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Gold Cobra Rebuttal: Wes Borland Vs. Antiquiet

Limp Bizkit, Interviews


We started Antiquiet to be a megaphone for criminally underexposed musical greatness, and, equally, a magnifying glass focusing the heat of a dying star on the underbelly of inescapable sonic murder that shines in their place. Every so often however, a dialogue unfolds that can lead to new understandings, whether among writers, readers or even artists. And occasionally, we’ll even have the bullshit flag thrown back at us.

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland is a schizophrenically diverse talent in a band as polarizing as they come. With rap-rock tilt and a violently aggressive narrative (provided by frontman Fred Durst), LB makes “music for the sneering scumbags who find kinship in the dregs of cultural rot,” as I personally described in my unflattering review of their new album Gold Cobra. Hardly the most favorable depiction of a band that’s sold 50 million albums in their incendiary career, but a reactionary testament to lyrics that run the gamut of variations on “Douchebag, I’ma fuck you up.

To our surprise, Borland reached out personally to respond – taking specific issue with our one-star rating for Gold Cobra.

“The hatred you have for Fred is part of the reason we’ve succeeded,” Wes DM’d via Twitter. “I could see 1 out of 5 if you were expecting OK Computer, but… As far as LB records go, Gold Cobra is perfect. Your review was smart and I appreciate the kind words towards me, but I’m proud to be here.”

This led to a response loaded with questions and a discussion of the review rating (which was raised to two stars prior to the conversation – the rating, not any of the review itself), which led to a candid and fascinating email conversation that transpired between last night and this morning. Read the entire transcript below.


From: Wes Borland
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 7:56 PM

First of all, I’ve totally seen where you’re coming from, and I’ve seen it over and over again. I know many people who have a similar attitude towards our band (I was one of them 10 years ago when I quit) and in these weeks leading up to the release of the album, I’ve been promising myself that I wouldn’t succumb to curiosity by reading reviews, and I did. I was told that there were starting to be several great ones, so I read them and they totally got it and hit the nail on the head as far as identifying with our intention. But a few have had a tone similar to yours: the band is OK, but I don’t like FD.

There is no way in Hell that our band would ever have been as successful without Fred as the singer. Period. No matter what effect he has on people in a ‘TMZ Personality’ kind of way, he is an astonishing front man and performer. I’ve never seen anything like it and the feeling I have during our shows can’t be touched by any other experience I’ve ever had. I have talked to folks time and time again who hated us and had all these preconceived notions… after seeing us live they can’t wait to see the show again. We are a ridiculous band. We have fun. We are obnoxious. We provide an escape for ourselves and our fans through what we do and our fans seem to be so happy with this record and so are we. It would be appalling for us to try to come out with some kind of “oh, we’re in our thirties and Fred just turned 40, so let’s make a grown up meaningful record that makes us feel like men” album. We made a record that is 100% not thought out to be anything but other than what it is: a Limp Bizkit record. We went into the studio and did what came naturally to us. I’m pretty sure most of our negative reviews will be from people who always hated the band and are totally disgusted that we came back together to do anything for any reason. I am so proud to be a part of this band. Thanks for your time.


From: Johnny Firecloud
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 8:08 PM

Hi Wes,

Thanks again for reaching out directly and explaining your reaction so thoroughly – I appreciate it.

The one star review was clouded judgement and has been changed. The instrumentation is fucking fantastic, and there’s a wide consensus on that. But the general negating aspect, Fred’s impact, moves beyond the vocals and into the personality of the sounds, which in the writing rationalized my take/rating on the whole. If a kid says “Limp Bizkit sucks because they pander to negativity, hatred and violence,” what is the rebuttal?

To answer your question, I caught you guys in 1998 in New York with… Incubus and Staind? Pretty sure it was ’98. It was a fun-ass show, without question. I couldn’t get enough of that first record, and you’re absolutely right – Fred isn’t some talentless punk. I don’t mean to imply that he’s coasted to success, by any means. But Break Stuff changed things for me as a fan – shit suddenly got dark and disturbing, and no longer an escape, as you put it. And the people singing the songs & wearing LB shirts were the same people throwing fists where conversations would suffice. The encouraging soundtrack to aggression & intimidation became the Limp Bizkit MO. I couldn’t connect anymore as a fan.

The question I keep returning to is, what brought you back? With your talents, why identify with this monstrosity of character? Of course I don’t refer to your relationship with Durst, but the intentionally flagrant extremes that come to define LB. At what point does the vitriol become radioactively toxic? Is that the Limp Bizkit brand?

And I ask this not as a challenge, but as a fan of your ability in need of perspective: What makes you proud to be a part of the band that you didn’t feel before?

Thanks again, Wes. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss this.


From: Wes Borland
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 8:27 PM

Hey Johnny,

The thing that brought me back is the same thing that may have been off putting to you. There’s something in me that enjoys the feeling of the train about to come off the tracks for some reason. I didn’t get that feeling in anything else I’ve done solo, or when I briefly played in Marilyn Manson or with From First To Last. There’s a chemistry that the 5 of us have that just works. I also feel more creative in this environment as well because it challenges me to be a better artist. My ideas don’t have to fit into any one spectrum and I can truly be as unhinged as I need to be onstage. I’m a sensitive and irritable person that bottles a lot of anger up and LB is the perfect outlet for me to vent. I can do whatever I want when I’m on stage and I never attack anything but inanimate objects, so nobody’s getting hurt. As far as Break Stuff goes, I always looked at that song as an interpretation or explanation of someone’s defenses to outside attacks. It’s not as much of a fight song as it is a fighting back song. I would encourage anyone to fight back and to fight back harder than they’ve been attacked. I hated getting fucked with when I was younger. I cried and cried at home after school and I never wanted to go back. I can identify with wanting to fight back and I feel like Fred has always tried to be communicative about his lyrics being anti-bully in interviews.


From: Wes Borland
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 8:33 PM

And just out of curiosity, would you say for instance a band like Pantera also panders to negativity, hatred, and violence? What about Slayer? Is it the same?


From: Johnny Firecloud
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 9:37 PM

The outlet you find in LB is undoubtedly the same outlet sought by much of your fanbase – and that’s by design. But seeing how the band bore the brunt of the Woodstock ’99 fallout, I’m sure we’re covering dusty ground in discussing how the fans don’t take the aggression out on strictly inanimate objects. Aggression and discontent are as deep a part of the mainstream climate as ever, so of course there’s going to be a market for explosive & controversial. This isn’t about indecency, so much as artistic ownership of yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater and a perceived imbalance of impact on the record (singer vs. the band). Why do the guitars drop so often when the vocals begin? It may be the copy the label sent me, but Fred’s voice seems so prominently above the rest. I have a few more production questions on the album as well if you’re up for it (that don’t center on vocals).

