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New Nine Inch Nails Rehearsal Video

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Nine Inch Nails recently made a couple videos¬†for Pitchfork¬†during rehearsals for their upcoming tour. Here’s the first one, a crushing rendition of 1,000,000- try not to bounce all over the fucking room while it’s playing.

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It’s great to see Mr. Robin Finck back in the fold, after an extended leave where he seemed to simultaneously join Guns N’ Roses and embrace his inner flower child. How the fuck he pulled that off is anyone’s guess, but as Axl put it, “Robin’s Robin.”

kiss kiss

Anyway, he’s back to lookin’ all post-apocalyptic and shit. Can’t have Jimi fuckin’ Hendrix playing in Nine Inch Nails. Then again, that could be awesome…

Stay tuned for parts two and three.


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  1. darkmethod says:

    this was a nice treat before I took off for class this morning

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