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The United States Of America Cares A Lot About Democracy

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Axl Rose didn’t call the FBI, but today it became more than obvious that someone really was serious about that threat. Johnny and I sat on a pew in the U.S. District Court building in Downtown L.A. as Skwerl sat behind glass, in handcuffs, and still in his jammies since the FBI arrested him at 6:59 this morning.

After five or so other cases were presented, the United States of America presented her case against Skwerl. The proceeding was mostly about what his bail was going to be set at. The U.S.A. requested bail be set at $50,000. Skwerl’s court-appointed attorney thankfully called B.S. on that one and recommended his bail be $5,000 and that this case is the kind of case where the defendant should have been summoned to appear instead of being accosted by five F.B.I. agents at his home in a quiet neighborhood.

Interestingly, the Judge chimed in to add that he had actually recommended that it be a summons case and wasn’t sure why it went down as it did. He also dismissed the idea presented by the U.S.A. that squirrels be forbidden to use the internet.

In the end, the Judge ruled that his bail be in the form of a signature bond at $10,000. What that means is that Skwerl has to remain within the Central District of California until his next court date or someone has to cough up that 10k. So for now, he’s home… Stay tuned.

Moving forward, a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for September 17th at 4:30 PM and the arraignment for September 22nd at 8:30 AM. Both will be at the U.S. District Court Building, and the address is 255 East Temple Street, Third Floor, in Downtown Los Angeles.

Skwerl, Johnny, and I appreciate your concern and warm wishes during these hard times as we deal with Democracy.

UPDATE 9/2/08: David J.P. Kaloyanides, ALPC has agreed to defend Skwerl, and we are now accepting donations to help cover extensive legal costs. More information here.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Ryan says:

    Ahh, Skwerl nuts.

    Bad joke, I know. But it gets the point across.

  2. Jerry says:

    Wow, bloggers got a bad rap. I was reading the news report on this and found it interesting so I thought I’d drop by. It’s amazing how many bloggers are being targeted these days. The media just can’t get over the fact that they are slowly being replaced.

    Anyway, it said in the article that Guns N Roses will likely loose record sales because of the incident on this site. HA freaken HA HA. That’s a laugh. They will probably get more sales. Also In the first article I saw their was no mention of your site, I had to do some digging to find this. I guess they didn’t want to give you a bunch of free traffic. lol oops didn’t work. Funny how the news sites don’t want to link out to other sites they are doing stories on…

    On the Music Side of things!
    Music is moving to the free line. They can cry all they want and the world will keep downloading their music for free. It’s unstoppable, get over it “Music Industry” you milked it long enough and know it’s time for change. I’m sure they will be keeping an eye on this blog.

  3. Phil says:

    In your stupid little lives, ANYTHING goes. The other person’s plans and ambitions do not matter, only what YOU want matters.

    Anarchists all need to be castrated before it’s too late. Well, Britney Bernstein should have her ovaries cut out.

  4. Mango says:

    Soo Jerry….All those people who make thier living making music…all the engineers, producers, the studios, promotion personal, record companies not to mention the artists themselves who create this great music which we all use everyday to enrich our lives….they should all just work for free….tell their families ” sorry, cant support you cause music is moving to the free line”….How has the “music industry” “milked” it long enough?? cause they made you pay $15 for a CD?? Really? I don’t seem to mind spending what I would spend on a lunch to get 12 tracks on an awesome Audioslave CD,,plus cover art, liner notes etc….Get a fucking job . Give me a break with this “music should be free” bullshit…it is …pick up a guitar and play bitch..whatever you write is yours to do with what you like….

  5. Go Mango says:

    You go Mango.

  6. Grant says:

    No, music should not be free….but FIVE FBI AGENTS? Is this skwerl guy also refining plutonium in his spare time? This is very heavy-handed for a copyright violation.

  7. darkmethod says:

    hahaha, the biggest pirates I know are all musicians. And you can take your RIAA loving ass and suck a fucking dick, the furst thing they teach you in any respectable music business class is that the RIAA, and their labels don’t give a fuck about the artists or engineers. they will fuck you over with any line they think your attorney might miss in their absurd contract

    some of us still like music, but refuse to support the people trying to fuck us with it.

  8. fuck axl says:

    After 14 years of doing fuck all, at best Axl Rose should have a fucking myspace page. and that’s it. he could name the fucking thing chinese democracy if he fucking wanted to. you know who’s behind this? the dumb fucking record label that ahem ahem wisely invested 14 million dollars plus into how many songs in how many years? Fuck that.

    How many touring artists and young artists could that 14 million went towards?

    He should work for a living like real musicians.

  9. Mike R. says:

    Skwerl should have kept his mouth shut an dnot confessed and he woul dno tbe in this mess this quickly. They have a signe dconfession from him per the court filings. He confessed to the FBI at his house, at his place of employment and on the phone. Yes he did it but why make thier job any easier. They may have then turned this into a civil matter.

  10. Mike R. says:

    Didnt Skwerl watch any cop shows, etc. NEVER talk to the cops even if your 1000% innocent. Talk through a lawyer. Cops love people that waive thier rights to a lawyer.

  11. Bill says:


    You are a moron. Pirating music is bad and illegal. But do you think it’s reasonable for the music industry to charge consumers $15 for a CD when only one or two songs are good and the rest is crappy filler? Do you think it is okay for the music industry to pocket most of that $15 and give the artist only $4? Mango, you are a @#$! moron … go back to school and get an education.

