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Lara Logan Is Super Hot And Kinda Badass



2.15.11 Update: Our deepest sympathies go out to Lara Logan after her terrible incident and we hope her recovery goes smoothly. This silly article was written three years ago and has no bearing on Ms. Logan’s current situation. -JF

Say what you want about liberals, they at least pull the babes. Aside from Ann Coulter, who I guarantee you is fucking awesome in bed, the other side is a sausage lemon party. Anyway, I hate the stigma that surely comes with consistently “blogging” video clips from the fucking Daily Show, but how hot is CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan here?

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Jon’s a pimp.


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  1. Nevlin says:

    Another clueless twit in a nice body. Facts: take a look at the CDC website (I trust you are able to find the link on your own?) and notice that more people are murdered in Washington DC over any two month period, than in the current conflict(s) over the same period. More people were killed at railroad crossings and in bathtub/shower falls during the past four years than during these conflicts. More children are killed getting into kitchen cabinets and drinking/eating poison, or falling into unsecure swimming pools than killed during this war.

    Nope. No time for bravery here. How brave is it to die on the way to the store for a loaf of bread or a beer? This war is not a game. This war is very real. I would like for all of the kooks to adopt a terrorist — it could be the next big thing.

  2. Skwerl says:

    great points that have nothing to do with this clip at all. she’s talking about how american news media doesn’t report on the war we’re involved in as honestly and objectively as other countries’ news media.
    i dig what she says while fully supporting the swift kicking of all terrorist ass.

  3. mike3481 says:

    Laure Logan said, “The soldiers feel forgotten…”



    And the best part is…you haven’t a clue. LOL

  4. Nevlin says:

    … how American news media doesn’t report on the war we’re involved in as honestly and objectively as other countries’ news media … First, I am not so sure there is ANY difference in the LACK of honesty or objectivity in the media, no matter what country spawns them. Second, I work within the military complex and do know that a vast majority of the military looks upon the media with disdain and contempt, while other military members have no clue on what to think. The military is a direct reflection of the society in which it serves. What is this “young Americans” thing? Hitler Youth? Similar to “rock the vote?” If it has anything to do with BHO be assured it should make for some amusing media coverage. If it is the young thinkers of the nation that get behind the idea of carrying handguns, I say, “Peace Through Superior Firepower.”

  5. sweetfly says:

    nevlin … peace through superior firepower ? … you believe this ? … and you are in the military complex ? … if peace through superior firepower were realistic or even close to realistic we would have wrapped up iraq years ago … the truth is we are using 400 million dollar helicopters to fight thugs dressed in pee stained robes who fight us with 20 year old kalishnakovs … its like killing a bug in your kitchen with a sledgehammer … the bug is dead , he had no chance , but it doesnt solve the problem of the nine million other bugs under the house

  6. sweetfly says:

    ann coulter is clearly a transexual …. if that is your thing then so be it … and if that is your thing i guess ann would be good in bed ….. one only need look at that adams apple to know something isnt quite right with mr. coulter

  7. Nevlin says:

    Sweetfly — Rather accurate description of the combatants. Killing a bug in your kitchen with a sledgehammer? OK, here we go … say, if I had the money, I would pay a professional to estimate the bug problem. Then, finding out the extent of the problem, I would pay the pro to tent the house and use the most toxic FDA/OHSA approved agent to get rid of the bugs under the house. The pro explains patiently that bugs have extensive networks outside of the main infestation. I then have the pro seek and destroy said external infestations.

    This manner of extermination is acceptable (to most everyone except a few knothead ecofreaks) because we can relate to the damage caused by the insects, and the only way to get rid of them is in total. And, of course, they are just insects. Now imagine this scenario if the ecofreaks ran the media (which they are attempting to do). You would not have the pro tenting your house to fully exterminate the bugs. And yes, you would be using your sledgehammer, although I would suggest getting something easier to swing.

    The parallel by now should be evident. The soldiers really do want to get this war, like any war, ended ASAP, and always have. Likewise the administration. We have the weaponry (expensive yes, because it’s the good shit, not available at Home Depot), however, there are other looming variables in the equation, primarily the media and its ability to persuade the … ignorant. Ignorance in itself is not a bad thing – I am ignorant on a few subjects, however I have the ability to RESEARCH and VERIFY the subject matter if need be. Ignorance is not bad — stupidity is.

    I believe this war could have been stabilized much, much earlier IF the media had not been involved, the Dimocraps had been muzzled — and the military was allowed to kick the living shit out of anything they had deemed necessary. Terroist meatstick combatants with a large stash of boom-boom in a mosque? Bring it down! Stone Phillips standing in a sandstorm four days into it declared the war was is in a quagmire! What a dope.

    I am presently reading about the Battle for the Argonne, during WWI. My children’s great-grandfather lost a lung to mustard gas in that war in FRANCE (again?). There was a hill to be taken that proved later to be a pivotal episode in the war. The French argued incessantly it would take days and weeks to control the hill. The Americans, finally pissed enough, took that hill in under TWENTY MINUTES! Screw the French, screw the UN, screw the media — Ya’ll jes turn yer pretty little pointed heads, and let the military do its thing.

