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To Give Is To Receive

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On the 7th day of 2009, Trent Reznor revealed a “gift” that he had reserved for his fans, something he had been talking about for about a month: Over 400 gigabytes of uncut HD Nine Inch Nails live footage, delivered via torrent websites to the fans.

This footage came from several cameras that were filming during the last leg of the band’s visually spectacular Lights In The Sky tour in 2008, in Victoria, Portland and Sacramento.

The band’s fan community of course needed no additional encouragement given such a extraordinary resource, with no creative limitations. A project called This One Is On Us sprung from the ether, its name inspired by Reznor’s own headline when he announced he would be giving away NIN’s most recent album The Slip for free (“this one’s on me”). The group’s aim was to put together a professional-quality DVD compiled from the best footage of all three gigs, to stand alongside the band’s own official live releases. After 12 months of obsessive work they presented the result, Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift.

Available in several different digital formats, the release’s professional quality audio and HD video can be sampled in this 1080p HD clip of Terrible Lie:

The Gift isn’t TOIOU’s first release. A few months ago, they presented The Downward Spiral Live, a complete video of NIN’s 2009 performance of their classic 1994 album in its entirety at Webster Hall in New York. It was constructed entirely from audio and video recorded by the audience. Their next release, Another Version Of The Truth: Las Vegas, which documents the final Lights In The Sky tour performance, is also being constructed from fan recordings. It’s great to see what fans can do with nothing more than a relaxed camera policy in concerts.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. James says:

    I strongly recommend The Downward Spiral Live. It’s on Youtube and worth the download for full viewing at home.

  2. Stoo says:

    This is why I love NIN

  3. I’m shocked not to see mention of Trent’s promise of new NIN material in 2010, as well as another unnamed project (possibly w/Gary Numan).

  4. N says:

    Shocked doesn’t begin to describe it.

  5. Skwerl says:

    why shocked? this was about the fan releases. am i the only one not surprised that trent’s going to continue to make music as he always has? he made it pretty clear that he was only going to stop touring.

  6. Shocked? Wait until he releases an album with Mariqueen. Then you will be “shocked”. I WISH it was Gary Numan he was talking about.

  7. trucks says:

    see you made it into the credits of the dvd fernando

  8. Tell us more about your feelings regarding Trent’s wife, ‘Nando.

  9. Rory says:

    This is an amazing concert video. Download the dual layer DVD though…you’ll thank yourself when you are watching it.
    I’m really glad they decided to do this with this tour because it was the most intense light show I’ve seen on stage.

  10. Let’s just say I think Gary Numan has a prettier singing voice than Trent’s wife. That’s about as polite as I can be. And thanks for noticing, @trucks!

  11. Skwerl says:

    hopefully that covers our obligation to full disclosure.

  12. steve says:

    Were can i find the version to download it for mac

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