  12. JC says:

    FU– axl he is by far the best front man of my time but still the biggest as- hole i know u know if u fu–ing released this thing and stop dicking around your fans u might find some friends

  13. somerandomguy says:


    If you only like two songs on a CD, then why not just buy those two songs for a buck a piece from a site like iTunes?

    Better yet: Get a membership with a streaming service that’s compatible with your MP3 player like Rhapsody or Yahoo! Music. The cost of a CD a month will get you more music than you can handle.

  14. Patrick says:

    Guys, give Mango a break, he said awesome Audioslave CD, of course he’s joking.

    But in all seriousness, should those people who make music do it for free? No.

    Should a record label with an outdated business model take all the money from CD sales? No, but they do.

    In due time the music business will flip, artists and the people who work for/with them will take the money and record labels and their expense accounts will be kicked to the curb.

  15. yvaine says:

    It was a little weird this morning opening up my l.a. times rss feed to see an article about Skwerl being arrested. Glad to hear that everyone is home.

  16. Best thing to happen in the case is to have Kevin Cogill aka Kevin Skwerl. be fined 5 million, have ALL his personal property siezed for 5 years, force him to live in a cardboard box for a year, then see how funny it is to use someone else’s copyright music as he see fit.
    I hope he gets AT LEAST 5 years in federal prison.
    maybe other bloggers/journalists will finally learn.
    most likely not though, most bloggers/jounalists have the collective IQ of a gnat.

  17. Skwerl says:

    HAHA, I loved Bubba…

  18. Albert says:

    I’m having trouble understanding what’s going on here. I looked on pirate bay to see what’s been leaked and it looks like this album was originally leaked two years ago. And then a different version was leaked three months ago. Did you folks just repost what had been on pirate bay for a couple of months? I can see people getting upset about that, but not Five Stormtroopers and Handcuffs upset.

  19. thiefs says:

    Thievary plain and simple. Instead of being a little punk bitch thief and stealing people’s music off the Internet, be a real gangsta and do armed robbery or deal crack.

    Anyone who steals music is a punk bitch.

  20. Will says:

    $4? That’s generous as far as royalties go, I understand. I thought it was far, far less than that. The RIAA has been involved in price fixing, plain and simple. They’ve been intent on charging outrageous rates for far too long, and failed to embrace the internet as a promotions tool until fairly recently. They’re still paying a price for that mistake, but of course, blame the fans.

    The reason record sales are in the shitter aren’t pirates. Take a listen to the radio, and all this overproduced, unoriginal, commercialized bullshit.

    I go to shows, I buy merch, I support real artists who produce real music.

  21. SLCPUNK says:

    Is he out yet? I’ll put the bail up.

    Send me an email.

  22. John Henry says:

    “thiefs”- Do you have any concept of how much money successful bands make from touring. They become multi-multi-multi millionaires, then you have someone cracking their backs for 18 years picking garbage up and making just enough to live on.
    You say they musicians should not only make their millions from the tours but you think they should really take the sweepsteaks with extra millions in record sales. What kind of sick demented freak are you.

    Mango – All the producers, engineers and promotion personel turn the music industry into a horrible tranny prostitute. Glamour and music don’t mix, either you have music chops or you don’t. Bands rely way too heavily on the plastic glazing from the ‘music industy’. That’s where all this Nsync, Britney music came out of. If you are a real musician, you will be able to deliever on tour. And if you are a really good musician you’ll be able to improvise, instead of playing the exact same thing that was record in the studio.

  23. rocker says:

    Some things in the US are just strange for us europeans. A man gets arrested early in the morning, like in the movies: five guys, in-ear walkie-talkie, wearing suits and sunglasses. And the man is not allowed to put on clothes etc…

    “What did he do? 9/11? Terrorist? Murderer?”
    “No he violated some copyright”
    JesusFuckingChrist, what’s wrong with you Amercica?

    This damn stupid record company, who thought they will make millions with some stupid Axl Rose record (some ten years ago or something). Do they know whats going on in the internet? Who were the first to show record companies how to sell music on the net? A little company selling computers, they did it! Record companies (major labels) r just too dumb. And they (hopefully) will all be gone very soon. Artists r going to sell their stuff on their own (NIN, Radiohead, Eno/Byrne etc).

  24. anti-tick says:

    @ Mango

    Very simple, i think you have a point in saying that artists should be able to make a living from their music. The point being is that most artists live of their shows and the merchandise. CD’s don’t earn them enough money to live on, at least if you are no big name. Sooo.. that said, if about 1-5% of a CD’s sale price go to the artist, i might ask who gets the rest 95-99% of the money? Right, some goes to people directly involved into producing the CD, technicians for example. Fine by me. But how much money does our average recording technician get? Also no big $$. If we now go to were the money ends up, we come to promotion personsal and the record companies, as mentioned by you. Fact is, they contribute the least artistical value, if any, but they get the biggest piece of the cake for it. That makes them prototypical PARASITES, living on the expense of the artist and the customer alike. The only thing they provide is a distribution mechanism that luckily has become obsolete. But by lobbying legislation, they try to protect their outdated exploitation system. I have no pity for them. You could compare it to coal vendors trying to outlaw electricity 100 years ago. Pointless. But the RIAA has more money, so they can afford to have people’s lifes trashed by their goons.

