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Crooked Vultures To Descend In October?

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Our buddy Fernando has uncovered a photo of a promotional poster displaying a release date and what appears to be the cover for Them Crooked Vultures’ album, that appears to be titled Never Deserved The Future: October 23rd, 2009.

Crooked Vultures Promo Poster

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Them Crooked Vultures is the new group featuring Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Foo Fighters, and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

Also, as many sites have reported this week, the band has announced (via their mailing list) what will likely be their debut public performance, at a Lollapalooza after-party at the Metro in Chicago, this Sunday at Midnight.

We told you it was coming soon… Apparently, soon is now.


Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Credit for the photo goes to wax, from the Rekords Rekords Forum.

UPDATE: Poster & video are fake. wax is a jerkoff. More info here.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. What? How can a band called Them Crooked Vultures have a self-titled album called Never Deserved The Future?

  2. The same way a promoter for a certain shitty band never seems to go away.

  3. Skwerl says:

    i fixed it, smartass. nice to know we have your unrelenting attention.

  4. Ulrik says:

    give me!! :D

  5. Hey, someone has to pay attention to details around here. Your article is now more accurate. You’re welcome! Jeez.

  6. Skwerl says:

    i fixed it before you commented.

  7. Oh my god was that fucking bad/funny.

  8. Fernando says:

    Your attempts to advertise your fucking horrible band are a LOST CAUSE.

  9. Oh nice, you know the name of the new Dark Disco Club song; “Lost Cause”. New video on youtube now.

  10. k, that’s 3 plugs in one piece. 4 is the magic number, where they all disappear.

  11. Aranarth says:

    so it looks like they’re gonna play Rock en Seine festival :

    It’s a code name, of course, but the description fits very well.

    And they’re talking about “several European festivals”, I’m doing Pukkelpop and my hopes are pretty high now :D

  12. Fernando says:

    Video promo thingy:

  13. Skwerl says:

    yeah i’ve been following those petits pois rumors… seems reasonable. haven’t found a shred of supporting evidence though.

  14. Evil Bat Witch says:

    Way too short, need more.

  15. James says:

    I’m assuming Homme is the frontman. Grohl on drums… JPJ on, uh, everything else?

  16. hairboy says:

    I hope Dave is helping write the riffs because, and I must be the only one, I fucking hate QoTS

  17. Uperz and Downerz says:

    …yea your the only one, queens kick ass, think they are better than foos, no question but I agree it would be cool if Dave wrote some riffage, it’s prolly pretty collaborative. October needs to come REAL soon* Does anyone know who is gonna be on vocals? guesses?

  18. Skwerl says:

    if i was a betting man, i’d put $500 on homme, and $50 down on all instrumental.

  19. laurence says:

    the promo poster and promo youtube clip are a fake. as is the release date.

  20. Tommy Von says:

    probably going to be a combo of josh and dave on vocals, however i bet josh is doing most of the singing.

  21. Skwerl says:

    says who laurence? it jives with everything we’ve been told off the record.

  22. Uperz and Downerz says:

    That sux that all that’s a fake. We should be hearing something soon though, especially after they play Metro, damn I wish I could be there. Someone record and post some clips on youtube please, with sugar on top or better yet, here. I do hope Homme does vocals, he has a great voice, would be cool if it’s just instrumental too, I kinda think whatever comes out of this is gonna be badass.

  23. Michael Pavlik says:

    I was at the show on Sunday night. The music clip was not part of any songs, there was nothing acoustic in that set. It all was hard and heavy and infused with blues and psychedelic epic solos that will make you shit yourself. Also no members of the band mentioned the release date of October 23rd. With the above line up there was an additional member not mentioned, Alian Johannes, who has toured with QOTSA before. The track listing supplied by the Tribune also I believe are mostly working titles. As Homme’s would announce these rather entertaining names, Jones and others would make comments like, “No, that was the last song we played.” A few may be truthful, such as, Mind Eraser no chaser. It was an amazing show though and I felt very grateful to get the chance to see it.

  24. Skwerl says:

    yeah, the flyer / release date / album title / youtube promos were all part of a stupid hoax.

  25. AP80112 says:

    Ugggg, so F***ing excited! I hope its more like the queens than the eagles of death metal. And foo is ok… but minimal input from dave is better, he should just stick to being awesome on the drums. I can’t wait to hear this music, i will be SO bummed if this whole thing is a hoax.

  26. Munty says:

    Should be awesome, cos Grohlsy is involved – LEGEND

  27. Carol Jackson says:

    Saw the at ACL Festival Last Night…Un-F***ing believable! It is Queens/Zep and Blind Faith all rolled into one. Real Rock is back!

  28. chuckyou says:

    i saw them in columbus…fucking amazing!

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