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Abbie Hoffman, Where Are You?

Guns N' Roses, Music


Skwerl got himself hauled in by the FBI today over this whole GNR / Chinese Democracy leak fiasco, which seems to mean that people take this whole copyright thing pretty seriously. We weren’t going to make a big spectacle of this, since it’s obviously a pretty serious situation, but the plankton hacks over at the Los Angeles Times managed to pick up on the story and run it a highly suspicious impressive two hours after the incident went down. So here we are.

In all likelihood, he’ll be back fighting the good fight from his couch by this evening. But anyone who feels like getting as equally theatrical as the feds (who were anything but quiet and graceful during their ass-crack-of-dawn descent on Skwerl’s sleepy house this morning) can come show their support with Britney and I today at the LA District Court on 255 East Temple. 2 PM. Bring your MP3 players.

In the meantime, well-wishes in the comments, lawyer-fund donations in the PO Box, and on we rock.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Rob says:

    You have some pretty crazy laws – a federal offence? surely its just a civil matter?

  2. der says:

    use this as defense, pass it onto him:

    The Metal Sludge Article from back in the day:

    Take a Leak
    STEAL THIS TRACK: GUNS N’ ROSES CHINESE DEMOCRACY LEAK, DAY 1 – “CHINESE DEMOCRACY”Saturday, May 5th, 2007 at 11:28am by Axl Rosenberg
    Oh boy oh boy, do I live for days like today. Three brand spankin’ new studio-quality tracks from the perpetually in-the-works Axl Rose/ Guns N’ Roses comeback album Chinese Democracy have leaked, and your good friends Axl and Vince will be sharing them with you over the course of the next three days.

    First up: the title track. It would logically seem that this is the song intended to open the album: the extended, moody build-up with the people whispering in Chinese, those first sweet, fuzz covered licks that Robin Finck teases us with, Axl’s sudden scream, and then an EXPLOSION of rock. Like the “Madagascar” track that leaked earlier this year, it would seem that Axl’s vocals still need some work, but otherwise, man, does this song (which the band has already been playing live since 2001) kick some major ass. It’s like some super-sick hybrid of GN’R and White Zombie: industrialized hard rock with just the right amount of tasty grooves to remind us why we always loved Axl in the first place. Finck and Buckethead trade off during the solo, with Finck supplying the sustain-heavy first half and BH going all Tom Morello on our asses for the big finish. The completed version should be KILLER.

    [Ed: File has been removed as per legal request. Sorry.]


    metal sludge did the exact same thing..they didnt get arrested.

  3. Rory says:

    Rock on Skwerl.

    Good luck with all this BS, if I was in LA I’d show my support.

    Albums get leaked for almost every major release weeks before they come out. Axl should get his head out of his ass (as much as I love the guy and think he’s the last true rock and roll star) and just put the album out. I think the mere fact that people attacked this site like vultures when the leaks came out just proves that people are craving it, and that it is going to sell; regardless of the quality of the tracks.

    I have personally been checking the GNR forums daily for 5 years now hoping for leaks, and every few months we get another little sneak peak of what this project is going to be. So far half good, half shit. The fans have waited long enough for this.

    Again good luck Skwerl, hopefully this doesn’t cost too much. They are clearly using you to make an example of.

  4. Johnny Firecloud says:

    not to mention the best (and most cost-efficient) promotion an unreleased album could ever get.

  5. lame says:

    so, how’s chinese democracy workin’ out for you now?

  6. polaris says:

    good luck skwerl

  7. Ayatoilet says:

    Wow, FBI over a leaked release? Over there in the USA, does it feel like the Islamic Republic of Iran yet? Or is the Chinese FBI behind all the disgrace.

  8. Dave says:

    Surely he understood he was risking prosecution when he posted them? I’m not saying the matter could not be dealt with civilly, but surely this isn’t exactly a surprise?

  9. Glen Quagmire says:

    That’s Chinese democracy for ya ! Down with tyranny !

  10. The Man says:

    He violated federal copyright laws, went to the press and media and bragged about doing so, and now people act surprised that he got arrested?

    Guns isn’t responsible for this arrest. It’s Universal & the FBI making an example out of someone (who, quite frankly deserves it).

    The album will be released in either November 2008 or March 2009, depending on how negotiations go. That’s all I can say on that matter.

  11. Joseph Rose says:

    Sometimes that 15 minutes has a price attached.