  25. CIA says:

    I don’t give a damn about G’n R, i just picked up this story on a news site, and the FBI has lots more work to do, as the 9 song are available on many “special” sites. Will the US arrest the whole world ? Busting a kid for this makes me laugh, i think you have other problems to solve in the US.

    But that doesn’t mean you should download your music illegally, if you like an artist (a real musician, not this made up MTV/record industry shit) buy his cd, go see him in concert, …

  26. bollinger says:

    @ Mango

    I’ve got some news for you: most musicians do work for free. Musicians who used to get a $100 bar gig 10 years ago are now being asked to play for free or pay to play in some half-time ‘music club’. A lot of musicians who had low-level careers a few years back are now putting their music online free because they can’t find an outlet to market and sell it.
    The record industry has indeed ‘milked’ their product for decades: The constant re-selling of back-catalogue in new formats (the next one is coming up), overpricing their product, and selling of albums containing 2 good songs and 10 pieces of crap.
    I’m a fan of modern classical, jazz and folk music, and I see how many of these musicians are doing day jobs just to fund their ‘hobby’. To musicians like these, it wouldn’t matter a shit if the music industry collapsed – they’d just carry on doing their shitty-paid gigs to a small but loyal fanbase.
    Once the music industry starts dividing up its spoils more fairly among the everyday musicians, I might start giving a shit about its problems with piracy.
    My advice is, drop the price of a CD to $5 dollars, make it easier to buy individual songs or make tailor-made compilations, and concentrate on making your catalogue available – I’m fucking sick of going into a record store and finding the top 50 and about 20 token jazz albums.

  27. Nocturne says:

    I read this on my online newspaper and had to check out your site. As for posting songs on a blog, I think you’re really dumb, I mean, anyone can DL it, even if you didn’t mean for it to be DL’ed. What were you expecting would happen? Get more hits to your site? Next time (though I doubt you’re stupid enough to make the same mistake twice) you should try to post it on a private site, maybe a bit torrent site with a private tracker and that way, you’ll get away with it more easily.

    As for “Bill”s comment, if people think music should be free, I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Should gas be free? Should food be free? I mean, these are also industries and make a ton of money! What, are you all closet-commies? What the f… are you thinking? So what if the record industry gets the biggest piece of the pie? Promotion of a band and commercials for CD’s cost a lot of money! It’s NOT for free. True, most artists make their money touring, but this is also a “job” (a fun job, perhaps, but hey, don’t be jealous just because you’re washing toilets for a living, at least you have your Ipod to keep you company, right?).

    I think the problem with our society today, is the Instant Gratification Syndrome. People can’t wait for a CD or Movie to be released in the traditional way, and they want it now. Well Bill, here is news for you; heard about Itunes? Well, there you can buy individual tracks of 0.99$ a piece if you don’t like the whole CD. Since people are DL music for free anyway, why not pay 9.99$ for a CD? You’re getting the digital copy anyway, so why not buy it and support the artist? The same goes for movies..!

    Well, in reality it’s a distribution issue. I think neither cinema or the CD will disappear completely (probably replaced, the CD I mean, by something similar to Blueray with a higher bitrate and better overall quality) but if people released stuff on the net simoultanously as in other “traditional” formats, the revenue would probably go up. Maybe not, at the moment something is made available on the net for money, it is also available for free. It’s a though nut to crack..

    Example; a movie in my country was previewed the day before the cinema release on a website for 50 lucky people at a certain time. One of them had the balls to use a screen recorder and copy the movie. He distributed it to his friends, who made it available to everyone. The movie was thus made free on the net at the day of the cinema release. The press was all over it (which didn’t help) and though it was a good movie, the cinema attendance was so low that it was a box office catastrophy. Added to this, the producers couldn’t distribute it to other countries because it was already available on the net. Furthermore, the movie, though it was quite a high budget for my country (2 000 000 $) did not pay a lot of the actors etc. because they used all the money of SFX and VFX. They hoped they would make the money back then pay the artists. They didn’t, and now there is a court-case between producers and actors + the guy who leaked it and the producers. It’s a mess!

    The sad thing is, I can say what I want, and it won’t change anything. We might see a scenario where there will be fewer and fewer artists making music, especially artists that have like 500 copies of their albums, and the rest is downloaded. Why would anyone do this without having a second job?

    Think about it..!

  28. James Page says:

    U.S. Government is FUCKING PATHETIC. They are all a bunch of hypocrites. Thomas Jefferson said 200 years ago – “There is no solution to Prohibition”

    The FBI, George W Bush, DEA, FDA and all the fucking Masons need to have a baseball bat smashed across their head.

  29. Sickboy says:

    All I can do is laugh. “Skwerl” was the moron for posting the crap on a website he registered in his name (or im sorry, his clever alias) Glad to see your “troops” rallied together to help you get a lawyer..wait.. they didn’t? How’s that court appointed attorney working out for you high-roller? lol

  30. Duff McKagan says:

    Usenet Newsgroups have been around since the late 1970’s and is older then The World Wide Web.

    No government in the world can stop Usenet.

