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We’ve Got Chinese Democracy, And It’s Worth The Wait

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Well, to say that I’m living up to my reputation today is an understatement. I’d like to share with you 9 tracks from the new Guns N’ Roses album, Chinese Democracy. These are mastered, finished versions that you probably haven’t heard. I always said that the more that Axl and Geffen jerked around trying to figure out how to release this finally finished album that we’ve all been waiting over 13 years for, the greater the chances would be that it would slip out of a pressing plant or office somewhere and wind up in the hands of some asshole with a blog. So… Hey, I told you so.


I’ll let you all decide for yourselves, but if you ask me, Guns N’ Roses are fucking back, and they’ll be just fine.




Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Johnny Firecloud says:


    To call this groundbreaking is like saying outer space is “big”.

    Hot shit. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s 100% worth the wait.

  2. hodge says:

    Better rules.

  3. misanthropy says:

    how’d you get your hands on this?

  4. spain says:

    outstanding material, amazing. quite diferent to AFD but i love it anyway. thanks a lot.

  5. Ripley says:

    I agree with Mr. Firecloud … Sounds like a big pile of hot, steamy shit. Maybe they just need more time to get it right.

  6. Boosted says:

    horrible..absolutely horrible. I listened to Illusion II yesterday, now this. No comparison

  7. major tom says:


    13 years for that? wow.

  8. Ch!n says:

    Are you seriously liking this? this sht is horrible…he should spare himself of ridicule and bad reviews and just retire for good.

  9. surforia says:

    This shit is sick!!!!!! Fucking love it!

  10. Random Name says:

    Sounds like Axl’s got himself a cd full of lackluster B-sides.

  11. Sleep says:

    What were the nine tracks that were up?

  12. Sam says:

    this is fucking amazing!!!!

    the energy the musical diversity!!!!

    GO AXL!

  13. Will says:

    YO, get it back up!!!
    or someone torrent it
    or send it by morse code!

  14. kaddisonmore says:

    umm i heard rhiads it sounds cool but really not amazing. i havent heard the other ones yet i tried to download them but all i got wre links to here

  15. NoliFish says:

    Holy Shit!!!! These leaks sound incredible!!

  16. sir jorge says:

    no way, no freakin way

  17. the general says:

    smells like a hoax, can someone post the name of at least one previously unheard leak?

  18. This is not the whole album, I will bet half of these songs are not even on the finished CD. You think Axl is putting Rhiad on the final album? No chance. Where is Catcher in the rye?

    And GNR management really called? Details?

  19. Will says:

    can someone please get the songs back up, or tell me why it isn’t working

  20. Jeff says:

    i got the rapidshare file– does anyone know the order that these were originally in the stream?

  21. k says:

    hey jeff, if you listened to the songs in that rapidshare file and you still think it’s gnr, then you’re a total fucking idiot.

  22. whop says:

    the names of new song #2 and #3? man omfg, this is ten times better than having an orgasm

  23. Jeff says:

    uh, is that why i’ve heard half of the songs in this file played live??

    I bet you’re Axl trying to discourage others from downloading..

  24. ash says:

    is the rapidshare file what was actually leaked earlier? anyone?

  25. Jeff says:

    ash- it’s definitely new GNR, I assume it’s what was here earlier.

  26. no one says:

    If you download this file, you will die 5 seconds later. True story.

  27. Jeff says:

    ok, Axl!

  28. kaddisonmore says:

    wow new song 2 is amazing

  29. poopydank says:

    The older Axl gets, the more his gingerness comes through

  30. dan says:

    someone give us a hint as to where we can find them!!!

  31. gnrfan says:

    Yes, where can we get it?

  32. bullshit says:

    The whole thing smells of bullshit, just a lame marketing site with no songs, yet spammed all over the internet.

  33. Bea says:


  34. witfigo says:

    15 minutes from the time of the this post, go here for a faster no fuss download of the tracks. (zip file link on the site will not be active until then)

  35. Joseph Rose says:

    A thrilling, in-depth look at this situation on

  36. Jeff Macnamy says:

    Wow the new stuff I like an audio-orgasm! Cant believe he waited this long!

  37. Jeff Macnamy says:

    just kidding. ha!

  38. AXL FAN says:

    Want to find the new songs!!!!! Try Limewire, they are their, and they are real, Axl has totally created a new band, Axl is a fucking genius!!! And for any one who thinks otherwise can suck on Guns N Roses!!!!!!!!

  39. axlchristl says:

    The songs aren’t up here, but I tried Limewire and all the new songs are at 320 kbps mp3. I compared them to the older downloads I’ve had. The new songs are… there’s no word for it. Pulchritudinous. Gelatinous. Mind-bendingly awesome. This is the FIRST time I’ve been excited for ANY album in the last four months.

    Axl, my man, you’re back.

    actually, I lied about everything, just like this stupid website is. one big lie. OBL. Write a song with that initialism and go buy yourself some Kalmah. That’s real music.

  40. David DUPONT says:

    Yeah, IT’s a great GUNS N ROSES come back. I’m totally agree with us…..Axl Rose is a fucking genius …. I Would hope that Slash,Duff and Matt joins with band for the most news of the years.

    So Don’t Cry…..You could be mine.

