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Mixtape Mania (Jack White, Where Are You?)

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A batch of high-profile mixtapes have hit the scene recently, serving as the hype-bombs for some of the more anticipated Hip-Hop albums on the horizon, including Busta Rhymes and Kid Cudi.


Cudi’s mixtape, Dat Kid From Cleveland, presented by DJ E-V and, is an update of Cudi’s latest work in the run-up to his debut album Man On The Moon: The Gaurdians. I’m not sure if a mixtape should get the proper album review treatment- (maybe a new subsection of its own? What do you think? Comments / suggestions welcome), but either way, this is one of the better ones I’ve heard lately, and it’s worth a mention.

Check out Kid Cudi’s Lady Gaga remix I Poke Her Face, featuring Kanye West & Common:

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This latest mixtape barrage also finally raises another question- why aren’t there Rock mixtapes? They’ve been a staple of the rap scene for as long as I can remember, but why isn’t Jack White blasting out little demo throwaways to drum up interest in his myriad of projects? He’s known for pulling together more big names than a We Are The World reunion (hold the Huey Lewis) at the drop of a hat, so why not leak some of those sessions?  Where’s Mike Patton’s assorted spaz-jams from whatever weird-ass thing he’s working on these days? Maybe Velvet Revolver could find themselves a new singer if they actually gave the fans- the real long-run deciders (if the term “long-run” even applies to VR at this point), the chance to weigh in before the train’s running full force. Let’s hear those tapes with that Buckcherry douche. Let’s see what all these “really exciting” sessions are that we’ve been hearing about since Weiland slithered away.

Isn’t that what this new frontier is all about? Building the love by giving some of it away? Not everything beautiful needs to be pressed in limited edition vinyl and hoarded by rich kids & obsessive sycophants. Eddie Vedder’s been talking about epic living-room sessions over the years in Seattle, featuring everyone new & old in the scene and then some. Sure, album reissues are great- with tricks and treats included, of course- but how about something spontaneous, outside the marketing channels? 

We were having one of our daily five-alarm fire debates recently here at Antiquiet headquarters, this time about Hip-Hop being “the new danger,” and while the jury’s still out on that strangely titular issue, it did bring us to a consensus of sorts- Hip-Hop fans certainly have a lot going on for them these days. The collaboration, competition and theatrics happening in the rap scene today eclipses rock’s rigid formulaic player structures and cheap-ass flirtations with ’80s hair-metal returns in humiliating ways. Is there an embarrassing era for hip-hop? Because there’s quite a bit to hide from in Rock’s history:



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  1. gregor says:

    I know I’m a bit late to comment on this article, but Chino Moreno from Deftones has been doing mp3 mixtapes under the name of Mastermind for a fair while (we’re up to number 14).

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