    Wow, look what we have here posted in these groups

    Alt.Binaries.sounds.mp3.complete_cd has 13 Tracks Guns_N_Roses-Hollywood_Rose_Demo-1982

    Alt.Binaries.mp3, Alt.Binaries.sounds.mp3.heavy-metal has 9 Tracks listed for Guns N’ Roses_-_Chinese_Democracy_-_Mastered

    Hell there are thousands of Guns N Roses related music files and you can even access it free from you Cable/DSL provider

  31. Joseph Rose says:

    In the end Skwerl is getting exactly what he wanted. If his goal was simply to spread the love of GnR, he could have easily shared the files in an anonymous way. Instead, the files were re-tagged with his site info, and posted on his public blog. Why? So he would get attention. Well, he’s getting it. Hell, not only are media outlets covering the story, but the other people that write for his own site are writing stories about him! A staff of 3, all just writing stories about one another. The public way in which the FBI, etc are going about this case is equal to the public way in which Skwerl chose to commit this crime. When it’s all said and done, he probably won’t do any jail time or anything crazy like that, but who knows, it is possible. The big question is, when the real album comes out, will he support the band, buy it, and post a good review of it?

  32. Aaron Zimmer says:

    I think its Slash’s fault

  33. nigel leitch says:

    I downloaded this “Album” but not from here.
    The album is shit – are they suing because of embarassment?

    Does anyone recall Metallica vs Napster?
    Well perhaps Axl better Google it.

  34. old man says:



  35. Don Price says:

    Abbie Hofmann isnt here but his spirit is.. and in that spirit lets look at the issue here. The internet like any and all methods of communication in this great country is protected by free speech and our first amendment. Skwerl did not seek the tracks, hack or otherwise break into a secure environment to obtain them, they were readily available. Any other citizen could have obtained the same information and under the Supreme Court decisions of the past once material is posted or otherwise entered into the “public domain” without explicit copyright established or security controls embedded then it is assumed “consumable”. Now lets address the issue with Skwerl tagging the material. When you utilize public domain information in material you present you have the complete ability to copyright YOUR comments or otherwise have them attributed to you. An example that may make it easy to follow, especially in light of OBama. The MLK “I have a dream speech” is “public domain” but Obamas speech referencing it will be copyrighted. So “FREE SKWERL” and shame on GNR for screwing themselves without securing their data and putting it in the public domain.

  36. 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB says:


    Anyone notice in Denver, CO right now they have a FREEDOM ZONE for anyone who wants to speak their 1st Amendment rights? Screw all the cops and their BS. We are UNDER MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA. Face it. I know you cops are reading this right now. Take a stand and when you see something thats not right, QUIT. DO SOMETHING. FIGHT THE SYSTEM. If you want real news, go to

  37. LKamper says:

    Tell the fbi you did it for the lulz

  38. kmeans says:

    Free, free, free . . . cheap, cheap, cheap!

    Please advise me when you can come over to my home to work in my yard with no compensation. Or, maybe you’re too busy working for free somewhere else?

    Get off your soapbox, and come up with something original, like the musicians (and associated parties) whose work was stolen. Bloggers, as a group, aren’t original. They just think they are.

  39. Regardless of the crap that major record lables and the RIAA are guilty of, and believe me, I am no fan of theres, downloading and distributing copywrighted material is still stealing, it is still a wrong, and it is still a crime. People who comit these crimes should either be fined, jailed, or put on probation, just like any other common criminal. You shouldn’t be steeling music when you can get it legaly for free by listening to Pandora. I also realize Pandora might not be around for musch longer, which is sad, and a whole different issue in and of itself, but Rhapsody is a good second alternative. For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can legaly have all the music you could ever want. If you are that hard up for a few cents a day that you feel you have to steel music, you need to stop being such a fucking leach on society, and find your theiving ass a real job!

  40. Julia F says:

    you got what you deserve. I hope you rot in jail the longest amount of time possible. I also hope this will ruin you economically forever.

  41. AGUANINIO says:

    but… you talk about the musicians being stolen…. but they are not. The moment they “sign a contract for x amount of records” they have sold their music. If the music industry BUYS the music. Of course it’s not for free. but they have parasited each one of us and technicians and musicans… they had it ALL. and now, they don’t want this to change because “it’s not easy to make money anymore”? Fuck U All! music is not for free, that’s why musicians sign contracts. But the streams in which the record companies want to make music flow are NOT RIGHT. And now it’s time for them to realise this is it.

    Companies don’t give a fuck for the music, the artists or anything. they just want the money. OK, go sell some cars, or computers or whatever you want. But don’t mess with ART. See what happens when they do? Britneys, n’sync’s, shakira’s, j lo’s, blink182’s, mtv.

    so, go find another business… you have done enough harm to music so far.

  42. syph says:

    Five Federal agents. bra. vo.
    When my neighbor is pounding his wife’s head against the wall, one cop MIGHT come by after the fact to document the splatter, but when a fat juicy corporation has its pocket picked, FIVE Federal agents show up quick as you please. Now, don’t get me wrong. Most of us work for corporations and therefore depend on rules — like copyright law — to make any money at all. But as Grant noted, this arrest seems eerily overzealous.

  43. JimFromJersey says:

    Dear F.B.I.,

    Thank you for wasting my tax dollars by bringing such a subversive and dangerous criminal to justice. And don’t worry about that Bin Laden fella. I’m sure he’ll turn himself in.