Fred may have discussed anti-bullying in interviews, but the work speaks loudest and longest, and he comes off as a textbook bully. Not many hormone-rocket teenagers are going to grasp the subtlety of violently lashing out against the right people / the bullies / etc. when chanting “douchebag I’ma fuck you up.”  And when you’re such a talent on your instrument, how does one defend the creativity of such lyrics, in their total consistency on the album? It’s harder than ever to buy into the White Male Angst these days, no matter where it’s coming from.

I was never much of a Slayer fan, though I was in awe of their musicianship. The whole Satanic thing kept it at an arm’s length for me, because it seemed even to the ten year old I was when I discovered them that there was a schtick involved. A part played. Would I call it the same? Only to the extent that I’d compare the poorly-drawn [pentagrams] carved into arms & torsos with highly violent attitudes and perpetually clenched fists in high school hallways.

Which brings us to Pantera. Did they stir up the hate pot? Definitely. There’s a discrepancy in the Pantera comparison, however – and here’s where it gets sticky. Setting the words aside entirely, in my ears Fred’s lyrical designs and vocals fall far short of someone like Phil Anselmo. Fred’s spectrum seems far more narrow and consistent in destructive lyrical design. Though to be fair, the people wishing for an instrumental version of the record & that you’d “just get a new singer” aren’t fans who’ve stuck around over the years.

I chose to review the record because your work demands more than dismissive kneejerks, regardless of the final outcome. At the very least, with your permission, this conversation can be a balancing counter-argument to my own, from the horse’s mouth.


From: Wes Borland
Date: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 10:30 AM

OK. Woodstock. Dusty ground for sure, but you’re basing your idea of our involvement there on the media’s slanted view of what happened. We were the poster child, in a nutshell, because we have a song called Break Stuff. The crux of that whole fiasco didn’t take place until the next day, yet news stations everywhere were broadcasting images of our set immediately followed by the fires burning and fences being taken down 24 hours later. We’re going to have to agree to disagree on what happened there, because my view and the popular view (which basically uses us as the scapegoat and excludes a plethora of additional problems: overpriced vendors, ATMs running out of money, alcohol influenced mayhem, and general mob mentality behavior) don’t match up. We never said: “please fight each other, burn everything, and rape.” We didn’t even allude to it. We did our thing.

White male angst. I think his vocals are beyond that now. Fred is one of the most hated people in music and he has to constantly put up with a slew of negativity thrown his way. Things he did began it and the more he fought it, the worse it’s gotten, so what do you expect? Of course a guy like that is going to be angry. It’s a cycle. He’s grown a lot and I personally find him easier to be around than ever. We’re friends. The hatred of our band at this point has been accepted and infused into what we are. I think that’s why I’m able to discuss it this easily now. It comes with the territory.

Heavy music should be made as an expression of violence in order to keep the maker and the listener from going on psychopathic killing sprees. I’ve found through talking to other people over the years, that as humans, many of us need to express a repressed hunter-gather primitive side that is no longer accepted in civilized modern society. Some people do it through video games, some love horror and violent movies, some people play paintball, whatever. I have a part of me that needs to go to war, but I’m not a soldier. I have a need to punish myself and flip out, but I don’t really want to cause permanent damage to my body or anyone else’s. I truly feel that LB is that outlet for many many people. It’s important. You didn’t like Slayer because of the satanic thing. See, for me, that was what really drew me to them. It was evil and forbidden and it made me feel something that I had never felt before. I could express feelings in my mind by listening to their music.

Brass tacks: this is really just a matter of opinion at the end of the day and because of that, we aren’t really ever going to get anywhere. I never thought once about the guitars coming down or the vocals being too loud, because I’m not biased in the same way that you are when I’m listening to it. To me it sounds like a snappy bombastic mix. I like the bragadocious, in-your-face vocals because they’re crucial as a part of the hip hop element we have. I absolutely love our record and I love our singer. I’m fine with you publishing this, I think it’s an interesting dialogue to be sure.


Photo by Neilson Barnard / Getty Images


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Rory says:

    Informative exchange from both perspectives.

    It’s busy over at Antiquiet today!

    • Cory Hatton says:

      indeed. this is why I love antiquiet!

      p.s. long ago I saw horse the band open for black light burns and I stayed to mean mug wes borland for some reason. think it got to him. not that I look menacing or anything.

    • Kris says:

      I love this. Thank you so much Wes for responding to this person. (yes I’m trying to act my age and be nice) This interview just confirms to me that I am a real fan of Limp Bizkit and I do belong. It also confirms that what I believe to be true about metal is a reality. I am a fan of Limp Bizkit, Slayer and Pantera and always will be. I have the exact same opinions about everything Wes talked about and I’m so glad he could explain the reality that is metal to this “person.” :) Wes is 100% right in saying, “I’m a sensitive and irritable person that bottles a lot of anger up and LB is the perfect outlet for me to vent.” That is exactly how the fans are and exactly what we all need. I miss Pantera and Dimebag so much and they are the only other band that could do what Limp Bizkit does to me. They pump you up and get you going so crazy and you let it all out and by the time you get home after the show you reflect on everything and you are relaxed and focused again. I can’t even really explain it, but I think Wes did a great job. Sometimes you feel like what you think or feel about something is just your thoughts but to see that Wes understands exactly what we as fans feel, it’s a great confirmation. I don’t believe that music makes people do anything necessarily. That comes with the person’s own mindset or situation. Like the guy that killed Dimebag. He was metally ill. Pantera’s music didn’t take Dimebag’s life. A sick man took his life and you need to be more concerned with what they are doing to prevent something like this from ever happening again rather than blaming music that is “violent” and acting like you are Tipper Gore. Censorship kills, music doesn’t. Art is a beautiful thing and I’ll fight forever to keep it in it’s intended state.

  2. Jenkins says:

    Changing the rating of an album only after the rock star sees it and writes to you is a major ass-kissing move if there ever was one. Sorry, but it’s true.

    And a major point to come out of this is the fact that you basically say you don’t like LB because of their fans. Which is beyond silly. Yes, I know you have issues with Fred Durst, but there was so much talk about the fans and how they act. You sound like an old lady blaming “that damn rock n roll music” for the bad people in the world and their bad behavior. I was thinking the exact same thing (Pantera, Slayer, etc.) before I read Wes say it. He was totally right. And you can add in Deftones, and tons of other bands across other genres. Let’s not forget about Eminem while we’re at it.

    Basically, saying “Limp Bizkit sucks” in however many paragraphs you choose to use in saying it, is an extremely easy, popular position to take.

    • Skwerl says:

      i had the same gut reaction to changing the rating. but it wasn’t because we hurt the band’s feelings. it was because we were wrong. as much as it hurts to change it, knowing people like you would accuse us of kissing wes’ ass, we had to do the right thing. so we’ll sleep just fine tonight.