  41. AJ says:

    they were heard somewhere ’cause I’ve had a great demo copy of Rhiad for almost a year now, and where’s Catcher In The Rye or even Silkworms??

  42. KT says:

    Thanks for the tunes. I’ll make up my own mind!

  43. dosabus says:

    I’m on the fence. Some good songs, some bad songs. Only slightly more impressive than anything Velvet Revolver put out. I’d really like to hear the original members of GNR add their signature sounds to The Blues and There Was A Time. Axl sounds good, but everything else sounds overproduced and canned. Give me that old GNR sound to back up Axl. I’m glad to finally hear the new mastered songs (not like I haven’t already been listening to them for 5 years in demo form anyway), but my joy is tempered by the sadness of how, in my eyes, they could have been even better.

  44. s1998 says:

    The Blues, Better = Very good.
    TWAT, IRS, Madagascar, If the World = Good.
    All the other tracks = Average.

    Interesting to hear, but 14 years? 10+ Million?
    Bring back Slash, hit the road, and play AFD :)

  45. dobadog says:

    Kevin your a star: CD Album cover:

    Hi_Res 12cmx12xm DOWNLOAD of the cover:

    So tongue in cheek.

  46. hally says:

    axl go on ur way……… u know this …….

  47. Slash says:

    if the world is great!


  48. anto says:

    amo a axl ahhhh jaja es hermoso =)besitos chausis

  49. insaner says:

    ive had those demos for years but i only listened to a prolly 10 times. knew it would be good, but this is better than good. now lets just hope he can pull of some decent shows.

  50. ralph says:

    anybody that has these songs email me with a download thanks.

  51. hally says:

    axl u know my mind u know ur mind.. don t listen ………….

  52. earthdog says:

    more songs @


  54. Dan says:

    Sounds like its TOTALLY over produced and well, Slash… im laughing with ya man :D

  55. Dave says:

    Some of the songs i heard need to be mastered. The ones that sounded mastered were great, and fresh. Good artists mature, and always do someting different. i.e. Appetite – lies – Use your illusion – all different! That’s what makes Axl so good. I love his music then and still today. Sounds like a lot of people listen to all the new Crap! that comes out from bands, and punk ass bands. I think they don’t know if their men or women and just alot of hazy guitar and bass sounds all mashed into what they call songs. They just sound like cheap versions of all the great bands before them. Oh, and by the way, who mixes and masters this new shit anyways. They should lay off trying to get so much onto one track. (you get paid by the hour, not how many tracks you can fit into a song.) Rock On Axl Rose!

  56. NotquiteAXL says:

    Look, we’ve waited this long for the album. Are we all gonna try to download all this music for free or are we gonna give the artist (in this case, Axl) what he deserves and purchase the “finished” product when it is released? I want to hear the finished product as much as anyone else but come on. Would you work 12 or 13 years on a product, only to have it taken away from you and not be compensated for all your hard work and time?!!? Here’s an idea: Wait for the album to be released, BUY IT (some of that money will go to the man some of us have loved since the beginning), listen to it. If you like it, GREAT! If you don’t, those that do won’t care anyway. These are just my thoughts that don’t amount to much but I for one will pay Axl for his time and effort! (even if it’s been an eternity! Ha-Ha!)

  57. Skwerl says:

    sooner or later, everyone will realize that downloading music and supporting an artist are far from mutually exclusive. downloading music most often directly supports an artist financially, and it would even moreso if the labels understood and embraced the internet as much as the industries that are flourishing there.
    all the positive hype surrounding these leaks will do more for chinese democracy sales than any billboard or corporate media review.
    i for one, will buy the album when it comes out, as i’ve bought every guns n’ roses album that has ever come out, including spaghetti incident (ha), and i will also surely pay to see the band do these great new songs live.

  58. Dave says:

    Axl will definately get my money. What if it was true what Sabastian Bach said, and Axl has enough music to release 4 albums? (I’d still buy them all!) Probably not true, but the nay sayers will get their chance to follow the rest us Axl supporters. I agree, let it be finished, then judge. You’ll be hearing alot of it, so you “Better” get use to the songs!

  59. Rob says:

    OMG!!!!! THIS CD FUCKING SUCKS….. It makes me want to cut my ears off.. I mean really I wanted 13 years For that shit I’m sorry but Guns and roses should just shoot them selfs really this was a horrible CD

  60. Tyler Durden says:

    This CD is awesome. My favorites are Chinese Democracy, IRS, and Madagascar. I also like Crash Diet, but that wasn’t leaked on antiquiet. I suggest GNR fans DL it somewhere; its awesome.

    What we’ve got here is…failure to communicate.

  61. want it now says:

    I hope it comes out soon. Waited long enough.

  62. Joseph Rose says:

    I don’t know what the cause of it is, but the spelling and grammar of the people commenting on this site are worse than anything I’ve ever seen. No shit.

  63. sam says:

    everyone who is jus saying its crap without any reasoning obv jus dont like the style of music, im def gonna buy this album, i got every album and dvd made by guns and from what iv heard of leaked tracks this album although very different is still awesome. axls voice is amazing and the rest of the band sound good just very different from afd days. would i like old guns to reform of course lol but why sit complaining it aint the origional lineup when theres an awesome band here making great songs better then most of the crap new bands are puttin out there

  64. stavroscw says:

    does anybody have them >?
    pls i want them real bad
    any links?

