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Reznor Does Another Cool Thing With The Internet

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Trent Reznor just released a video for the launch of the new Nine Inch Nails iPhone application- it’s an eight-minute walkthrough of the app’s several (pretty badass) features by Reznor and NIN art director Rob Sheridan, with special guest/nerd king Kevin Rose of Digg.

NIN: Access is a free app for iPhone and iPod touch that gives you mobile access to’s media and community features, as well as a new “Nearby” feature that lets you exchange messages and photos with other fans in your area.Through the power of Google Earth, you can find NIN fans all over the world to share eyeliner with and talk about how your OG NIN status proves your superiority over those simply drawn in by Reznor’s pioneering business ethic.

For more info, hit up, of course. And for more cool video action from the NIN world, check out the Nine Inch Nails Vimeo Page.


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