      • Houston says:

        I don’t really see it as kissing ass as much as it seems like a “I just punched Henry Rollins in the face and shouldn’t have” kind of moment. I don’t know. I always looked at AQ as brutal and unforgiving. Guess they are human afterall. :)

        • Skwerl says:

          haha, i know exactly what you reference with the rollins comparison.
          to be brutal and unforgiving is a powerful thing, but you can’t do it blindly. when we’re confident that we’re right, we stand and fight, tooth and nail. when we might be wrong, there’s no shame in admitting it. it’s a matter of maturity.

          • steven says:

            I see nothing wrong with a one star rating. Lb has always been a one star band.

            And Firecloud is staying the course on being overly offended by violent lyrics, woo.

    • Mike Rasimas says:

      It is an easy position to take. A lot of people do think “Limp Bizkit sucks”, but Johnny clearly states how and why he feels that way in his review and these emails. He even describes the time when he WAS a fan.

      Also, the rating was changed because it deserved to be changed, not because Johnny was starstruck. As far as I’m concerned, I learned a bit about LB and their album by reading Wes’ emails, and I have a little more respect for him and maybe even the band because of them. Maybe Johnny felt that way, too.

    • Chris says:

      @Jenkins I’m not sure what exactly you are getting at with the Deftones but when’s the last time you listened to the Deftones? Deftones are the only band left from the nu-metal days that actually matured and at this point sounds nothing like Limp Bizkit. This email exchange just proves that Wes is just as immature as Fred. I think Wes does a fine job of describing his own band, “obnoxious, ridiculous and immature.”

      “We are a ridiculous band. We have fun. We are obnoxious. We provide an escape for ourselves and our fans through what we do and our fans seem to be so happy with this record and so are we. It would be appalling for us to try to come out with some kind of “oh, we’re in our thirties and Fred just turned 40, so let’s make a grown up meaningful record that makes us feel like men” album”

  3. Trina Green says:

    This is beyond fascinating.

    I will never dig any further into LB than the sounds that unwittingly slip through the radio airwaves and into my ear canal if I’m not quick enough to change the channel (damn you LA radio), but I will-with absolute respect- say “thank you” for engaging Johnny as you did because you’ve put a disarmingly intelligent and respectful conversation ahead of defensiveness. That’s solid of you and I appreciate it. I may not be a fan of your music, but I think I’m a fan of your person.

    Keep doing whatever the hell it is you do here.

    • Smidget says:

      Just want to second this entire comment.

      I greatly appreciate this kind of thing and is why I always return to AQ. Thank you AQ and thank you Wes.

  4. Houston says:

    Antiquiet just lost my respect. You guys were definitely a catalyst in great musical journalism. I can’t take you seriously any longer. Don’t put a review up and then back pedal when their guitarist calls you out. If it’s shit, it’s still shit the next day whether you spray it with lysol.

  5. Joseph Rose says:

    For real though, don’t say you wouldn’t be saying the same thing if Pitchfork or Rolling Stone did it. C’mon.

    • Skwerl says:

      maybe we would, maybe we wouldn’t. from my perspective, i know that if antiquiet changes its position on something, it’s because two friends, both furiously resistant to outside influence, had a real talk about it. if rolling stone or pitchfork did it, it’d be a lot harder to believe that it didn’t come from a shitty memo from some higher-up, a threat from some well-connected publicist, or something similarly lame and political. so we might talk shit, and we might be wrong. all we can do is stand by this piece and our methods. and if we ever call out rolling stone or pitchfork like we called out limp bizkit, we’ll always be just as willing to put our cards on the table and see how it shakes out.

  6. I want to comment, but I need to process what I just read. Truly interesting shit.

  7. FlawlessLogic says:

    It’s rare when Wes speaks or does a deep interview like this. Personally, I think it’s time for him to step a little more into the spotlight and let people know who he is. In my honest opinion, he is one of the most underrated guitarists/musicians out there, so it’s a sigh of relief when he speaks up and claims his spot. Thanks for publishing this exchange. I may not like all of LB’s music, but I do like them and I get it. I get what they’re about and I will be supporting the album. They are unique, like it or not. Keep it up, Wes.

  8. pupo says:

    I can’t seem to find Mr Borland request to AQ to change the rating in this… What I did find though is his refusal to accept that he came back for the $….”I didn’t get that feeling in anything else I’ve done….” yeah right….

    • Adrian Garro says:

      I’d believe that argument if not for the fact that Limp Bizkit’s status in 2011 is NOT what it was in 2001. Who says “Hell yeah, I love the Bizkit!” now?

      Remember that cancelled arena tour when they announced their reformation a couple of years ago? It’s not like they’re going to go on massive headlining stadium tours. And GC probably won’t sell very well either. Just look at Korn’s (lack of) success lately.

      • Sebastianjames says:

        korn’s last album debuted at number 2 on the billboard charts and they co-headlined a summer tour last year. So are they in there prime like they were in 2001 no because it’s a kids world now in the music world but i wouldn’t say korn had lack of success.

      • pupo says:

        dude….epicenter 2011?? headlining slot, plus one of the few bands still with record label wasting money on them….

        • Adrian Garro says:

          Right, Korn did debut at #2, but if you want to go down that route, which band has reinvented itself numerous times, trying other styles to branch out and not get stuck in the nu-metal early 2000s phase? Korn, not Bizkit.

          Bizkit made a nu-metal record in 2011, how many other bands like that are around now?

          And regarding Epicenter…that just flat-out makes zero sense. KROQ for some reason thinks this 2000 Ozzfest lineup will sell tickets…hell, KROQ doesn’t even play most of these bands on the damn station! It’s really a head-scratcher.

          And again, I refer to Bizkit’s failed arena tour in 2009…NO ONE bought tickets to see them….

          • Kris says:

            no one bought tickets to see them because of shitty promotion. I didn’t even hear about it until it was basically over.

  9. loli says:

    It takes a very big person to admit when they were wrong.

  10. J Rexxxxx says:

    The album needs to lose a star just for that album cover. I mean, eesh, that’s just awful.

  11. Adam says:

    Glad to see the reviewer accepted the truth and fixed his review, though I think he expected the media to hate limp bizkit for being limp bizkit and when hes the only one hating he stepped back from it.

  12. Murray says:

    Limp Bizkit is not to be taken seriously, that’s their thing. I was into them at first, but it got old quick and I lost my angst so to speak. But I do respect Wes Borland for taking the time to reply in a respectful manner to the review. It’s not easy taking criticism, it’s even harder to defend yourself and not look like a whiner. Wes certainly did not come off as a whiner, job well done on both sides of the correspondence.

    Out of curiosity… If, instead of Borland’s reply, Fred Durst fired back a dismissive and vulgar reply would the rating have changed?

    • Skwerl says:

      the rating was changed before the email exchange. almost immediately after publishing, actually. this happens from time to time when we put a few hours between finishing a piece and reflecting on it, and usually, no one even notices. but wes caught it when it first went up with one star. the change was addressed after the fact. not requested. doesn’t matter what wes said, or what fred might have said. we caught our own foul and handled it without any pressure outside of our own consciences.

