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Unholy Night: A Severely Metal Christmas Mixtape



After spending an embarrassing amount of time downloading and sifting through double-digit gigs of Christmas songs, it’s a yuletide miracle that I’m not sniping mall Santas for sport by now.

That being said, welcome to the first installment of our Christmas Songs Mixtape series. We’ll be posting a new batch of songs every few days until the big X, each mix pulling from a different genre or style for your aural delight. 

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This collection is, quite obviously, a heavy metal Christmas mixtape, focusing on a batch of tracks that are either altogether on the side of laughably stupid shredding (Spinal Tap) or face-meltingly metal (King Diamond). Whatever the case, these are some of the best and brightest metal renditions of Christmas favorites you’ll find.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Justin says:


  2. stonerdave says:

    thnx this is fucken aswome have a metal christmas

  3. right back at ya (“atcha” corrected in this post-Palin word world) – happy to be of assistance.

  4. jason says:

    The santa picture when you click on skid row is very metal! can anyone help me get a copy of this digital or print?

  5. SunnychefSarah says:

    Horns High Santa; )

  6. PireddOne says:

    Have a metal christmas from Italy \m/ ;)

  7. Stew says:

    Mucho Gracias Johnny, but I hope you don’t ‘re-gift’ any other presents from 2008 to friends or family.

  8. Come on man! A fresh one, please!? I’m a stoner and all, but I remember things. By the way, I just realized the bottom wallpaper with the christmas messages, and it hurts my feelings (sniff, sniff) that I’m not there…

  9. Ouch, dude! Merry Christmas ;)

  10. JoeyJoey Joe says:

    Great list but I would suggest you check out a band called Theocracy. Christian metal band with a number of AWESOME Christmas songs including one called Rudolph Vs Frosty.

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