  12. Mack says:


  13. Lucas says:


    no blood for oil!

  14. Coz says:

    Oh, man….. lol.

    You can steal MY tracks, Skwerl.

  15. d says:

    awwwww shit… Nig would have had a FIELD DAY with this…


  16. jeffy says:

    where’s my dr. pepper?

  17. i love tits says:



  18. Einsteinsear says:

    Losers who steal music should be arrested. You’ve killed the music industry.

  19. Amanda says:

    Do that many people care about a Guns and Roses album? Seems like this could have been settled over some Bud Light and a pack of Marlboro Reds.

  20. don says:

    Dear einsteinsmear
    do you, like, believe your own hype? your a tool, and a pig. go fuck yourself. You PERSONALLY killed the music industry by being such a dumb-ass.

  21. james says:

    Until recently I was still hoping that I could buy this album one day. But now? Not a chance.

  22. Gomer Pyle says:

    Thank you, skwerl. You were the only one that has ever delivered on Chinese Democracy!!! You are the MAN!!!

  23. Well, after all, that *is* the most important thing G-men have to do. Yeesh

  24. dlrw says:

    I can’t believe they are making an example out of him! Hang in there and everyone show your support. The MAN has something to do with this. He should appreciate all the free publicity –
    Hah! That’s an idea, when this f…ing album is finally released, there should be a huge protest so that nobody buys it!!!!

  25. beligerent fucker says:

    This website probably personally told the LA times. Karma. It can be a bitch, kids.

  26. Einsteinsear says:

    Don….you have no idea what you’re talking about. And people like you who have to resort to name calling to justify our own thievery just prove my point.

  27. JD Scott says:

    Fuck off Einsteinsear . Zieg heile Nazi whore. Someone tell me where I can hear the 9 tracks…one of you has it!

  28. Ryan says:

    HEY…EINSTEIN! I just wanted to say that.
    Oh yeah, and how about we take up a Judge’s time with worthy cases such as rapists, murderers, fuck faces, assholes, and stupid people. Instead of some guy who wanted to share some music with his buddies. If I was a judge I would be like “What? He listened to some songs with his friends and you broke into his HOUSE?! FBI, go to jail. I’m going home to listen to Chinese Democracy, because America has none.”

  29. JD Scott says:

    Ryan – where do you live? I’ll meet you at your place with some whiskey and herb!

  30. don says:

    Yo Einsteinrear
    Once again you have proven exactly why idiots like you should not be allowed to procreate. Take your Michael Bolton records and go home, and take up right wing fasict politics, like the rest of your knuckle dragging ancestors.

  31. Mark says:

    I’m just glad we got that terrorist problem taken care of so the FBI can focus on real problems like this.

  32. jackoffinabox says:

    Right-wing my ass, RIAA is left as they come; the democrats own both houses and are going to buy the election this November I tell you. Obama will be the third wheel to get Hillary elected.

  33. wtf says:

    Time to trim the Police force if this is all they have to do!

  34. Scott says:

    This isn’t government thuggery … look at it this way. If no one pays for music, who will make it? You think Guns & Roses wants to make this album so everyone can have it for free? I just don’t understand why people get bent out of shape when an artist (and the industry, though I’m no fan of theirs) wants to get paid for their work. And the government enforces copyright laws because those laws encourage the production of quality literature, music, movies, etc. etc. If people couldn’t enforce copyright — the right to get PAID — we’d have a lot less of all that stuff.

  35. JD Scott says:

    Scott needs to learn to “whittle it down” a bit. Whew! Still don’t care but shit, tighten it up man!

  36. JD Scott says:

    WTF – right on

  37. Lizy says:


    I’m really happy to live in Europe, it’s ridiculous this kind of copyright law’s in USA. The big fat bussiness with art & music is absolutely sickening. I hope you will win the process good luck! Also i don’t know if there is no more problems in the USA to treat something like this, as you are a dangerous criminal. For me as Swiss citizens it is unbelievable to get arrestet for copyright violation except if you do this commercial.

    P.s sorry about my english got only 2 years in school

    Kind regards,

  38. |2a\/e|\| says:

    HAI GUYZ, I’m on the internets!!1!