  44. JimFromJersey says:

    Heh…Axl changed his name to Julia F.

  45. NOT Skwerl says:

    Right Jim, because Axl spends his time trolling blogs about himself. You tool.

  46. Joseph Rose says:

    Well then, what DOES Axl do with his time?

  47. Brockeim says:

    I don’t know if arrest was the right response, but, if the guy actually was posting music illegally, then there should be some kind of punishment. Fining him might be more appropriate.

  48. Maybechiapas says:

    ohhhh the freedom. What a beautiful country. FBI suck your rights. You live in the democracy of BMG, Sony and EMI, my dear friend. Download music isn’t a crime. Irak’s war is murder. Music is love.


    greetings from Argentina

  49. Bob says:

    I think the FBI should find out where he got the songs and deal with the person that gave them to him.

    GNR didn’t lose any money on this. The album doesn’t even exist

  50. fred says:

    Hope all finishes well for you

  51. It does seem like he wanted to get caught.

    I have the songs and they all say: “Album Title: ANTIQUIET.COM”

    Good Luck Skwerl, you have taken one for the team.

  52. Rob says:

    I hope he enjoyed those “hits” this site got, and dont fool yourself he is getting what he deserves (he is actually getting off easy) this isnt one of those grandmas whos grandchildren downloaded songs this is a person with inside connections who posted something knowing damn well what he was doing was 110% wrong probably burning his old connection at the label to promote a stupid blog.

    People need to stop with the music should be free bullshit, it shouldn’t be and you know this but since its the cool thing to say they say it. Tell me this so according to your brainless theory the bands should be flipping the 250,000$ bill for recording an album cause they may make 300,000 on tour? Seriously think before you post because it makes you look like an ass.

    This tool wanted promotion now he is getting it in the form international press and lawyers bills. And don’t fool yourself this is far from over, this album comes out and does badly guess who is getting the blame? You guessed it this site and the guy putting his neck out and his connections neck out for “hits”, enjoy the future lawsuits.

    And its odd this guy found it at an anonymous source yet EVERYONE reports it started HERE. EVERY GNR SITE was pointing here not this other “anonymous source” or better known as a pal who hooked a buddy up with something cool, which he turns around and tries to profit off of this with website “hits”.

  53. Steve says:

    Rob just made the most intelligent and accurate post yet.

    The guy did interviews with press for fucks sake. Talk about STUPID and desperate for attention at the same time. The motive behind this was so sadly transparent and anyone who feels sorry for this sap or even worse donates money to him is a moron.

    Hope he generated a lot of revenue off those google ads littered all over this site to pay his legal bills and fines!


  54. Jon says:

    Its funny how you guys got caught. You can find these songs all over the internet. Torrents, mule, usenet, googling, you name it. Maybe you did it on purpose, i don´t know… But what i do know is that you are so stupid.
    As the feds are. You gave them what they wanted: a reason to put you in jail. You played their game. There are lots of laws that says what you did is illegal. If you are going to do something illegal, at least try your hardest not to get caught.

  55. JayMc says:

    I’m a songwriter and I think all of this is BS! The laws have to change.

  56. Rob says:

    JayMc people have to want your music before you demand law changes. Sure if no one wants your music why not make it free, but when a whole marketing plan is ruined because of it this is not the case.

  57. JONCHIS says:


  58. JONCHIS says:


  59. Dalary says:

    Guys.. i can´t belive the FBI work. Never better to do? I think this guy is not a criminal, ok it´s ilegal, but come on!!! IF you have an iphone, you can find people everywhere and all the time. And what happend with our lifes…? Privacy??? that’s not ilegal??? I´s not ilegal to know everything i do all day long? and the same bob said before “GNR didn’t lose any money on this. The album doesn’t even exist”
    have a good day!
    adios! (from argentina)

  60. dimwell says:

    LMAO @ all the idiots commenting on here.


  61. Stephen says:

    Three things:

    Successful artists of late have the talent to record their own music. $300,000 recording fees are, that’s right, a result of the corrupt music industry, and the artists that are going to do well are, therefor, the ones that shove that all right back in Hollywood’s face. Take a look at Cut Copy, Hot Chip, The Faint etc. All self recorded, and all doing just fine.

    You kids need to stop complaining about how people are dumb for thinking music should be free. They’re not actually saying it should be free, but rather, that it should be free from industry. As things stand, firms like Capital Records are essentially just banks. They lend money to the band for recording, and then collect. Usually the band makes a set amount, and the label takes everything that comes in over that. In that sense, moving the industry to the blogging world is not unreasonable. Theoretically, it’ll put the money in the hands of the artists who have the talent to become popular without the help of label promotion and get rid of bands like Guns and Roses that don’t even need to write a decent album for it to do well.

    Third: America sucks. What the hell are multiple FBI agents arresting a suburban kid at 6 in the morning for? Fox news makes it seem like we’re all going to die tomorrow due to unsolvable problems. Wouldn’t it be more productive to get the fucking agents on that? Talk about trying to feel powerful. Guaranteed they all have small penises.

  62. lol says:

    its ok for me he might die

  63. rob says:

    I used to work for a record label and we used to post and leak tracks all the time as part of our marketing strategies. How can you be arrested for doing what the record labels do with their own property on a daily basis? Reason #5 bazillion why I got out!

