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Bootleg Roundup: Watch The Best Fan Filmed Footage From The Week

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Another week has come and gone which means it is time for the Bootleg Roundup. It’s been a crazy week so let’s cut the shit and get straight into some of the best fan filmed footage from the past seven days.

This week we start off in Paris where Amanda Palmer just so happened to lose her voice. Not wanting to cancel her appearance the star of Labyrinth With Sock Puppets recruited fans to sing for her. After some banter, you can watch Anne join Palmer for a unique version of the Dresden Dolls original Sing. In the event that is not enough Amanda action for you, make sure to click here and check out her brand new NSFW music video.

Antiquiet has been doing everything in our power to keep you up to date on RNDM, the new rock band featuring Jeff Ament and Joseph Arthur. The power trio kicked off their first US headline run this week which included a stop in Philadelphia. You can watch the group cover the Roky Erickson cut I Think of Demons down below.

Gary Clark Jr. is the fucking man. Anyone who went to a music festival this year can tell you that. With his recently released full length debut slowly sinking into our souls Mr. Clark’s kid has hit the road to support it with a string of club shows. He recently hit up the Bowery Ballroom in New York where this performance of the song Numb was filmed

As we reported earlier this week Shannon Lucas has left The Black Dahlia Murder. That has not stopped the melodic metal heads from hitting the road hard as part of the Dethklok tour. As they have been known to do, the band closed their recent set in Silver Springs Maryland with the monstrous I Shall Return. Even if you hate heavy metal, it’s hard not to feel moved by the rich melodies of this song.

Finally we close out this week’s Bootleg Roundup with Refused. The reunited band performed their final US Date of 2012 with a sold out show at Hollywood’s Fonda Theatre. Check out this tasty clip of the band performing their timeless classic Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Zac Gelfand says:

    I like when the guy holing the camera yells “Do it!” in the RNDM one

  2. Skwerl says:

    i can see myself in the refused video. good ass show.

  3. Rrar says:

    Saw Refused on Friday in Perth. 36 hours on the plane, and these guys jump off and fucking kill it. If you’re in Oz, go see them. GO SEE THEM.

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