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Last year, there were a couple of news reports seriously discussing an HBO series based on Nine Inch Nails’ epic concept album Year Zero; Trent Reznor pitched the idea to the network- It went “great,” and Quentin Tarantino’s long time partner Lawrence Bender was attached as producer.

Year Zero Spectrograph

As excited as we were, a well-received pitch doesn’t mean a whole lot in this town, and the exchange rate for the proverbial birds in hands versus those in bushes is astronomical these days.

In April, Trent Reznor posted a cryptic Twitter update that simply said “YZ is alive.” This was after a tease about a certain thing he couldn’t talk about just yet. He more recently fielded a question during a Digg Dialog session, where he danced around what seems to be some sort of HBO-enforced gag order.

Since then, we’ve been digging around, and while we have been able to confirm that the series was green-lighted, our sources at HBO continue to claim to know nothing at all about it.

Today, Twitter-holic Dave Navarro got our hopes up when he claimed to find a DVD labeled “Year Zero Pilot Episode / HBO” in his hotel mailbox. However, when we called HBO’s VP of Publicity for more details, she told us that no Year Zero pilot exists. And she “would definitely know” if one did. We’re pretty sure Dave was just fucking around.

Only time will tell if Year Zero will be a reality, or the new Tapeworm Project, the butt of jokes, and cheap pranks like Dave’s. But we still consider it a real possibility, and that’s pretty exciting in and of itself.

MORE NON-NEWS: Twitter buddy Fernando has pointed out this tweet by Rob Sheridan of the NIN camp, that surely inspired Navarro’s shenanigans. All of this is of course going down on the NIN / Jane’s Addiction tour.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. poopy pants says:

    Navaro seems pretty genuine in recent interviews, either that or an extremely good liar.

    Also, I hope twitter dies soon.

  2. Skwerl says:

    i honestly felt totally dumb for calling hbo and writing half of this article after seeing dave’s tweet, before realizing he was just playing around with sheridan. but then i figured might as well give the non-update rather than just throw it all away.

  3. Oh, well la-di-da your magesty! You feel stupid for “contacting” HBO and now we feel even dumber for taking the time to read your faux article! Can I have my time back?

  4. Skwerl says:

    nope. the king commands you to go fuck yourself.

  5. butt nutt says:

    Yo these random icons look like fruits on drugz. change them to something cooler.

  6. Treme says:

    How are you, superb post.

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