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Dead Weather Rising Above A Sea Of Cowards

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There have been a few rumors surrounding The Dead Weather’s new album (some of which was spurred by Jack White himself on The Vault), but now we have what seems to be an official word on the title, release date and at least a taste of the first single.

The first single will be called Die By The Drop, and it will be released next week, March 23rd, with a b-side entitled Old Mary. You can listen to previews of both tracks on Amazon.

In fact, Jack had mentioned that Die By The Drop was the name of the single last month on The Vault’s chatroom, going against previous claims that the single would be called Blue Blood Blues. Whether or not that’s the same song we’re talking about now, Video Static reports that Floria Sigismondi has done a video for it, which we can also expect soon. Sigismondi did the White Stripes’ Blue Orchid video, as well as some of Marilyn Manson’s videos from the Antichrist Superstar era, as well as the new Runaways movie.

As for the album itself, Entertainment IE reports that it’s called Sea Of Cowards, and we can expect it May 7th. This puts it into our hands less than a year after their debut, Horehound, was released, as promised by Mr. White.

You can expect the vinyl release from Third Man Records, and the CD and digital release from Warner Bros… Which apparently means they’ll do everything possible to keep you from listening to the music unless you marry it first.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. I took a million pics of TDW at ACL, and you use that piece of shit? I can’t leave you fuckers alone for five minutes. Next time I’ll just have to take you sons of bitches with me to Ireland.

  2. There. All better. Love you bitches.

  3. Skwerl says:

    you son of a bitch, i knew you were going to have to have jack’s boner in view, fanboy. now apologize to the rest of the band for using a variation of the same picture of jack front and center (ish) that we’ve used a bunch of times :)

  4. Thor Man says:

    NEW TDW? Jesus jumping christ best news all day, and that includes being reminded Guinness drafts are 50 cents all day.

  5. Kevin says:

    Hell yes. Guess I’ll get to hear new stuff at Bonnaroo.

  6. Peter says:

    I just listened through Slash album preview and all I can say – Thank God for guys like Jack White, Josh Homme, Robinson x2 and many more

  7. Peter says:

    and I just found this - Mindblowing ( sorry for posting twice in row )

  8. Skwerl says:

    oh that live at the greek album is friggin’ amazing. go get it now.

  9. Peter says:

    I ignored it at first because usually I don’t like live albums so for sure I will get it as soon as I can. Listen to some clips and it is the best I’ve heard Jimmy Page play well since Zeppelin and Chris’s vocals are sick.

  10. Live at the Greek is amazing. You can tell that Page is having FUN.

  11. Peter says:

    Yep that’s what struck be the most Page having a lot of Fun. Do you guys know Die Mannequin ? It’s fucking great band

  12. Thor Man says: <- Dead Weather live from the basement. I know you guys already did a piece on it but since were talking good live music and DW I figured it be a nice thing to post. Next best thing to seeing them in the skin.

  13. zoopster says:

    Yep, that Black Crowes/JP Live album is amazing. I was lucky enough to be at the second show and Page was on fire! Steve Gorman really impressed me that night also. Kept watching him all night. Dude was channeling Bonham.

    Can’t wait for the new Deadweather. I just found out they are playing in Vegas the day after I’m going there for the Crooked Vultures at the Joint. Totally thought about staying the extra day but I can’t afford it/have work monday so that sux.

    Anyone else going to TCV in Vegas?

  14. zoopster says:

    Sorry, that should read “Them” Crooked Vultures. I don’t even know why I wrote it like that, I’m always correcting people who get the name wrong lol …..sorry to be anal, but………

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