  13. Cody Lamie says:

    Who cares if they changed the star rating? It’s not like they changed the review. Despite how badly Fred shits on the record, it doesn’t drag the rest of the great work down bad enough to the 1 star level.

    But seriously, multitracks nao.

    • Rory says:

      The star system is flawed because if you sit and read one of Johnny’s reviews you can pretty much gather the rating without seeing it posted. If you read the full review, the rating is essentially irrelevant.

  14. Joe says:

    I don’t car what you think of Fred on there, but instrumentally that album is INSANE

  15. Damion says:

    Very cool of him to speak so in-depth with you about the review, and I appreciate that you posted the conversation as a follow-up. I don’t agree with your re-rating the album in your review, but obviously many people aren’t going to.You haven’t lost credibility over it in my mind, and I can appreciate that listening to an album in a new light could make you rethink how you feel about it. I personally have encountered many albums that I, at first, may have thought were just “okay”, that then turned out to be “growers” and now rank among my all time favorites. Had I “rated” those albums upon first listen, they likely would not match a rating I would give now.

    My only gripe is that Wes’s initial rebuttal seemed to be more or less that,as an album, you may not have liked it, but as a Limp Bizkit album, it’s “perfect”. Not only is this argument based entirely on his personal opinion, but your review was not one that was judging the album against the rest of Limp Bizkit’s discography; the review was rating the album overall. The album is being analyzed as a complete, unique work in the world of music. Had you been reviewing it as a part of a catalog, and only a part of that catalog, his points would hold more weight, but that was not your (nor I assume any other reviewer’s) basis for review.

  16. Rrar says:

    Can I just say: It’s great to see you two can both discuss this like adults, despite some obviously strong feelings on the matter. Good for you.

  17. iAMcurtis says:

    it’s your rating, do whatever you want with it. interesting read.

  18. You know, 2 out of 5 is still a fucking shitty rating. FYI.

  19. James Cubeta says:

    Awesome dialogue here. I tend to agree with the “it’s easy to hate on LZ” copout, but I also think FD could try harder. Regardless, nice job as always.

  20. OkayThen says:

    Pinnacle of your “career”? Ouch. Most humans don’t know or could give a fuck that LB has a new record.

    But it’s lookin like this is serious “star power” for you and Gopher or whatever his name is.

  21. Socialjunkie says:

    I’ll repeat what most have said already….this dialogue is exactly what I read Antiquiet. Love what you guys are doing, always have. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

  22. Interesting exchange.

    Wes Borland blocked me on Twitter for telling him his profile pic was better than the new album cover. He doesn’t stress at all about criticism of his band, but he’s touchy about his paintings. I never even dissed him! I respect him as a painter, being a cartoonist myself. Artists respect other artists. But I do respect Wes.

  23. Mitaine says:

    Wes Borland is awesome; I wish him the best reconnecting with LB, big shows and probably the money that comes with it, but I really regret that Black Light Burns disappeared / went on hiatus in the process. I love that band and hope it’s revived soon.

    The judgement against Limp Bizkit in the album review was pretty weak (wah wah negativity) and I’m surprised Johnny considers himself a fan of the first album which was heavy on aggression; myself, I regret a more silly and whiney tone in later albums. Obviously break stuff as a single is a catalyst of bad memories (selling out etc), not an objective turning point for the band.

    It’s great to have a website with intelligent, opinionated writers but sometimes the personal stuff shows through and it’s disappointing : see the last 311 article, the attack was pretty vicious for a bland surf-reggae band (or something). I can’t imagine why you would be OK with, for example, Kanye’s attitude but not those guys’. High school is over and the frosted-tips clique isn’t coming for your girlfriend !

  24. Leno Miller says:

    “I could see 1 out of 5 if you were expecting OK Computer, but…” No buts. There is the problem. I’m not buying the “its so cliche,its good!” bullshit. Wes is a talented guy making excuses for a pompous D-bag pandering to frat boy date rapists. Admittedly I’ve never been a fan but the “venting aggression” argument around metal is about as good as people that listen to mindless pop garbage only because “its got a good beat”. To me,that’s not what music is about & there is no rationalizing Freds RIDICULOUSLY STUPID lyrics & piss poor voice.Also,comparing him to Phil Anselmo is insulting.You can be in that genre & still be intelligent .That’s the difference & that’s what sets artists apart In any medium.There is Bill Hicks, then there is Dane Cook.

  25. Guy says:

    i was at Woodstock 99. We drove from Eugene Or on a whim! For me the first sign things were going to be crazy …I was up front for OFFSPRING and the sky was black with water bottles being thrown at the stage. LB put on a great show! I was further back but at no time did they encourage violence towards anyone. Sunday while RHCP were playing main stage and Megadeth on the 2nd is when I first noticed fires in the distance. I didnt even know about all that took place until the next day as I fell asleep in my car after RHCP. Stuff happened way before they played and hit the fan long after they played.

  26. Dustin Salmi says:

    Haters, don’t listen to the music that is Limp Bizkit. I’m sick of people down-talking Fred, but as Wes mentioned earlier they are collectively LB. Without Fred there wouldn’t be this band. I understand that some of his lyrics are trash but just go and listen to “Walking Away.” The words make sense. Sometimes Durst has the need to ‘yell’ on the track, I don’t really like it, but the intro of that song is all instrumental! Each part of the band has their role in the album, and if you keep trash-talking it then they will keep on doing what you hate, to get a message across. I came to the LB scene a little late based on my age and my parental restrictions (I am 22 now), but I love the Bizkit with all my heart.

    “so what about the hardcore that ain’t hard anymore
    or the shit talkers who ain’t shit anymore
    or the old fighters that can’t fight anymore
    or the white kid’s who ain’t white any more
    or the actors that don’t act anymore
    or the rappers that don’t rap anymore
    or the hipsters that don’t hip anymore
    or the limpsters that don’t limip anymore”

    -Limp Bizkit “The Story”

  27. Dustin Salmi says:

    Oh, and Johnny Firecloud, you seem like you love to go to Lady Gaga concerts or something Britney Spears would sing based on YOUR review. I wanted to avoid reading it, but I did. Do you like PG-13 lyrics? (That is rhetorical!)

    • Fernando says:

      Shit, somebody call Steven!

    • Leno Miller says:

      You are just embarrassing yourself. Using the word “hater” and the asinine lyrics you posted DO NOT help your case. You obviously only found this site because of this interaction w/Wes & have no clue or taste.PG-13 lyrics??? Curse words,that’s what makes something credible? Wow,your tastes are obviously closer to Insane Clown Posse than anything Antiquiet would cover. Also your age is not an excuse for your piss poor taste. So what “message” is Fred Durst trying to get across exactly? Yes, lyrics straight out of a angsty 8th graders diary about “breaking stuff” & “Nookie” is so profoundly deep. There is no fuckin message, just recycled 1999 angry rich white guy schtick.