  65. GNR FAN says:


  66. ty says:

    when is the cd going to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. First off, I’ll restate the obvious. Axl Rose is an american loser. He joins the ranks of bonafide retard status occupied by fellow american tards like George Bush, his brother Jeb, the guy that runs the FOX Network, all NASCAR fans, anyone who thinks KFC’s bowl of shit is a bowl of chicken, Michael Jordan, Aerosmith, fans of both those american atrocities. There’s many more, I have a list because I think about bonafide spoiled american retards all day long. Axl is a bonafide retard. He’s just like the Avrils, the Maroon 5s, worse than the Backstreet Boys, financially pathetic like a hip hop star on Master P’s label. Seriously, it doesn’t end. If you gave me 13 million dollars to make a record, 1) I’d pay off my student loans you fucking jerk AXL. I can’t even pay back 30K, how can that fucking retard pay back 13 million? That makes him again, an american retard. Someone, like many white americans, who are given everything, and take advantage of the system by pissing on the hard working people- us. 2) With 13 million, I’d pay back my mistake, 30K, and then with the remaining 12.97million, I’d make a fucking record, and it’d be better than any God forsaken shit song he’s releasing on Dickhead Democracy. I’d hire Cheap Trick, Paul Westerberg, rescue Tommy from Axl, then, I’d have the Hold Steady along and Robert Pollard and M. Ward for kicks, oh, and how bout Neko Case on harmonies, or lead, and you know what? I could make a fucking record with my songs Axl, and pay every member I listed not only for their services but to prove a point that you a re a bonafide american retard. And, 3) My songs are better than yours Axl, 2) A record would be done, performed, engineered, recorded, mixed and released in 15 less years– and it will be better than anything put out by any band this year– except of course for the Hold Steady or R. Kelly’s next record. I am a music geek and I love Appetite for what youth is left in me that that record helps represent, but, this Axl Dickhead Democracy shit has to go. Honestly the smart move for Geffen would be to ban the release of this record, hold it hostage, then, wait till Axl dies, and release it. That’s fair game- do to him what he did to Geffen, and to his fans. Axl Rose, you are a BONAFIDE AMERICAN RETARD.

  68. DustNBones says:

    i think that’s a bit harsh Andy Whorehall.. WTF? R.Kelly ? R. Fuckin Kelly? that made your whole argument obsolete

  69. You obviously didn’t get the joke that I put R. Kelly’s well documented recorded yearly release output above Axl. That makes you– obsolete ; ).

  70. A. Sinatra says:

    I heard the tracks and they’re nowhere near Appetite level of good. Some aren’t even close to Lies. It would be great if we’d finally hear a new GnR CD soon but its’ beginning to feel like wanting to see Farrah Fawcett naked. If you grew up in the 70s you wanted to see it. Sadly it took 20 years and by then you look more out of morbid curiosity than desire to actually touch it. Axl and his cosmetic surgery is getting less relevant. It has been 20 years since Appetite came out and it has held up well. Something tells me that when/if I hear a pressed Chinese Democracy CD that it will not sound as relevant despite the freshness date. Music evolves too guys. Try putting something out that people will care about listening to twice since MTV won’t play anything except “The Hills” now. You’ll have to rely on good grace of fans. Don’t be like Van Halen and wait to reunite until it was a little embarassing.

  71. Jake says:

    Of course I discovered this website AFTER the tracks have been removed. But aside from that, I have deep mixed feelings about Axl Rose. I think he’s created this mysteriousness about himself for a reason, on purpose if you will. I mean the guy is like a walking enigma. Personally I think he’s just trying to build up a hype. True, there’s no hype that deserves 14 years of creation so it goes beyond that. I’m not sure what he or the label he’s with are trying to do but frankly I’m frustrated and my once high regard for the man has dessipitated. I’m really bummed out about this guy. He had the potential of being something really great (greater than the mythical persona he has become which has surpassed his musical greatness). But no matter if he releases this album or not, he will never acheive that greatness which he once had. The old sound of GNR was something to be reverred, awed, blown away by but that was then, this is now. The kind of rock put out by bands that were popular 10 years ago is no longer viable in this market except for those who hold nostalgia for the past.

  72. OMG! says:

    Hey idiots, scroll up a couple of comments. Right before Andy’s first comment, thers a dude with link!

  73. psyop says:


  74. Former GNR fan says:

    like many of you, I grew up listening to GNR. AFD is a great album- one of the best- and whoever is praising Chinese Democracy is a fucking retard! I’m not even comparing this to Appetite, I’m just basing this opinion on whether the music is good. And seriously, this album is an embarassment. It’s some of the worst music I’ve ever heard. I really hope this isn’t the album because Axl is flat on half of these songs. If you like this album, you most likely have Britney and Timberlake in your collection as well, for you have zero taste.

  75. BRIAN says:


  76. An-Tan says:

    Is this really you Kevin?

    See 11th post down

    Did the FBI ever get back to you?
    Is it serious?

  77. Skwerl says:

    ha… the internet is funny.
    yes, that’s me. no, it wasn’t a publicity stunt. the record label and i are most definitely not friends. yes, the fbi really did come investigate and take my computer. the “broke the internet” line was a joke, and anyone who took it as anything else is a moron.

