ever. He gets life and he gets the human race. Genius lyrics with humor and wit mixed with INCREDIBLY likable and accessible music should be very very very very successful and it absolutely sickens me that they keep getting less and less popular and more and more obscure while their tunes increase in quality every damn year. It baffles me and I think its time for us fans to stand up and promote them to the point where you can’t go in public without seeing E6 graffiti everywhere.

  3. Credible Source Of Information says:

    Electric Six should be taught in universities across this great nation.

  4. Leroy Jenkins says:

    ELECTRIC SIX!!!!!!!!

  5. hoover says:


  6. It worked, you got me hooked. Fucking cunts.

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