      • Dustin Salmi says:

        Hate Insane Clown Posse. Sorry, I was just furious when I read the crappy review. If all Firecloud is going to base his original 1/5 is Fred’s lyrics and not give a 3/5 for instrumental alone then he should have stayed away and not rated, just like you critics are not going to rate Hinder’s new cd or whatever. Just stay away from rating what you CLEARLY hate. Like Limp Bizkit was going to change. If you HATED them in the past, STAY AWAY FROM REVIEWING that same band’s cd!

        • So we’re never supposed to review music we dislike? What’s the fucking point of reviewing music, then? If you had your way, the entire internet would be filled with nothing but positive reviews, and there wouldn’t be any valid criticism of bad music to be found anywhere.

        • Rory says:

          That sounds like censorship to me. Johnny even said he liked their first record…or did you miss that?
          You just don’t like hearing that music you like clearly fucking sucks…and hinder is gay!

      • Insane Clown Posse is one of the best hip hop groups out there. ICP achieved underground success without any airplay, or mainstream promotion, have lyrics against racism and prejudice and deep, thoughtful material. Also, Chuck D is a Juggalo!

  28. Darkknight39 says:

    What a great exchange! I have never been a die hard LB fan, but Wes brings some great points to the argument that I think give the band a value that I hadn’t really considered before. This is exactly why Antiquiet is my favorite music site. Thanks for the rad work, folks.

  29. DocJ says:

    It’s a shame that someone who should be rating music is not capable of understanding on how to do it and/or is chosen to do so on a band/genre/artist they don’t like from the begining. anyone who hears the Gold Cobra track willing to be unbiased will at least consider it a very well produced piece of work in its genre…
    Shame on antiquiet, and the reviewer should maybe go back to the xerox machine before rating albums again.

  30. Hector says:

    This is the dialoque between critic and musician that fans are DYING for. Thank you for publishing this and thank you WES, for opening up.

    I’m buying the record.

  31. Leno Miller says:

    Critics should not be biased based on genre or anything else for that matter.Whether its music,film or whatever and I don’t think that’s the case here at all. I wouldn’t give Micheal Bay a pass & say “well, as far as mind numbing shit with no decent dialogue & a bunch of splosions’ goes, it wasn’t half bad.” Call it what it is. Shit is shit. If Micheal Bay actually made something that wasn’t awful,I wouldn’t hold his earlier catalog against him either. Wes said, “Well if your expecting OK Computer” than it sucks.That’s the point. Expect nothing less than OK Computer and stop giving asshats passes for mediocrity and go buy OK Computer.

    • Mikey says:

      Listen, I think Michael Bay is crap too, but I can still accept something like Transformers for what it is, enjoy the robots and explosions, along with my buttered popcorn in a nice darkened theater. I would never, ever judge a Michael Bay movie for not being a Christopher Nolan movie. Sure, I could, but it’s utterly futile. Bay is good at making a certain kind of trash.

      Limp Bizkit is even greater at making theirs. They play circles around most bands, truth.

      Go Wes. Go LB. Gold Cobra.

      • Rory says:

        Transformers sucked…limp bizkit sucks.

        Why is it that you can’t accept somebody stating their opinion. That is what a movie or album review should be…1 person revealing their honest opinion.

        I wouldn’t go to watch transformers to compare it to a Nolan movie, I just wouldn’t watch it because it would be a waste of my valuable time to do so.

  32. steven says:

    Anyone else getting tired of “antiquiet vs.” articles? Not everything is a battle, particularly in the case of “antiquiet vs. Sasquatch”, where “vs” means “attends and covers”.

  33. I love the discussion between antiquiet and Wes. Wes was out to prove something with the email exchanges I personally think he hit the nail on the head. Regardless of Limp Bizkit’s music and Fred Durst, I think Wes knows where home is and he wanted to elaborate on why Limp Bizkit is home. The fact of the matter is that regardless of what antiquiet says about the record, it still is going to have people bashing it even though they haven’t listened to it. Having the thought of Limp Bizkit sucking and then listening to their record will only make you dislike the record and the band more. I loved 3 Dolla Bill Y’all… Significant other was fun, Chocolate Star Fish was fun as well… Results May Vary really didn’t do it for me and the Unquestionable Truth is by far my favorite instrumentally. I want to see Gold Cobra more in the vein of The Unquestionable Truth, but who knows. All I know is that if you don’t like Limp Bizkit, then don’t listen to them. Fred Durst is relevant to you because you all him to be…

  34. Jenkins says:

    At the end of the day, this is a website and the goal is to generate traffic and money. Don’t EVEN say money isn’t an issue because it is. There are ads, and that means money. And traffic means money to advertisers. They have to write about obvious dogshit like LB and Lady Gaga because they know it’s an easy hot-button for rock music fans which is what mainly populates this site. Same deal with the constant, improper use of “vs.”. Was Antiquiet really VS Sasquatch? No. Just like AQ vs Wes Borland is catchier to angsty rock fans than “AQ kisses rock star ass and adjusts album reviews” would be.

    Gaga and Limp Bizkit belong here like Toy Story belongs in Fangoria. But I bet Toy Story showing up in Fangoria would turn some heads wouldn’t it?!

  35. Mikey says:

    I also think it’s rich that Johnny Firecloud was having a “fun-ass time” with LB during the Three Dollar Bill Y’allS era, but then suddenly “shit got too real” with Break Stuff of all songs. There’s a little song called “Stuck” off of 3DBY that’s as close to approaching violently misogynistic as any of their other material that gets unfairly fitted with that label, so much so that Fred is uncomfortable to play the song live nowadays due to the subject matter. THAT was too real. But Break Stuff, gasp! Fred’s having a bad day and wants to take it out on inanimate objects AND he’s packing a chainsaw!!! Help! Red capped bully attack!

    LOL. Come on. Johnny Firecloud needs to admit that he stopped liking LB when everyone else did, when they ‘sold out’ and were no longer perceived as cool. I don’t believe that fabricated bit about suddenly growing a conscience for a second.

  36. Justin says:

    Johnny Firecloud, I think it’s fair to say that you come off as an insufferable elitist type in this. You’ve grown up and because of that are anything BUT an un-bias opinion. Wes has an incredibly mature outlook on his music, the music industry and his band’s public image. My advice, you shouldn’t have ever done this review to begin with and your continued whiny defense of your “rating” makes you look like a child.

  37. pupo says:

    fuck you all….fuck all LB haters, fuck all AQ readers, posters, posers and reviewers, fuck everything and everyone….

  38. I dont know where you people come up with this absurd idea that all LB fans are hip-hop wannabe jock bully rapists…. Its totally undounded! Were does the connection come from?!