  78. peyman says:

    Amazing.its pure energy.I love it thanks gnr…….

  79. jim b says:

    I got say the people that are talking shit on GNR, got eat a fat dick .. This shit rocks man . I like it all the way and always been a Guns N Roses fan . Go guys Rock on .

  80. Rich says:

    After listening to this “album” for the past month, I can only say that it has grown on me just like the previous albums. Every previous GNR album took time, one to understand what the hell he was saying, but two for the melodies to penetrate, to never leave one’s mind, and that’s what has happened with most of these tracks. IRS, eh, I could do without. If he dropped the chorus, the song would rock. I’m just hoping that these songs don’t appear on the final product, or if they do, they are a subset of a greater collection. I will buy the album(s) regardless. While I wish I could hear the original line-up again, I’m glad he moved on. He’s a master at this stuff. I think we’ll see a reunion some day, but not until it doesn’t matter anymore, not until we’ve fallen in love with the new GNR.

  81. UGK says:

    Maybe it’s just you old men clinging onto the old hair metal days. haha. Go blast some cinderella or posion cuz this shit is banging in my high shcool right now, sounds better than that old stuff man, a lot more modern

  82. Finchy says:

    Is it too much to hope that someone has these tracks and is going to post them on a torrent site? I get where he’s coming from with only wnating the finished piece to be heard, but cut us some slack axl, 14 years, a few leaked tracks is a deserved tit bit from the table of chinese democracy when we rarely get to see you live. Download 06 – an utter treat

  83. Bill Milton Jr. says:

    I’ve heard an also deleted afterwards the new songs plus last night I found and after listenig deleted Schacklers revenge on Shareaza (an hour later no version anymore to find…lawyers?) and all numbers are different but man!! that voice, those lyrics !! I will buy 14 albums and give to myself and my best friends. I do wish that Axl releases part 1 of the 3-part albums this september. Patience…..I guess.

    At the slight chance that Axl or his lawyers read this…please release the album in stores in Belgium, Holland and France and the rest of the world also ASAP !!
    We have no wall mart here.

    thanks and all the best.

    P.s. My friends from Holland tell me that GnR will be back at Nijmegen in oktober. Is this true?????

  84. Jdiggity says:

    For all you guys comparing this stuff to AFD you’re going to be let down, AFD is one of the best rock albums of all time. This new stuff is still great though, compared to other music being released these days this shit is awesome! Chinese Democracy will be worth buying.

  85. Jdiggity says:

    P.S. If you search chinese democracy on lime wire,look for new track #1,2 and 3. That’s where i got it.

  86. Stuart says:

    Thank you very much…. you have made my saturday night memorable.

  87. JP from the uk says:

    these retards who complain that the leaks dont sound lyk afd. WE DONT NEED THEM 2, AFD SOUNDS LYK AFD(FUNNILY ENOUGH) LOL. what r these guys meant t do be 1 trick ponys , the complainers wud b moanin sum place else if gnr had made 9 appetite lyk albums, get a lyf its tantamount to the radio phone ins after a game, thats y they r referred 2 as moan ins, truly great bands(the beatles for example

  88. JP from the uk says:

    continued from above

    evolve and explore. while bands that once sounded unique and fresh (oasis for example) become tired and stale. afd was fresh gnr kept it that way. so just a suggestion for the moaners pop in appetite hit ur repeat play function an see how long it takes t get bored or go insane. and finally did sum 1 really post a msg commenting on the grammar, JESUS, GO T UR DOCTORS , i sat my school exams 14 years ago. i dont really care wat my grammar is lyk on ere or any other noticeboard.

  89. VR says:

    Contraband shits over chinese democracy, doesn’t anyone realise it’s not guns n’ roses, it axl rose solo with his band. It’s Bullshit.

  90. Skwerl says:

    velvet revolver sucks without axl.

  91. VR says:

    but it is better than solo axl rose, actually, VR kicks fucking arse.

  92. Debby C says:

    Aside from the music, Axl Rose looks like an ass with those plait extensions, couldn’t he just shave his head or something !

  93. Finchy says:

    After searching high and low for all these polished up versions of the tracks, and stumbling across shacklers revenge, i cant wait to see what comes next. This could spell a new era for Axl. Forget the old days, its never gonna happen, and to be honest, he’s just proved that he doesnt need Slash etc to make a quality album. The future is looking damn good!!

  94. david says:

    Why’d you post that pic of Stevie Wonder in a Guns N’ Roses article?

  95. Igor says:

    GNR and Axl Rose are a bunch of fags! Can you say HAS BEENS! Axl and bucket head are secret lovers.. :)~

    Hey man good luck with the law… Get out soon!

  96. Beej says:

    I saw this released on
    Hey Skwerl are you worried about the possibility prison? or you pretty sure you will be let off?

  97. BostonBadBoy says:

    Skwerl you are an idiot or a plant if its true you go to jail, if not your just a plant to create a buzz about this stipid ass CD. Axl your a whiny faggot who got bitch smaked by Tommy Hilfiger at a maybeline party. 13 years for this crap how long did it take the Beatles to write the Black Album?

  98. Skwerl says:

    Nah, im not too worried about prison. It will give me a chance to explore my latent homosexuality.