  64. 1stBlackKid says:

    This is my first time coming to your site or even hearing about it for that matter. However, our thoughts are with you.

    God Speed!

  65. johrne says:

    I am a musician from South Africa. Trust me, we need every cent of royalties to make a living. Do we give famous painters work away for free on street markets?

  66. betty vedder says:

    this bums me out completely. everything i think/feel has been said.
    he owned up to what he did… or should he have lied? becausing lying seems to make everything better in the long run, right?
    there is a lot about this i dont understand and really, i dont understand money.
    what i really dont get though, is the poor mans axl rose that lives in my nieghborhood.
    what is this world coming to!!??

  67. [email protected] says:

    Grow up, if the federal government started making exceptions for whom they arrest and prosecute what would become of this country. Its illegal and that’s common sense, he chose to risk it and got caught.

    If music was free people would not tour countries and release large amounts of cd’s. If you think they put up with all the stress of touring and dealing with record companies… just to give away music for free you are crazy. If it was free people would just stay within there communities and play music with the people they enjoy playing it with… stress free. Oh well, you all suck.

    Illegal is illegal and im glad to see that the FBI does not make exceptions.

  68. slapdick says:

    way too much tv as a young child

  69. Gus says:

    If the CD price is not worth it- don’t buy it. Doesn’t give anyone the right to steal.

  70. hello says:

    i’m glad there are no unsolved rapes, murders, child molestations, etc., in your area. oh, and i guess the feds have also mangaged to rid our country of illegal aliens, heroin smuggles, meth labs, etc.

    god bless america.

  71. Cletus says:

    Obviously someone is worried that a few illegal downloads might actually be a large slice of the final sales…
    Nobody would care if they were confident they had a huge album in their hands.

  72. somebody says:

    Did he really even steal though? Or did he just link to stolen material? I doubt this dude was the one that actually got the tracks from the source… thinkaboutit…

  73. Trevor says:

    As with the movie industry, films that are unavailable for any type of review by critics before the opening usually foretell a dud waiting to happen at the box office.

    Perhaps Axl Rose fears his album Chinese Democracy will be universally panned and his reputation tarnished beyond repair if released prematurely. You can’t blame Axl at all for reacting in such a draconian and heavy handed way, after all, he has lost his chance to make a genuine debut after a fourteen year hiatus. His greatest fears have been realized. People who have heard the leaked tracks are generally in agreement that he has lost his edge while others feel Axl should work on it another fourteen years to make a better record; as clearly he didn’t have enough time to adequately season this poor collection of crap for human auditory enjoyment.

    Bringing in the FBI to admonish a person who has valiantly helped a number of netizens to make better use of the Recycle Bin by filling each with 9 lackluster tracks on their respective desktops is truly appalling. Congratulations to Axl for finding the scapegoat for when this album fails miserably, it’s so convenient to blame others for results that would’ve materialized for a more worthy creation.

  74. hello says:

    johrne said … Do we give famous painters work away for free on street markets?

    yes, johrne. yes, we do. i pay NOTHING to look at the various works of art on the streets of my city: murals, sculptures, etc. further, i can take a photograph of any of these works and make it into a poster to hang on the wall of my home, and i pay NOTHING to the artist. NOTHING. oh, and i can share a zillion copies of the photograph i took, or invite as many people as i like to come and look at the original work where it sits on the street and i pay NOTHING!

    i suppose it’s possible that if i wanted to SELL copies of my photos, i might have to pay a licensing fee or something. i don’t know, but that would only appy if i want to PROFIT off the work of an artist. to enjoy and share it, i pay NOTHING.

    if you are so concerned about your music being enjoyed by someone who hasn’t PAID for it, i suggest you limit yourself to live performances only. if you choose to record, maybe you should negotiate a fair price for your work in total. you can decide what one-time fee you think is fair, and then the public can enjoy and share your music without you whining.

    i’m an old lady who couldn’t give a rat’s a** about guns ‘n roses, but i do care about fairness and a little thing we call JUSTIC FOR ALL! i don’t believe the riaa has a leg to stand on, and it is only because our government is completely CORRUPT that this nonsense has been going on for so long.

    power to the people, baby! BURN IT, DON’T BUY IT, kids!!!

  75. Lycus says:


    que gracioso una ardilla usando la computadora.

  76. Joachim says:

    this theme looks very strange :-(

  77. CW says:

    This morning I read an article about The Allman Brothers suing Universal Music and this evening one about the RIAA alerting the FBI to this site and getting its author arrested. Let me make sure I understand… the artist is suing the label that is alienating the music buying public who is tiring of all this crap and keeping their money in their pocket, giving the artist more incentive to sue the labels. These lawyers will have a good time but in the end they will change nothing. They gave out tickets but everyone still drove 80 when the speed limit was 55. You make a ludicrous law and you get equally absurd results.

    I love music but I can buy feature-length movies for $9 now and I don’t have a record store of significance within 50 miles of my house. Plus, not a radio station within ear shot plays anything I am remotely interested in anymore.

    Copyright law is out of touch with reality but worst yet it is a massive distraction. The record labels problems will not be solved by 5 FBI agents, even it they visit evey house in America. Even at 5 a.m.

    Good luck Skwerl. Your fight is just like the Battle of New Orleans. The war is already over, the labels just don’t realize it yet.