    I knew bullies at school, what were their motives? What I can say for sure is that they didn’t watch Break Stuff and think “Im gonna be a bully because fred durst is aggressive and sings about breaking peoples faces, and Fred Durst is cool so im going to do that too”. Total bull shit. Bullies dont have motives that are so shallow that they are 100% caused by watching a music video. Bullies motives come from deep-rooted, early-stage, real-life troubles…. not from 5 minutes of TRL.

    The only negativity that this band has ever generated is the negativity that comes as a bi-product of these kind of reviews. Its sad… real sad. Well done if negativity is what drives you. Well done.

  39. Johnny Eyeballs says:

    The music isn’t the problem, it’s the frontman. While Wes is proud to be in a band that was once successful, the the thing that destroyed it is still there, living like a fungus.

    A better plan would be a reverse-g’n’r where the band fires the singer, keeps the name and hires another one. in it’s place. The music may be good (from what i heard it isn’t) but i’d give it more of a fair chance if i had respect for the band.

    • Ludwig says:

      Didn’t you read the post and the review, Borland’s mail is respond to this kind of your statement, the point is he doesn’t matter the band is destroyed or sucks, what matter for him is he want to play/making music with the current LB member Fred, Sam, John and DJ Lethal because………………….go read his email again. Got it?

    • Scott March says:

      once successful? this album is going to sell regardless of how many people in NA buy it, they have fans all over the world that are dedicated it doesn’t matter how many forum posters think it sucks…

      It won’t be the fastest selling rock album of all time like there 2000 album was but no one is expecting that

      they released a EP with absolutely zero marketing or tours 5 yearsafter Wes had left and sold over a million copies……

  40. This is what music is about, communication. Music allows for a means of communication whose structure goes beyond typical form of expression to capture particular ideas in a solid state. Music travels and reverberates to the very core of the human psyche and from this point such fantastic conversations come about. The ability to enable individuals of seemingly different persuasions to come to a point of consensus at such a depth is beautiful. Fucking dig it! It’s some real shit. Now gimme something to break.

  41. Elijah's Rain says:

    I wanna make love to this entire forum! Haha…this has got to be one of the best AQ dialogues I’ve read so far. I listened to LB for about a few songs worth back in the 90s, but I just couldn’t get passed how obnoxious Fred sounded in every song. At the end of the day, to each his own. Every now and then I listen to Tears for Fears and rock out to it so who cares. If LB helps Wes gets his rocks off, then so be it cause guess what, “He’s Getting Paper” and we’re just reading about it! Haha

  42. pupo says:


  43. phantom says:

    Wes is a cool guy, I enjoy him so much in LB and I even enjoyed him in his solo Black Light Burns. But why bother to give explanation to a bad critic? It was a really cool and revealing conversation but rather pointless. I can”t believe how this guy even calls himself a critic. Not much of a Slayer fan because of the “Satanic” thing. Really man? What about Iron Maiden? They even have a song 666 the number of the beast, do you feel appalled by them too? What about Alice Cooper? I won’t even touch Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne (by the way Black Sabbath was extremely hated by the critics of their time). What is this, the Christian channel?

    The whole heavy metal is an ode to aggression and if you can’t come to terms with that then you propably shouldn’t listen to heavy metal. Or do you think bands like Slipknot, Pantera or Metallica encourage peace and healthy thinking? AC/DC’s “shook me all night long” it’s an ode to one night stands (sex without marriage might strikes you as bad too) does that “keeps you at an arm’s length from the band”? Eminem has a song named “Kill you” maybe we should sue him, what do you say?

    Haven’t you heard that Metallica songs and Bloudhound Gang’s “The roof is on fire” was the soundtrack of American soldiers when they were killing people in Iraq? Should the bands apologise for that?

    We don’t want to hear poetry, or fake anti-war songs, or songs about how much I love you baby, in order for the band to be popular. Limp Bizkit doesn’t give a shit and that’s why they’re so unique. They make their one music and if you can’t connect with them then let it be.They established a whole genre and ressurected it when ti died.

    Wes don’t bother explaining. The antiquiet guys gathered views and clicks from talking trash to you. That is one of a million signs that you are among the greatest. Thank God the LB is back and at their best. Rock on!

  44. jack says:

    A band similar to LB, Rage Against the Machine, had marvellous political lyrics and similar trademark angry statements like “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me”. Many teenagers of their time used the energy of the songs only to talk back to their parents and skip school. Is that De La Rocha’s fault?

    Ozzy Osbourne was accused that with his song “Suicide Solution” led a teenager to suicide (and found innocent). Do you really think it was Ozzy’s fault? Oh sorry, do you even know Ozzy? He is that “Satanist” guy who bit the head of a bat and who was singing about cocaine with Black Sabbath.

    Stop puting barriers in music. I didn’t even know this stupid site, I only heard that Wes wrote hear and that’s why I came. I ain’t coming here again.

  45. Jughead760 says:

    Lmao. I hope for my sake, as a fan, that fred does come across this. It seems that antiquiet is packed full of bizkit haters. Maybe since his lyrics are so shallow he’ll write a song about you morons.

    Johnny needs to be t-bagged.

    If you already don’t like the band then why the fuck would you review the album? Every other review I’ve ever read at least started off neutral. The review was bullshit.

    And you changed your star rating… Because you suddenly felt it was better than what you had originally decided… Hahaha. You’re an ass kisser. Now let’s see what we can do for this website…

  46. doubletime says:

    I don’t think the problem is so much the content of Durst’s vocals as it is the lack of skills in the rhyming department. Eminem, for instance, says some really stupid shit sometimes but the rhymes themselves are very complex and it’s done in an interesting way. “I don’t ride in limos, ’cause limos make me car sick” doesn’t really qualify.
    Borland is an awesome guitarist (see the remix of APC’s Weak and Powerless), they just need to ditch Fred or maybe get someone to write for him. Their first album was ok and the guitar work was awesome on their second.

    • Adrian Garro says:

      if Fred isn’t a part of Limp Bizkit, there won’t be a Limp Bizkit. Only chance the world will get a Fred-less band made up of Otto, Rivers and Borland would be if they break up and form a new band…not likely

  47. PHATJ says:

    Limp Bizkit is terrible. Fred is awful. Rap/Rock is one of the most ridiculous genres of music to ever exist. The constant negativity and complete lack of creativity in Fred’s lyrical content is laughably bad. I respect Wes’ musical abilities, but I seriously doubt his taste. 1 Star or 2 Stars, who cares? Neither is a glowing score.

  48. jpnyc says:

    I wish there wore more dialogues like this in music journalism. God knows Rolling Stone hasn’t had an interview this smart in ages. Do us all a favor and try having a conversation with Fred Durst.