  99. SLASH says:


  100. RC says:

    I used to be a huge GnR fan, after how the band disbanded, how can he even keep the name GnR, It should be a solo album. He fucked over Slash and the rest of the band. And after the last concert I saw when Axel was late, show didnt start til after 11, several hours after Brian May got off stage, played a couple of song then left, I can’ buy any of GnR’s music again, and after what 15 yrs he wants to relive the glory days. Get real, Axel is now a joke.

  101. Pato says:

    I hope the law won’t be too hard on you, but you surely didn’t have the right to let these songs out for everyone to hear.

  102. captain_kid says:

    ….chinese democracy…what´s that ? FREE TIBET

  103. Janderkann says:

    Yust want to let you know
    Thres an article about you on yahoo Germany,
    Im very sorry,
    see you in 5 years,
    do not let the soap fall boy.
    Watch out

  104. siamese says:

    Nunca crei que fueran tan malos perdedores axl y su banda de niñas lloronas.
    Welcome to the jungle ! …….pendejos!

  105. Monkeys too…they might have heard the songs from the album ‘Chinese democracy’…

    The world is insane and its much more interesting this way. Just arrest everybody. Lock everyone up. Let’s call this new prison….PRISON EARTH.

  106. macboss says:

    I have not dl’d the new releases. Truth be told AXL and the OLD BAND could get around $15 million a piece for a reunion. That is a great deal more than any AXL album could sustain. CUT a new album with the old MATES and CALL A TRUCE ON THIS CIVIL WAR! LEST You realize your ultimate fate. GNR was the greatest ROCK N ROLL of all TIME. TIME. TIME is all is takes to make ammends. AXL if you see this contact me. I have some Inspiration for you and the band doesnt really give a shit about what happend in the past, ALL you got to do is make it right now. THEY have moved on WHEN will YOU? Join Them, They are awaiting your presence behind the MIC.
    God Speed Brother.

  107. Amy says:

    my two fav songs are better and crash diet. Axl should release Better as the first single, make a really cool music video for it, do lots of promotion and advertising then release the entire album…..and do it SOON!!! please….

  108. Sum1 says:

    Boom caught

  109. thermoREX says:

    jhajha BURN!!!!

  110. VR says:

    lol i didn’t even get to listen to the songs! hahaha, can’t say i really want to when Velvet Revolver kicks the shit out of AXL! haha.. can’t wait for axl to fall flat on his face and realise he’s nothing without slash and duff and izzy, fuck a GNR reunion, bring scott back to VR!

  111. eikii says:

    oh!! shied just kill him he´s a stupid he shouldn´t be alive because G&R worked so hard for chinese democracy,,that blogger should be at jail yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guns & roses forever

  112. jp from the uk says:

    axl IS guns n roses, i got vids of him belting out gnr classics before slash was even in the band, dont get me wrong i love slash, i lyk vr but whos gonna b talkin about vr 21 years after the release of contraband? …… thats right no 1!
    izzy was a bigger loss to the band he provided the rythm and the grooves that make great songs, slash simply painted over them(albeit with great effect) and y shouldnt axl keep the gnr name? he didnt leave the fuckin band( a fact all the axl haters/slash lovers seem to forget) slash left, slash is now a fuckin sell out (supergroups/video games) whilst i feel axl deserves to b admired, how much money could he have made in the last decade or so, by releasing anything, regardless of whether he liked it or not? well a lot more than vr has anyway! so whilst the delays of chinese democracy have become ridiculous, u have to admire his integrity

  113. jeff_is_a_dumb_dumb says:

    is this jeff guy in these posts for real?

  114. VR says:

    i’m sorry, slash is a sellout?
    what’s this i hear about shacklers revenge and rock band 2.. wow..

  115. jp from the uk says:

    there a difference between using a song and being the actual face of a game

  116. gcluskey says:
    According to multiple news reports, a blogger suspected of posting songs on the Internet from the forthcoming Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy was arrested Wednesday and appeared in court, where his bail was set at $10,000. FBI agents arrested 27-year-old Kevin Cogill on suspicion of violating federal copyright laws by posting nine unreleased Guns N’ Roses songs in June. According to an arrest affidavit, Cogill admitted to FBI agents that he leaked the songs.

    “Guns N’ Roses representatives have been made aware of the arrests and are leaving the matter to the authorities,” said band spokesman Larry Solters.

  117. jp from the uk says:

    an by the way vr i agree it is axl solo so what a name is just a name. an seein as u dont care bout it y u keep postin ere, u not got a lyf?

  118. D says:

    Check out Maximum Threshold Radio Show

  119. oldskoolgunner says:

    mmm…Let’s see. I didn’t listen to the “new records”, but let’s be serious: “Better”, “Madagascar”, “Chinese ‘stupid name for a song’ democracy”, “IRS” (?????) and stuff can be downloaded from any P2P since a couple of years.
    So, where is the problem?
    See it like marketing for free.

  120. VR says:

    Hahaha when did i say i didn’t care, but when did i say i did? You idiot champ.. Why are you still posting about it on here if you have this supposed life of yours aye? Are you coming on every day just to see whether i’ve responded to your comments? Have i offended you and Axl? So let’s not ask the question of whether i have a life or not, let’s ask what life you have? As i have nothing better to do right now while i have study period at school. You don’t have to prove a point to me buddy, i along with everyone else here don’t give a shit what you think, nor should anyone give a shit what i think, it’s just an opinion.