  8. Nevlin says:

    And Sweetfly, Anne is a woman. Maybe not the most attractive on your scale of human beauty, but yes, she is a female. And she is very intelligent. You have not done your homework, have you? RESEARCH an VERIFY. Of course, it will take some effort on your part. Stay away from: Stupid or lazy people, the UN, the media and meatsticks … and man-made global warming issues. It is fact that the Earth cycles through warming and cooling trends. PTSF

  9. Nevlin says:

    Here. I hope this helps — — Now, don’t be scared if she says things you don’t like or understand. All you have to do is research and verify. I do all the time and she has proved to be EXTREMELY accurate. And with a cutting sense of humor. PTSF

  10. kal says:

    @nevlin: Young Americans = documentary by Pat Dollard. Goooog.

  11. Pogue Mahone says:

    CBS’ 60 Minutes ALWAYS has to devote at least one of its segments each week as its anti-Bush hit-and-run pieces. Watch for it, because whatever you think of Bush – and I try not to! – this is completely biased attack journalism today instead of what the great 60 Minutes used to be. Lara Logan is usually the little cubbie brought in to do the attack pieces, only because she seems so delicate and helpless. But as I said, watch for it! There is never a piece form her that hasn’t decided what the message will be first, and then simply goes about in search of a story to get you to the conclusion. Meanwhile, keep on being lied to by a pretty face. It’s why America is going down the world’s toilet – because while it burns and continues to be bought out by foreign interests, the media and the politicians make their money and keep their power by having the two sides just pointing fingers at one another! It’s always foreign-born troublemakers stirring it up,playing this clever game and pulling the wool over your nearly-blind eyes: Arianna Huffington is Greek, George Soros is Hungarian, Logan is from South Africa. They should all butt out of trying to destroy OUR country at every opportunity!

  12. Skwerl says:

    we got the same sort of response once after we posted a clip of keith olbermann. that he’s biased, warped, full of shit. i had no strong opinion on him either way (just as i don’t yet on lara logan- she’s just hot) so i went and did some digging:
    after extensive research, i found only a little bullshit.
    i’m totally willing to go through the same process with lara here, but before i go risking a huge expense of my time, get me started: what lie has this pretty face told?
    or is she lying because she doesn’t agree with you? i don’t mean to imply that she isn’t, people just are so rarely able to back up talk like that.

  13. Nevlin says:

    … or is she lying because she doesn’t agree with you? i don’t mean to imply that she isn’t, people just are so rarely able to back up talk like that. —- You have made the the point exactly! The media can say whatever it wants, and DOES NOT have to back it up! If they get called on whatever statement they made, they then assume the “I misspoke” position. Bullshit! They darn well meant to say exactly what they said. ENTER: Billary — and I outran those meatstick sniper bullets … Does the average/less than average person bother to RESEARCH (and I don’t mean on some lame leftist blog) and VERIFY the blather? Heck no. They go on about their blissful business, feeling all warm and fuzzy in knowing that the pretty face has just reinforced what they already thought, what they were told to think. If I didn’t know better, I may believe all of this tripe too. However, I have actually been in, lived in, thirty-five different countries, and I swear, if people could just get out of the USA, and visit these other “wonderful” countries — they would be changing their tune in a heartbeat. —– BHO wants change. How? I am toying with the idea of having $10/gal gasoline. I think it may be time. A partial collapse of the Nanny System would really level the playing field. It would force those who don’t or won’t, to confront those who do, mano a mano. The media will not be there to tell them what to think. The masses will trip on their shoelaces and make a big mess. Of course, bad craziness would ensue but I like the idea of a restructuring the system according to Darwin. Survival of the fittest. Say uncle, bitches.

  14. CB says:

    Nevlin – you are a blowhard. Calm down.

  15. Matt says:

    Nevlin, you sure talk a lot for a government janitor. And I think just by the virtue of her presence in the war, she can’t be clueless, as you claim.
    As for the rest of your silliness, I didn’t bother, you annoy me.
    Go back to moppin’.

  16. J/C says:

    Right, wrong, Liberal, Conservative. I don’t care. I just want to do her hot, little @SS! …(Yea, I know someone already beat me to the punch.)…LUCKY B@STARD!

  17. Just another helpless tool says:

    The shit the U.S. news agencies feed us is a reflection of what the ratings are and the sad truth is that americans tune in more to less objective, over dramatic, clearly biased crap than they would good news. CNN is a corporation and as such is not in it for good reporting but to make money. America is utterly becoming the more stupid and lazy majority. Don’t like the news huh…ok then don’t watch it, let the TV ratings drop, and force them to change how they report stories. There is some great reporting out there on the web and in journals and magazines but oh yea, that requires reading…ugg too much work….hmm wut else is on CNN right now. Fuk people are retarded, i may take Lara Logan on her offer to blow my head off so i can be away from stupid people…THEIR EVERYWHERE Ahh!

  18. Victor Leonard says:

    I watch CBS news every night just so i might get to watch Lara Logan report on the hot spots. She is doing a great job over there. Keep up the good work Lara….Vic

  19. tewkewl says:

    Ha Ha… liberal Stewart is taken off guard. he’s trying to push the conversation towards another anti war and anti troop slant and the reporter starts being pro-soldier and shuts the fucker right up. libs are sooo cool being anti troops until they talk to someone who really knows their shit.

  20. Knight of the Living Dead says:

    Let’s hope LL gets over images of her sensual anatomy spread over Muslim media. Uknow, where MOHAMMED dictates that men get hot over seeing that all females stay home,or totally buttoned up in yards of layered fabric…out of respect,don’t Uknow! They are all,all honorable men,don’t Uknow.

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