  49. NPK says:

    I have been an LB fan for years (since about 2001) and I will ALWAYS be a fan. The minute I start getting bashed for liking LB, I don’t shy away. I’m not a spineless idiot who isn’t bright enough to know how to stand up for myself. At the same time, I don’t spew “Fuck you”s and such when being criticized for my taste in music. Yes, I was bullied growing up and I believe that that may have fueled my interest in coming to truly enjoy LB, but I’m not gonna turn around and bully someone else just because the lyrics are aggressive AT TIMES… I’m also not some kind of scumbag loser, I’m a pre-med college student with a very bright future ahead of me, and that’s more than I can say for some of you uneducated “haters”, so don’t try to say that I only listen to this “garbage” because I’m garbage myself. What it all boils down to is that some people know how to behave and some do not. The critics from this website and their supporters do not know how to behave appropriately and professionally. Thank you, Wes, for being patient with these immature jerks. I will be a LB fan until I die. Fred, John, Lethal, Sam, and Wes are all part of the LB family. They were there for me through some very tough times, and I will always be there for them.

    As someone previously stated, I have never heard of this joke of a website before, and I do not plan on coming back. Please stop wasting our time with your nonsensical rants. Thank you.

  50. Stew says:

    Uhhhhh I just do not know how I feel about this. Partly because I hate Limp Bizkit and can’t really comment.

    Admitting you were “wrong” about a review is fair enough. CHANGING a review because it’s “wrong” brings up some serious questions about journalistic integrity. If you’d posted this exchange alone and admitted that your judgement had been clouded or whatever then fine, but I can see no motivation for actually altering the review in question other than just being starstruck. And whilst I (hope I) know AQ is better than that, it sure as fuck doesn’t come across well.

    I’m going to file this one under “fuck up”, not that anyone cares. Interesting anyway.

    • Fuck up? I’ll say this one last time. Not a word of the review was changed. Nor will it be. You don’t see candid, direct conversations like this very often. I’m damn proud of this piece.

      • No no no, by edit I mean changing the score. I don’t agree with it. This piece is very interesting and you should be proud of it. I don’t have a problem with any of this right up until the 1 star became 2 stars.

  51. After reading your first piece, I felt you don’t really get LB at all. It’s a controlled explosion of energy aimed very well by FD and WB and the rest of the crew. Metal is supposed to be explosive, it’s supposed to be loud, it’s supposed to make you angry and to blow out steam you cannot in other ways.
    “Douchebag, I’ma fuck you up”… you really hate this line, don’t you? But in fact, you’re kind of missing the point. The douchebags these lyrics mention are the bullies I and a major part of the fan-base of LB had to put up through our puberty, and the lyrics are all about the “fuck you, I’m no longer scared of you” instead of “I’m gonna punch this guy I don’t even know just because FD told me to”
    And quite frankly, if you don’t understand the appeal of metal, be it Limp Bizkit, Pantera, Slayer and many others, you don’t really belong behind a computer writing critics about said metal, talking trash about something you don’t get.

  52. i was wondering if one of the band mates would rebuttal ovr ur insane review. like Fred says on the Cobra, “The way we live our lives seem to right to us.” ..and it all feels right to me, even after 10 yrs of listening to them. these guys r an outlet that help channel my frustration of the entire fucking world into a beautiful mess.

  53. David says:

    Wes Borland has forever been the only appealing ingredient in Limp Bizkit. Fred Durst is a waste of frat boy/homophobia/misogyny-facilitating skin. This is a great back and forth, and it’s fascinating to see Borland’s stand on his relationship with the band, particularly by virtue of the amount of intelligent thought he places in the band being an angst “outlet.” I don’t think his rationalizations add up, but he puts them very succinctly.

    Changing the rating, though, was a bit of a weak move. Stick to your guns.

  54. Kara King says:

    Thank you for posting this! GO WES for standing up for Fred!!! I love LB so much and I am a huge Fred Durst fan. I have never understood where all the hatred for him comes from. LBs music is like nothing else on this planet! Seeing them live have been some of the greatest experiences of my life, after the birth of my children! Yes, its that serious…lol (this is one reason why their fans love them to death)
    I am not some testosterone filled bully. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids and I am a business owner. For me personally, its something about the way that Fred (and all the guys) get so into the music. When he jumps and screams and those guitars hit hard, it just makes my nipples hard. Its an unexplainable feeling of excitement. You can just feel the passion in the music. This is why he is and always will be my favorite front man…. But thanks for posting this and posting a rebuttal!~ Made my day.
    ~Limp Bizkit Fan for Life

  55. Full Nelson says:

    This isn’t rocket science. If you hated Limp before, you will still hate them now. Somewhat like the Beastie Boys (and no, I’m not comparing at all, in terms of songwriting ability), but much like the B-Boys, I’ve always found Limp to be a “good time, jump up and down and act like an idiot” band. That’s what I always loved about them, and still do. Do I know the lyrics are silly? Duh, yes. The big thing the Limp haters are too ignorant and stupid to realize is
    this – the band does NOT take themselves seriously – hello, look at
    their name. I mean, come on! They are who they are and their fans like
    them for who they are – end of story!

    This new album has some absolute duds for sure (yes, Shotgun is awful and the majority of the second half of the album is hit and miss). But the title track, Shark Attack, and Douche Bag – I would rank them way up there. Other tracks are decent and others suck. Durst writes the dumbest, juvenile, silly, and stupid lyrics, but they have always amused and cracked me up to no end. That’s the entertainment value of it, for me anyways. Durst may be the face, but Wes Borland drives this band. I’ve seen them live a number of times and Borland, Rivers, and Otto are all fantastic musicians. Durst and his antics shadow them and that’s all there is to it.

    I’m nearly 39 years old now and I got into this band when Significant Other came out. Heard the bass line on “Rearranged” and was hooked ever since. When they tour for this album, I will put my ballcap on backwards, wear some baggy cargo shorts, slap on some Adidas, and jump around like a jackass fool for a few hours – who the F cares??? If I dig it, I dig it. Durst claims he got picked on a lot, shoved into lockers, abused, etc. for being the only skateboarder in his hick hometown and being an outcast. So, he writes songs about these guys, who were all a bunch of Jersey Shore-wannabe meathead idiots.

    Lastly – music critics are filth fools and a huge waste of space. About 99.5% of them can’t even play an instrument, much less sing a note. They’re qualified to critique others? Exactly how? What talent do they have – the ability to listen to music and form an opinion based on THEIR OWN taste? What a joke. They can all get set and get knocked straight the F out. Fred and the boys could care less how many records they sell, or what some talentless, worthless critic thinks. As for Wes loving this whole album – he should – it’s his! I don’t love every song on it at all, but I love a lot of it and will always be a fan forever.

    • jack says:

      I totally agree with Full Nelson, especially the part about critics. You are SO right! But dude the song Shotgun is fucking awesome!