    Goodluck man…bring back!! Sup Joe..DDC still suck? lol..j/k

  39. BOB Lawbla says:

    Chinese Democracy…I’ve had this record for a good 8 months. Tell you what, it’s god awful. If the record was actually ear worthy I could see bail set at the price of 5 grand, but the way it plays, it ain’t worth shite!!!
    Yes I know, claiming that I’ve had this recording for almost a year is like claiming I have a frozen 500 pound Sasquatch in a freezer in my garage. AXL should never release this record. It’s outdated and irrelevant. If there’s anybody out there that’s heard this record and disagree with me ya’ll need to check your listening palate. RIAA needs to sukit. FEDS…do something productive.

  40. Ryan says:

    Right, Scott(not JD), because NIN didn’t make shit when they released their last record for free right? (please note sarcasm). It’s called keeping up with the game, getting more creative, being innovative and finding new ways to make your dirty stinky money.

  41. Cesar says:

    Well, if you do not like to disclose free music, lower prices of CD.
    Like Axl Rose… your group and your music is crap, I do not know who can eat this shit.

  42. Tony says:

    If the music was any good they would have released the album by now. Isn’t everyone tired of being dissapointed by G’n’R by now? I know I am. For Skwerl, he should be acquitted – any material that has been leaked, hyped, written about, guessed about as much as this silly album is guaranteed to continue to circulate – arresting one link in the chain is a joke.

  43. Tony says:

    P.S. those of you commenting here that see this as an opportunity to bash the U.S.A., nice try. Stop blaming all of your problems on us, because we are too busy listening to our crappy leaked music to hear you. We love it here and you are jealous.

  44. Johnny Firecloud says:

    “Ryan Says:
    August 28th, 2008 at 9:17 AM
    Right, Scott(not JD), because NIN didn’t make shit when they released their last record for free right? (please note sarcasm). It’s called keeping up with the game, getting more creative, being innovative and finding new ways to make your dirty stinky money.”

    Most concise boil down I’ve read today.

  45. hirass says:

    jajajajaja i have 2 secret songs of ABBA if u want :) ey take e picture with axel for the promotion !!! lol :)

  46. Damián says:

    Escribo este comentario en apoyo al compañero blogger que es acusado por el FBI. La difusión de mp3 debe ser legal. Lo que debe prohibirse es su comercialización.

    Un abrazo, Damián

  47. Germanicus says:

    Copyright over Human Rights?
    I am happy not living in such a Country!
    This Kid is no Criminal!

  48. hayduke says:

    Abbie Hoffman is dead.

    I met the guy once, he was an asshole.

    Good Luck Skwerl, yer gonna need it. The RIAA has deep pockets.

  49. Brian says:

    Why is this a suprise?

  50. Ryan says:

    Johnny Firecloud,
    Thanks for the props. I’m pissing myself over it, and it’s the warmth of a champion.

  51. Wylde69 says:

    They sent all those men to pick up a guy for THAT? Your tax dollars at work!

  52. slicknickshady says:

    Should have never banned me from the apc message board.


  53. Title of the article should be “World’s Dumbest Criminal”.
    hopefully he’ll get serious time.
    what is the average blogger’s IQ ? 3 ? 3.5 maybe ?
    when dipshit is found guilty, how funny would it be if the
    judge ordered dipshit to be castrated.
    now that would rule.

  54. Mike Hunt says:

    Ha Ha

  55. b-dub says:

    Wow!! You blog geeks are really out of touch with reality. You commit a crime — they come to get you — end of story!!! All of your pitiful whining about Big Brother and “oh the injustice” — is the dumbest protest/movement ever!! GET A LIFE!! Doing stupid thing on the internet will not save you from prison just becuase you did them in cyberspace. IDIOTS!!!!!!

  56. Ryan says:

    b-dub says,
    “GET A LIFE!! Doing stupid thing on the internet will not save you from prison just becuase you did them in cyberspace. IDIOTS!!!!!!”

    Yeah, and when a terrorist blows up your house and you wonder where the FBI are, well, you can rest assured they were getting the big bad blogging idiots.

  57. AxlSlash says:

    Soooooooooooooo… where can I download the songs?

  58. Mr. 66 says:

    You didnt meet shit jerk off

  59. Howdy there,Terrific blog dude! i am Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Do you thought putting video to your web site to keep the people more entertained?I think it works., Darrell Rehder

  60. […] a preliminary hearing on September 17th. Bail is set at $10,000. Check out details and reaction at This entry was posted in Crime and tagged Guns N' Roses. Bookmark the permalink. Share ← […]

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