  121. jp from the uk says:

    i come ere the same reason you do vr, but u just cant compare vr t axl rose hes a fuckin legend.

  122. jp from the uk says:

    an by the way vr opinions???? it was u who responded t my opinion, so wat u on bout? i dont recall commenting t u, until after u commented on my comment

  123. VR says:

    hahaha champ, you originally posted your argument on what i thought, so what are you on about about, i’m actually responding to what YOU thought of my opinions.. let’s not bullshit anymore, axl used to be great.. i want to here this “chinese democracy”..

  124. jp from the uk says:

    no my original comment was a generic 1 based on several comments id read and was not aimed at any 1 it was just my thoughts

  125. jp from the uk says:

    have heard anything from what axl has bin doin ?

  126. AXL LOPEZ says:



  127. alex says:

    what are the names of the songs so i know what to download

  128. Smoove says:

    Alex, you’re an idiot. And kind of a dick.

  129. saiful says:

    I love GNR. I miss you. Live and let die ……..

  130. anonymous says:

    Do you live in USA? Are you guys on drugs or what? Do you think you live in democracy? Its corporate ABSOLUTIST rule, YOU DON’T release things like this in the open in such a place. You should have used a TOR hidden site or anonymous p2p like Perfect Dark or freenet.

    “Chinese democracy” is such an moronic name because you guys think you live in freedom while others are not, and its exactly the opposite. I hate gnr and american music in general like you have no idea, but just to piss those bastards i’m going to share their pos. Let them die a painful death like the rotted monsters they are. For each site they close, for each person they jail, hundreds more will come, until they are no more. The corporations will never oppress the world, capitalism will fall.

  131. jp from the uk says:

    anonymous is either a commy or a terrorist, either way he must live in a shithole

  132. jp from the uk says:

    i got it, but dont understand what all the fuss is about, i av had 6 of the tracks for over a year, in pretty much the same format, there is not a song called catcher in the rye which iv had for over a year its effectively a 3 song leak not 9 song leak. il still buy the album anyway, im just wonderin if this was all a publicity stunt combined with a threat to any websites that may consider using the material (youtube for 1 removed, a lot of these songs, and most of them have been on there for a good while)

  133. Zee Parsley says:

    Hey Skwerl, is everything ok? What’s the story with this investigation? When do you have to go to court? Are you allowed to talk about it? Keep us posted, we’re all pulling for you!

  134. jayb8901 says:

    I have been a guns fan since the beginning and have all of the leaked tracks. I think Axl has accomplished his goals in creating a new type of music. It was very diferent from the old GNR but I think some of the songs are the best new music I’ve heard since the November Rain days. Amazing tracks and totally worth the wait. Trust Me!

  135. Finchy says:

    way to much Axl bashing going on in here. comment on the tracks with some sense you idiots, you probably wouldnt like metallica if you met them but the songs are mint, same as any fucking band. Let him do what he does best, cos if you haters couldnt touch the classics he’s written. If you aint got anything to say on an informed level, keep you gobs shut.

  136. You’re a bit late to the party there, big guy. And you do know that Axl’s not in Metallica, right?

    If you’re looking for our actual review of the GNR tracks, here you go:

    Might want to try out your own advice in the future, champ.

  137. SniperK says:

    Just heard the 9 leaked Guns N Roses tracks… not bad but nothing that blew me away. Def not worth the wait after all these years.

    Now if anyone has a line to Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’ album then I might get excited.

  138. Skwerl says:

    oh, i’m on the lookout for that one.

  139. jp from the uk says:

    y do ppl say its either worth the wait or not worth the wait? does n e 1 actually think axl has bin actually recording for all these years? lol. its taken so long coz for huge chunks of this tym he has not had a full band . get real ppl, the amount of tym its taken, has no bearing wat so eva on how gud it wll b, if that was the case the beatles wud just b about t release sgt pepper and appetite for destruction wud of taken 20 years to record!!!!! if u get wat im sayin!?

  140. Steve says:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, I’ve heard a few over hyped songs, what a joke. Give me Slash, Duff and RIchard Black from Shark Island and I’ll buy that all day long. Wouldn’t that make Axl melt down……

  141. jp from the uk says:

    oh yeah sure steve how can axl compete with the legend that is dick black lol, i mean shark island wow, i just checked em out an all my guns albums av gon in the bin lol u fuckin retard

  142. allen says:

    you’re a douchebag, i hope your legal fees bankrupt you 9 times over, one for each track. i hope you had fun leeching off the accomplishments of others to find fortune or fame, and now you’ll be left with poverty and shame. burns don’t it.

  143. jp from the uk says:

    allen shut up an mind ur own business, he is gonna pay for wat he did, but he aint gonna pay 2 u, so fuck off. wtf has he done 2 you, ye its wrong t release summit without the owners permission, but ur not the owner so wtf do u care? an im personally glad he did wat he did! im a true gnr fan an il buy the album come wat may, but hey im enjoyin the leaks, i did not even get them from ere but thats the can of worms the net is , an we all love it, so keep ur self righteous views 2 urself

  144. lala says:

    jajajaja yo tengo toda la discografia bajada de mediafire. pobres gringos

  145. thecloser says:

    I’ve heard some versions of “Chinese Democracy” and “Madagascar” in videos by Vimeo, and if they are any indication of the quality of music we will hear on the Chinese Democracy CD; then sales will set records, and the CD will be deemed a rock and roll masterpiece. Axl’s voice is stronger and healthier than ever, and the sound of the CD is mature and perfect for the times. The CD will be out by the end of the year because Gould and Azoff are in charge of the marketing and they are the best in the biz.

