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New Pearl Jam!

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Pearl Jam took over the legendary Showbox theater in Seattle earlier this week to film what’s being called a commercial for Target- a strange development, considering the band’s vehement refusal to align with major brands in the past, but one we’ll set aside for the moment, because… well, because we’ve got a new Pearl Jam song for you, and around these parts, that trumps just about everything on the table, sight unseen.

According to eyewitnesses, the band took to the stage and played what’s being called Something’s Going On several times, as well as a live-staple cover of Sonic Reducer by the Dead Boys and an unnamed (likely new) slow jam. Check out an audience recording of  Something’s Going On:


The song, which likely has a different title than this, is an impassioned, pogoing rocker very much in the vein of Pearl Jam’s 2000 gem Binaural, which many consider the band’s second-act high watermark. Vedder’s voice revs like an engine and hits overdrive at the chorus with a series of Yeaaaah yeaaah yeaaaahs, before earnestly promising “I’ll take your place / I’ll take your side…” With similar guitar effects to those of Save You  off 2004’s Riot Act, there’s a lot to be said for the energy and ambition behind the track. It’s very much a Pearl Jam song- there are no stylistic hard lefts to be found, though in this song alone there’s a good amount of the trap-door stop-starts the band has come to perfect over the years.

According to our source, about 300 extras were hired to be in the crowd for the taping, a large number of whom were reportedly laid-off workers from the area- a very cool bit of info, given that the band could’ve filled the Showbox to capacity with hysterically enthusiastic fans with a mere Twitter posting or message board hint.


Don’t forget to watch the kickoff episode of the Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien on Monday (June 1st)- Pearl Jam is the show’s very first musical guest. Bassist Jeff Ament also did a recent interview in which he discusses the band’s upcoming (but yet-untitled) new album. Check it out here.

Massive, undying gratitude to Seth for the hookup!

UPDATE: The Target deal has been confirmed by Pearl Jam. Read more, including song titles, a possible album title, extensive quotes from Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis on motives behind the new arrangement and more here.




Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Sounds nice! Let’s wait for the rest its little brothers and sisters to show up…

  2. Will says:

    The song is called “shift”

  3. Knik says:

    Hopefully they’ll play it on Conan!

  4. papuz says:

    The original title is NOT shift!

  5. Slatz says:

    i just jizzed in my pants

  6. Slatz says:


  7. Jamainiac says:

    Unreal that there are so many diehard fans that would have filled the room (and video) with genuine electricity… and yet they hired ‘extras’…

    Like so many things surrounding Pearl Jam… I just don’t get it :|
    I love the music… I just can’t stand the racket…

  8. Skwerl says:

    not to start a flamewar or anything, and i love pearl jam, but i’d rather enjoy an intimate performance with 300 random people that feel genuinely, electrically honored to be there than 300 die hard fans who feel genuinely, electrically entitled.

  9. 100% wholeheartedly agreed – speaking as a child who camped out next to said die hard fans (Skwerl was with me) on the street for 5 straight days in 2006 for front row action I’d spent 15 years waiting for. That’s where the pic in the piece came from.

  10. Mookie says:

    JF – Thanks for the clip – Fuckin Can’t wait for more PJ!

  11. Lawrence Orbach says:

    The song is called “The Fixer.” Being played on Conan’s first Tonight Show episode on Monday night.

  12. long ron daniels says:

    how do we know that this song is indeed “the fixer”?

  13. twojawas says:

    More concerning then the 300 hired extras is the fact that Pearl Jam is filming a Target ad.


  14. Knik says:

    So what’s so concerning about them filming for a Target commercial which promotes their new album? Since they are not with any major label now, they have to find a way to distribute their album most efficiently. Nothing wrong in that.

  15. Brian says:

    To those upset that PJ went with hired workers to fill the Showbox for the taping instead of fans, relax. It’s a tough time for people to find jobs. They provided people a paid days’ work to listen to music. You cannot fault them for doing 300 people a favor.

  16. Cosmo says:

    Skwerl,Firecloud… I agree with that whole ‘entitlement’ thing. Just because we pay 20 bucks a year does not mean we are entitled to anything other that what the Ten/VHC states.
    And year… that week in San Francisco was something i had been hoping to get since 1993. A little self-sacrifice (and a couple of missed showers) goes a long way.
    peace, my friends.

  17. Skwerl says:

    yo man! yeah, that perspective and maturity is why you’re one of the coolest pearl jam fans… no, music fans… we’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing a show experience with. and it’s been many man, i see you everywhere!
    after those san fran shows, i was like… alright, i don’t have to see pearl jam again for awhile. haven’t seen them since. but looking forward to austin city limits. our flights are booked, as is our hotel. you planning on heading out there by any chance?

  18. Cosmo says:

    I’m heading to Hawaii for the Vedder shows on Maui and Waikiki. Dani lives in Hawaii, now. I’m gonna wait and see if the West Coast pans out.
    Eagles Of Death Metal at Pomona on the 6th… I’m thinking Josh will fill in.
    Have fun in Texas.

  19. Tim Bierman says:

    How would all of you like your TenClub privileges revokes?
    You fuckers better tow the company line .

  20. Peace Cosmo/Alan! Great to see you around these parts. That week in SF was a high point for every fan involved – how do you top that? Here’s to trying in ACL – let us know if you’re headed out too!

  21. Atlanta Fan says:

    Great heads up on the new song. Looking forward to hearing it (and/or another song) on the new Conan show tonight!

    I feel like we as fans get SOOOOO much for our TC fees of $20 per year. Other bands charge WAY more than $20 and give far less. Props to PJ for keeping this cost at $20. And biggers props for hire those 300 extras. You figure they probably paid roughly $20K for those extras. They could have easily had fans show up and not paid a thing. But they shpwed they have big hearts- one of the reasons I love this bad so much.

  22. Bruno says:

    Seems like they are trying to steal some of the spotlight away from the Dave Matthews Band

  23. Yes – a lot of people don’t know this, but Pearl Jam actually got together for the specific purpose of offsetting Dave Matthews’ career trajectory. Sure, they beat him to the hits by a full 3 years, but when rumors were swirling that some South African dude was making weird faces with an acoustic guitar – and people were digging it, PJ went into full-on overdrive. They killed LeRoi, thinking that would be the end of it, but then DMB had to go make a tribute album to the guy. So what do you expect PJ to do? Play Conan, of course! That’ll show ‘em.

  24. zoopster says:

    Damn! I knew I shoulda checked that audio link earlier when it was up. Now it’s gone! :( As a fan, I’m kinda surprised about the Target thing, but damn excited about new music coming out. I know they want to get their music heard, and it’s not like they don’t already sell their albums at Target, but to be exclusive? Are they trying to get one over on Walmart or something?……… And wasn’t this the same band that refused to play the Greek Theater until they took down the big side stage car ads……

  25. luvis says:

    as always JF, you do not disappoint.

  26. SweetAndLow says:

    I’m not bothered by a Target ad by PJ. They’re releasing independantly now and doing what they want. They’re making Target give them the rights they want. Besides, how much smaller is Target compared to Sony, the recording giant they were tied to for 19 years.

    I rest my case.

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