  78. John Henry says:

    Rob- are you a complete retard, bands make millions on tour.

  79. John Brownstone: Nighttrain Conductor says:

    Holy shit dude, thats some major BS if you ask me, 5 FBI agents storming into your house and takin u away for putting up nine tracks that should have been released over a decade ago anyway, shit. Im just pissed because I never got to listen to them, I just heard about the story earlier. Fuck, I just hope it was good because if Chinese Democracy FINALLY comes out, and Im not saying it will, but if it is released and it sucks or it doesn’t sell well, which it most definately will, well, thats pretty much it for GNR, dont get me wrong Im a GNR-Tard for life, hey, I like that, GNR-Tard, anyfuckinway, Im a GNR-Tard for life, but if Chinese Democracy turns out to be a dissapointment, and I am praying to God and Satan that its not, hey, if Van Halen can get back together with David lee Roth, why not God and Satan, whats that, thats fucked up u say? well I say u can kindly kiss my head, and not the one I talk out of either. Hell, I’ve been praying to both of them since the original GNR broke up that they would get back together, because I think that only a joint effort from God and Satan themselves could re-unite Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven.

  80. John Henry says:

    Hello- that is the best comment i’ve seen on this whole page, that really did hit the nail on the head.
    The time Metallica became unpopular was exactly when they started whining about Napster, they have never regained the public praise, all they have is an ever diminishing fan base. Gn’R need to take this example and not turn into a bunch of whimpy whiners.
    What I’m saying is, no industry, that’s what RadioHead has done. They give all their music away for free on the internet and if you want you can leave a donation through the site also but there is no obligation. The cut the industry from owning them. Gn’R are owned, their label owns them. RadioHead are proof that a high profile band can survive outside the industry.

    Someone said that you have to pay someone who cuts your grass. Yes, you certainly do, but that has no comparision to musicians. The gardener is a labourer, he doesn’t create art from the garden and make people pay to see it, but each time he goes to the next home he’ll get his wage. This is how music should be, they should get their wages in tours and not become the industry’s bitch.
    The greatest thing about this is the sense of irony in it all. The irony being the name of the album, Chinese Democracy. A totalitarian state that impose severe penalties on it’s people. The words Chinese Democracy is subversive, as there is no democracy in China. Now with the arrest of Skewl this seems to be the same kind of goveronment in America. How about you rename the album, American Democracy.

  81. Cy says:

    Hey, I am sorry to hear such terrible news… At first I thought: WTF? GNR r still alive? Awesome…. I used to love them back in the days, but, c’mon! They Are so ninetees! It’s like listening to Brian Adams… But cool, they have a new album out? Respect to the guy who pre published it… next time he should use a chinese Server to upload the tracks… and just link it!

    Perhaps, GNR should have named the album “Ameri CAN demo Crazy”, I first thought it was some kind of PR gag… I’m sorry, but I honestly had a good laugh! But nevertheless, i help you getting back into business by looking at your Adsense and helping out the way I can… wtf?!?!

    P.S. Remember, what a french poltician said once: “a democracy is just as much worth, as their leaders are democratic”

  82. j says:



  83. Beth says:

    “I HOPE HE ROTS IN JAIL!” – Slash

    YES! Even Slash wants this crook in jail! ROT FUCKER ROT!

  84. John Henry says:

    If Slash is saying that then he’s a complete loser. Who writes “BLOGGERS= NO LIFE”, you’re reading and writing on this blog means blog = successful (even in attracting detracters).
    I bet GnR are going to become like Metallica. They’ll lose all their popularity over this. Wait, did i just say GnR are popular hahahaha. Maybe when I was about 8.

  85. Rob says:

    # John Henry Says:
    August 29th, 2008 at 1:02 AM

    Rob- are you a complete retard, bands make millions on tour.

    I am a complete moron? So every band who tours make millions? so what you are saying is every musician when starting from square one will sell a million in seats from a tour eh? You fucking idiot the label helps the band with promotions/marketing getting their name out by putting them on commercials, movies, radio etc. therefore making your point is completely wrong you idiot. How much is your band making from touring?

    Stop feeling you are entitled to free shit, its exactly whats wrong with this idiot who posts other peoples stuff and exactly what wrong in the world today. Everyone feels they are entitled to shit because of the internet, if they don’t get their way they are going to show you by posting their opinion on the internet, get a fucking life bloggers your day has come.

  86. Joseph Rose says:

    I’ve been in a band forever, and obviously we’re not on any level that could be compared with GnR. Having said that, if someone stole my unfinished tracks, gave them to some dude, and that dude posted them on the internet, I would be pissed. And yeah, If I had the option to have them punished for it, I would. I mean really, who wants to have their shit stolen and posted, especially when it isn’t finished?!

  87. Henry says:

    Enjoy your time with the governement. Maybe respecting other people’s property isn’t such a bad thing.