  146. una cagada gnr sin slash duff steven y izzy no son nada axl destruiste guns n roses una gran banda q pudo haber sido mas grande q los stones y zepellin una verguenza y una payasada lo q hiso mi idolo axl rose

  147. Dylan DeJoseph says:

    I learned the song “Better” on the guitar. it a cool song and its not too hard to play

  148. Former Fan says:

    Not unlike GnFnR to create a little controversy. What a great way to get a little publicity. Have a friend leak and album, take him to court, make the news, drag it out until the album releases to Platinum success. Bravo!

  149. M.I.B. Man In Brazil says:

    Kevin you are crazy!!
    I would like know who him he gave those musical! I to waiting the musical of this albumen since when he said what he should go cast!!!

    Than´s for information!!

  150. Phil says:

    I wish it had come out before the ’08 Olympics. I’m more of a Metallica fan, but I appreciate any celebrity blasting China about any of its evils. They still won’t give a damn though, because they’ll get money from governments that sell out their country to borrow more money. China’s untouchable, it seems, for that reason. They know how to play the governments that way and yet countries still have friendship organizations with them like it’s gonna warm Beijing’s soul.

    Maybe it’ll happen by the internet. Maybe the youth will cast off the slightly less than Stalinist (in its iron fist governing) government. Still, Russians have been able to have things and the net and they’re still up to no good. God help them and God help us for helping them need God’s help longer by trading so much with them, thus keeping a false peace there that keeps Tibetans, underground Catholics (they don’t recognize the invalid election of bishops by Beijing), and other dissenters underground!

    Of course, maybe it would have become an Iraq if China’s Han lost face, but I think pan-national NWO entities are well-versed in replacing regimes and could, unless they should ever prefer disorder there. Just like the cure for AIDS, I bet some organization could effect regime change at will. I could be wrong, though.

  151. nevertoreturn says:

    In b4 404!!!!!!!!!!1!

  152. Sylvain Bouchard says:

    Axl and guns n roses come back to dominate musik industry i`m sure

  153. jarkov says:

    well i think that this is an all right 9 tracks but axl is better then this but it is alot
    his voice we all like this guy could sing anything and make it sound good we all konw that but it would be nice to see the real guns n roses play again i had a chance to see them in the use your illusion days and i would go see then again
    if they went on tour with this music

  154. So where’s that Sorry track?

  155. Mato says:

    Can’t wait! This year was an incredible year for rock and metal fans like me. We got to listen to Judas Priest, Metallica, AC/DC, and now Guns N Roses. Its just incredible! All theres left to hear is Iron Maiden but thats not until next year so i’ll be patient. It’s funny how everyone complains that one band is better than another band or how Guns N Roses should retire cause they suck now. At least there coming back and we don’t have to listen to crap like Madonna anymore because we have no idea what to listen to anymore. I can’t wait to hear what else they got up their sleeves. It will be fun.

  156. slash says:

    or better yet, you had AXL the Asshole called you… there is NO Guns N Roses anymore… it is just AXL… he fucked over GNR… so really who gives a fuck about him anymore…

  157. izzy and dizzy says:

    Guns and Roses died when Axl took over the rights of the band and FIRED everyone… AXL get another name for your NEW band and let Guns N Roses rest in peace

  158. flamingo_azul says:

    well at last i have the CD, yes ORIGINAL, I don’t know why it arrive before the relase date on but I got it and for a prube here its the list of tracks:

    1.- Chinese Democracy
    2.- Shackler’s Revenge
    3.- Better
    4.- Street of dreams
    5.- If the world
    6.- There was a time
    7.- Catcher in the rye
    8.- Scraped
    9.- Riad n’ the bedouins
    10.- Sorry
    11.- I.R.S
    12.- Madagascar
    13.- This I love
    14.- Prostitute

    so any comment you can coment on here or to my email: [email protected]

    I don’t share it!!!!!!! I don’t support share!!!!! i support GUNS N ROSES!!!!!!

  159. Name says:

    worth waiting for like the last indiana jones was worth it…not.

  160. Felyne says:

    “Name Says: worth waiting for like the last indiana jones was worth it…not.”
    LOL. Nice job.

  161. pike360 says:

    Axl proves all the haters wrong! It totally rocks!

  162. button1989 says:

    no where near worth the wait i was unlucky enough to get this early. was not good at all. sounds nothing like g’n’r. the guitar solos were terrible. bring back slash izzy and duff. dont get your hopes up people.

  163. Good work, idiot says:

    Go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

    That’s what you get asshole.

  164. Holy Cow says:

    has anybody here seen this version of “Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy”?
    This is not what Geffen records wanted to to promote, BUT,
    I guess this IS THE REAL DEAL… this is a REAL CHINESE DEMOCRACY!!! and it really rocks, to my eye-popped and jaws-dropped astonishment!