  56. sammart says:

    well said, collectively borland, rivers, otto and lethal are f###ing azwesome band, durst is great too but seriously listen to the lyrics on douchebag and golden cobra, the guy acts like hes a 18yr old trashy frat boy, reuslt may vary (even though borland wasnt involved im sure he could have made it even better) when they moved away from that heavy wigga rock was some of the best songs bizkit have made, down another day was awesome creamer was awesome same with behind blue eyes even though that was a who song it had a real different touch that lb brought and then when they “disbanded” durst really seemed to grow up moving into his late thirties directing movies starring in movies even actin in them (he was awesome in play dead) and when i heard there was going to be a new lb album i was excited cause i thought heres going to be a new album with wes back after he left cause they hwere gettin too hip hoppy and the the album comes out and while musically the songs are pretty decent durst lyrics really let it down, i mean “Verses wild, flippin bitches, grindin trucks, skatin ditches” come on man you can do better than that otherwise youre just as bad as soulja girl, if youre gonna rap at least put some effort in like mos def or boots riley

    and p.s you cant compare durst to de la rocha, please every rhyme tha comes out of zaks mouth has thought in it (even if if sometimes it goes to the extreme leftist, im not a conservative but portion of the stuff is too left) and durst raps about crap

    • gold cobre says:

      The point is…, why peoples blame fred on limp bizkit lyrics style, but always adore wes borland so much…., it’s because fred together with wes so their style is crap and immature…, Wes always act ridiculously stupid moron on the videos he uploaded on his twitter… wes always said that limp bizkit is a ridicolous band…, and people shouldn’t expect a mature music and lyric from limp bizkit…., take it easy, it’s just limp bizkit.

  57. Full Nelson says:

    Well … the music on “Shotgun” is great. But the lyrics … look, most of the time, I can tolerate Durst’s junior-high level lyrics, because the band rocks their asses off and a lot of it cracks me up anyways. But some of those on that song are beyond ridiculous. “In my neighborhood everybody got one” … um, Fred – you live in Beverly fucking Hills. I really don’t think that anyone needs a gun in your neighborhood, as if it’s the ghetto or something. If he’s writing this stuff for other people to relate to, then fine. But when it’s not his own story, it comes off as a bit fake and not real at all. Durst is a hell of a front man and they would not be the Limp without him, but it is not a secret that he is very limited in writing real good lyrics. But, whatever. I’ll still buy everything they put out and will go see them every time they come around on tour.

  58. bob says:

    Geez if you loved the MUSIC so much you still only gave it 1 star?? Sure Fred is hit and miss – he has a great voice, a great scream and is a shit rapper but does that mean it deserves just one star? Say what you want, durst makes most songs work and this album was surprisingly GOOD!

  59. Brad says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that instrumentally, this band is leagues beyond Fred’s capacity. That’s not exactly uncommon – every band has their MVPs, so to speak.
    But I must say, the reviewer wears a little of his heart on his sleeve when describing their ‘violent lyrics’ and quite frankly, comes off as a little butthurt.

    I’m no LB fanboy – loved Significant Other just like everyone else – but apart from that and their debut effort, not much of a fan. I feel the need to say something about ‘heavy’ music, however. Because the reviewer, quite frankly, just doesn’t fucking get it all.

    Heavy music is meant to EMPOWER people. It’s meant to inspire. It’s not directed towards inciting violence, its application is a personal one. You listen to heavy music (LB included) to get through that extra rep at the gym. To run that extra mile. To fight through PERSONAL conflict, and possibly enable yourself to fight back from oppression. There isn’t an intent for heavy music to cause violence (At least not for the MOST part – covering my ass a bit here.) moreso strengthen the individual. When you hear Metallica’s ‘Battery’ or Pantera’s ‘Fucking Hostile’ or, yes, songs such as Shark Attack, they’re meant to pump you up, to inspire courage where there is none.

    These are self-help songs, to be sure. And quite frankly, rock music itself is made to inspire feeling. Some ballads make you cry. Some rock anthems make you cheer. And some heavier entries give you strength. But to equate heavy music to violence is using the same old-hat verbatim right-wing politicians and bitter elderly use when describing video games and movies the same way.

    Bottom line: A form of media is not DIRECTLY responsible for the actions of few – The majority of us are still law-abiding, decent, humanistic individuals who understand the law and the golden rule. And if anything, heavy music itself provides outlets far more mutually beneficial to us and society than violence or hatred. Because there’s healing in taking out any anger musically, and I believe that translates to the listener.

    If anyone’s interested (Doubtful, but meh), I’ll be covering this album and a discussion about heavy music in general on our podcast on my website.

  60. 3Breast says:

    I totally want Wes to rape me and get me pregnant

  61. Pete says:

    Valid point Wes, and….your band still sucks donkey balls.

  62. FRED says:


  63. 3Breast says:

    I’ve always thought Wes had natural good looks/masculinity, (even though he’s a little gross). I think I want him to rape me…..

  64. Rev says:

    I think the song “Get a life” is directed at you types.

    Fred Durst obviously gives no fucks, though.

  65. Nicholas says:

    Very (VERY) late with this comment but… Could I ask you guys a question? Why do you love so much their second album? I bought (not knowing what it was at the time)their first album after seeing their cover art and trying it out at the record store… and I FUCKING LOVED IT! (and I kinda like it even now) So, obviously when I heard they were coming up with a follow up I IMMEDIATELY pre ordered it… BIG MISTAKE. It was NOTHING like the first one. something had changed… their style, the voice, the “screams” hell, even the rhymes were weaker… So basically what I’m asking is: Could somebody explain to me why most of the people prefer their second album when the first one is more honest, raw and… well, better all around?

    • Will says:

      Personally, I don’t know. I liked 3 Dollar Bill more than the other albums, but 3 Dollar Bill is very different from the rest of LB’s work. They moved away from the so-called Nu Metal genre and moved more into the territory of metal, despite Fred’s vocals. I can only guess that most people who like their second album didn’t even bother with the first. I personally am not the biggest fan of Significant Other, despite being a big fan of the band.
      I’d say the albums in terms of quality are like this:
      1. Three Dollar Bill Y’All
      2. The Unquestionable Truth, Part 1
      3. Gold Cobra
      4. Chocolate Starfish
      5. Significant Other
      6. Results May Vary
      The Unquestionable Truth was different from the other albums, in that it was more of a jam session, with Fred taking a backseat and throwing some vocals as a support. Gold Cobra, is quite frankly, the BEST in the way of albums in the style of Limp Bizkit that everyone seems to identify them with. I mean, SO gave us Nookie and Break Stuff, but Gold Cobra produces every track like it was the best off of Significant Other.

  66. [...] we expected, it had some moments of actual quality, which stemmed from the usual source: guitarist Wes Borland. As of recently, Mr. Borland has recorded a new album for the Fred Durst-less project that he [...]

  67. Alan says:

    Limp Bizkit, minus Fred Durst…I have always liked their sound. They just need a better frontman. The guy from Reveille could run circles around Fred Durst for one thing. If you have never listened to Reveille, check them out and you will see how right I am.

  68. [...] we spoke with Wes Borland, guitarist for Limp Bizkit and frontman/nucleus of Black Light Burns, a fantastically spicy little debate took place about the merits of Bizkit’s existence in 2012. This time around, with the arrival [...]

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