  88. Lowry says:

    Well….I have to say, you know you deserved to be punished….it was not your music to let other people hear regardless of whether or not you liked it or thought your actions would not affect sales. Most of this arguing over downloading and theft stems from a fiscal loss, but let’s look at from an artist’s perspective. Obviously they create because that’s all they really know how to do and it is what they really love (you can leave the Pussycat Dolls out of that umbrella) and yes they survive based on their art. Now you take it and take the wind out the aticipation for it as well letting other’s hearing an unfinished piece of art. In the case of the new G ‘n’ R’ it probably isnt finished. And it probably sucks and it won’t sell very well anyways and therefore I dont believe your actions will have caused a substantial loss in terms of monies. I don’t believe FBI agents were needed to “bring you in” and I see this as a ploy if anything to get publicity for a sinking ship named Guns N Roses. Slash’s comments that you should “rot in jail” were incredibly lame. However you put yourself in a position to get fuck with by the government and you had to know that Hmmmm well maybe I shouldnt do this.
    You were wrong and good luck gettign anally raped by the stupid fucking American government.

  89. i cant believe the FBI is doing something like that….
    i cant believe you shared Gn Roses songs!! they suck..

  90. nigel leitch says:

    Everyone on here that is posting bullshit about theft has never downloaded anything illegally?

    I find this very hard to believe.

  91. Somebody says:

    THANKFULLY the GNR camp has some sense… like I said, Skwerl may have distributed stolem material, but did not in fact STEAL it.

    GUNS N’ ROSES released a statement: “Presently, though we don’t support this guy’s actions at that level, our interest is in the original source. We can’t comment publicly at this time as the investigation is ongoing.”

  92. dlrw says:

    what a great photo!

  93. Judas says:

    Maybe Skwerl can use some of that donation money to help himself out?

  94. dana says:

    hey guys, i hope that you all are realizing that axl can laugh at all the bull crap that you are all writing all the negativity dont waste your time the man has done it all .

  95. dana says:

    axl good for you and the band keep up the great work , people who dont respect other and the law should be arrested.

  96. the_miker says:

    I pirate music all the time and have been doing so for 10 years. Lets see them try to stop me

  97. whatadummy says:

    @Judas –

    If the donation money wasn’t spent on other “expenses” and why do you think there is still donation money floating around???

  98. Judas says:


    It was just a joke. Obviously he spent the money on hookers and cocaine as soon as he recieved it and never had the intention of rebuilding the website.

  99. First, in am totally opposed to the US government becoming the instrument of large corporations in their unrelenting push to roll back all of our hard won freedoms, and this case in just one of thousands of examples of this process. I would simply call this process CORPORATE FASCISM because that is what is happening, our freedoms diappearring because someone’s wet dream of a business plan demands it.

    It is so sad that the freedoms our fore fathers died for are being sold at a price so low.

    Second, all of us who are outraged by this must VOTE and make our voices clear. It is sad though that the democratic and the republican parties both offer very little alternative here. But make your VOICES heard and they will.

    Third, there MAY BE a case that Guns N Roses has against Sqwerrel; if that is the case let it be decided where it belongs: in a civil case. The reason that the RIAA cannot let this be decided in a civil case is because they know that this is an extremely unpopular action. Thus, the criminal copyright infringement laws are really a way for the RIAA to insulate themselves from the dirty work, which they have sub-contracted out to the government.


  100. Just in case anyone is interested, on August 26, (the day before Skwerl was arrested) a new GNR book was published.

    “Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N’ Roses,” author Stephen Davis brilliantly captures the birth of Guns’ raw power, which—despite rape charges, drug-induced rampages, and a general appetite for destruction— launched the band into the pantheon of rock gods such as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. With a wealth of detail, Davis looks at Axl’s unrelenting quest to release the long-awaited, mystery-shrouded Chinese Democracy album, as well as the further adventures of some of the Gunners under the banner of the hard-rocking band Velvet Revolver. For the first time, millions of Guns N’ Roses fans will learn the whole truth—sometimes funny, sometimes tragic—about the last of the great rock bands.

  101. Tyler Durden says:

    Well, I, Tyler Durden, of 537 Paper Street Wilmington, DE run a website ( that hosts all of the Chinese Democracy leaks to date.

    And I am begging the FBI to show up on my doorstep at Paper Street and make complete asses of themselves. Please. I’m begging.

  102. John Henry says:

    Rod- buy yourself a letter, in my original comment i said every successful band.

  103. John Henry says:

    Ok, i’ve commented here a few times but i have a bit of a change of heart. Although i agree with the guy who said, “Everyone on here that is posting bullshit about theft has never downloaded anything illegally?”. Who here can point the finger. I would like to hear anyone here say they never downloaded something illegally.
    If the band doesn’t want their music downloaded then i think their decision should be respected. Two things are unstoppable in the industry, one, is the decline in the physical selling of music and two, is musicians will always want to get paid.
    Let’s face it, eventually there will be extremely few shops selling music, and those shops will just be like retro places, like vinyl. Musicians will lose complete control over the spread of their music. They will have to end up finding their income through other means. At the end of the day I’m convincied that musicians will never be as rich and powerful as they once were.

  104. Sahara says:

    Well written article.

  105. anon says:

    Interesting Story, that’s for sure. Well, they’re back ya know! Their new single totally rocks! I checked it out today on 987FM.COM. Chiggidy-check it out!


  106. Fernando Martins says:

    FBI sao uns FIlhos da puta.. eu pirateio os guns no brasil!!! hahahahah!!

    me prendam aki seus cornos,,,

    froxinhoss!!! hahaa

  107. Axel says:

    Fuck This!

  108. chian says:

    listen to me

  109. chian says:

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