  165. G Horne says:

    Fucking albums a disgrace, 13 years to make? I achieve more from taking a shit

  166. c.s.l. says:

    with the release of chinese democracy axl has coined a new rock genre: disaster rock…

  167. better says:

    Its obviously you deserve it. Dont blame gnr on it.

  168. guardcats2 says:

    how can you call it a guns n roses album? asshole axle chased off all of the band members off and had to recruit other musicians to complete his album. it should be named axle rose chinese democracy because there is nothing guns n roses about the album. it is the 2nd worst album he put out, the first one was the spaghetti incident.

  169. Ostsee says:

    The main reason the FBI will investigate, make arrests and assist in the prosecution of this case (and others like it) is because it’s easy, cheap and no one shoots back at them. Now they can claim a multi-million dollar victory over crime and justify department budgets without actually having to put agents in any kind of harms way. It’s all a disgusting act of smoke and mirrors to make them look good while they do us no good.

  170. Sr Canbrown says:

    Its incredible how you get famous

  171. Marcio says:

    Hi, first I want to congratulate on his blog.
    I love the heart of Rock and learned that you put songs from Guns n Roses (Chinese Democracy disk) on your blog down.
    Please, I do not see the songs in your blog, please, how can it?
    You send me by email ([email protected]) or tells me how to download?
    Attended several tours of Guns in Brazil.
    Help me find the songs leaked to the net.
    Thanks, waiting for their response, and will visit your blog often.
    Márcio Santos
    Blumenau – Brazil

  172. Me says:

    Marcio, are you kidding? Buy the album in the store!!! The blog post is 9 months old. The album was released 5 months ago.

    And to guardcats2, you’re a fool beyond belief. You talk like you know the ins and outs of Axl and the ex members. Shut up and listen to something else you whiny creep

  173. Sorry to hear the feds popped you for this and are trying to troll you for copyright violation. People don’t remember how tape trading was important to heavy metal. Or rather, they don’t care. Keep fighting the inauthentic power!

  174. cam says:

    Wow,..that was a mediocre effort at best….

    Must be nice to be so famous that you can:
    A. Suck as a band
    B. Suck as individuals
    C. Just re-use sounds that have been around since the 70’s and becuase they’re so different than your normal craptastic stuff people think you’ve “discovered a new sound”

    GNR,…one of the most over rated bands ever.

  175. I submitted it to Slashdot, and they’re covering this there. Good news, I think. Congratulations, Skwerl!

  176. John Persh says:

    Just because the new album blows doesn’t make GNR overrated. First of all, this isn’t GNR – its an Axl solo album. Secondly, GNR were great when they were really GNR.

  177. matu says:


  178. rambo says:

    mardito locoooo como se te ocurrio perjudicar asi a los guns? imbecil. bien ehcho ahora ats preso x guebon.

  179. Sweat says:

    I liked the album, its a big problem when you spend so long to release an album, it is almost impossible to live up to the expectations, that said I think if you listen to this with an open mind then its pretty good.

  180. I always enjoy reading spot on articles by an individual who is definately up to snuff on their chosen subject. I’ll be following this thread with much interest. Keep up the great work, I will be back

  181. Axl rules, anyone who says differently should open up their ears and LISTEN! his stuff goes straight to the heart.

  182. alfred moya says:


    that bitch ruined the greatest rock band in history. he should be hung by his fucking weave and beat to death with Chinese Noodles and we can call it the Spaghetti Incident.

    Whats up with the Feds dude? Are you exploring your homesexuality in prison or did they drop the case?


  183. what’s going on with this thing do you think?

  184. Amazing how they’ve gotten away with this

  185. Well, you never know if it the case but maybe it is so.

  186. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  187. Tamie Tade says:

    I do enjoy the manner in which you have presented this specific challenge and it does supply me some fodder for consideration. On the other hand, because of just what I have experienced, I really wish when the actual responses stack on that individuals remain on point and don’t embark on a soap box associated with the news of the day. All the same, thank you for this fantastic piece and whilst I can not necessarily agree with it in totality, I respect the viewpoint.

  188. Kyle Niebuhr says:

    The very core of your writing whilst sounding agreeable in the beginning, did not really work well with me personally after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you actually managed to make me a believer but just for a very short while. I however have got a problem with your leaps in logic and you might do well to help fill in those breaks. If you actually can accomplish that, I will certainly end up being amazed.

  189. arms warrior says:

    I miss the good ol’ days of rock n’ roll. No more bands like Guns n’ Roses, all we got is crap like lady whatever and justin noname and all the other fake people.

  190. jDelaney says:

    Abysmally bad when it first came out, and still the musical equivalent of week-old fish stew.
    The term “looking at the world through rose-colored glasses” should have a counterpart for people who hear something that sounds good to them but in reality isn’t, because that’s what this record is all about.
    I’d be willing to bet that easily half the overzealous fans who claim to love this album are lying through their teeth.

  191. Kelvin Matta says:

    love this blog theme can’t belive i just discovered it. i do have a question.
    were can i find/change the code on the video allowed on the home page. right now it shows 10 i would like to change this.

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  195. […] Welcome to the jungle.. Blame it on the blogger: New Guns N Roses song partially leaked online.. The website that leaked was […]

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