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Coming Around Full Circle

A Perfect Circle, Music


Songwriter Billy Howerdel and vocalist Maynard James Keenan are once again working together as A Perfect Circle, and new music from the beloved group is on the way.

Tonight, Howerdel performed with his band Ashes Divide at The Viper Room in Hollywood, on the stage that A Perfect Circle was originally debuted on August 15th, 1999. After the set, the third of a four-night June residency, which featured a guest appearance by Keenan, we tracked down Howerdel for the good word.

The possibilities of a full album and tour are both still very much up in the air. However, Howerdel told us on the record that they’re working on “something” that should be out this year.

In case you missed it, Keenan and Howerdel shared a stage on Monday as well, performing Bohemian Rhapsody together at E3 aiding promotional efforts for the forthcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock:

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We’ll have photos from the Ashes Divide show online for you shortly. UPDATES: Here you go! Also, here’s video of Maynard performing The Prey with Ashes Divide, courtesy of The Viper Insider:

Thanks to InsaneFameNYC for the E3 video clip.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Coz Baldwin says:

    ooooooh!! I hope “something” = new music and not some sort of new citrus-infused cola.

  2. Al says:

    Hell yeah!!!

  3. Kevin says:

    eMotive was terrible. I hope they take their time with this and don’t just crank something out for the label.

    • Skwerl says:

      agreed. but as that freed them, have to figure we’d at least get one or two decent releases before the half-assed “get me out of here” one(s). if they do sign with a label.

    • Fuck all that. After years of not listening to it, there are a few tracks on there that really get me. Fiddle and the Drum is a phenomenal performance that highlights Keenan’s transcendent vocal abilities.

      • j. clark says:

        absolutly. I really care for the album, and think it had more to do with trying to get people to open their eyes to what was going on around them, than it had to do with fulfilling any sort of “obligation”.

  4. Klavonsky says:


  5. zoopster says:

    Stunned. This is really good news. Can’t wait to hear what Billy’s got cooking. I know this is being selfish, but I hope it doesn’t mean we have to wait any longer than normal (5 years avg. already!) for any new Tool music.

    Does this also mean the return of the much-loved A Perfect Circle website?!?!?!? Hopefully yes.

    • Skwerl says:

      been thinking about that for awhile now. i have the domain, and a crate full of live shows. i lost almost everything else. i’d like to do something. but i’m still working on what that could be. legally, and logistically.

  6. zoopster says:

    That video is pretty badass, too. Great to see Maynard involved in something like that. I wonder what he scored on that one. :)

  7. DiAnn Ohama says:

    I was listening to Tool all day yesterday thinking about how much I adore Maynard’s unique voice. This song, which I love, is seemingly impossible to put your own stamp on. I was disappointed and would never have known who was singing if you didn’t tell me. I will, however, be thrilled by anything A Perfect Circle or Tool put out in the future.

  8. think i'm a fire engine says:

    I would drink APCola.

  9. Murray says:

    Great news! I have been hoping they weren’t on a permanent hiatus.

  10. DrunkOnEgo says:

    Skwerl! Please get the site back up soon! It was my favorite place on the web!!!

    • Skwerl says:

      the flles were lost, or else it would have been back up a long time ago. but i’m considering doing something. i don’t think it could ever be what the message board was, but i think that antiquiet is or could be a good new hangout spot while could be resurrected as a reference resource for the band and a live audio/video database, legal issues notwithstanding.

  11. BuddyGoodness says:

    yeah, that apc website you used to host was awesome.

  12. Jacob says:

    Those were some good times back on the o’le site skwerl!

  13. ronnette synovec says:

    it’s about time they have been out of the loop far too long. With a new album comes tour dates!

  14. Hunter Hirst says:

    wow, what a shock! this is absolutely the best news i’ve heard as of late!

  15. shaun says:

    wow, i dont think that this could be a better year for my taste in music! 1st i saw tool for my 3rd time on 7/10/10 and i just scored a.p.c tickets for the 1st two nights at the showbox in seattle on 11/12/10 – 11/13/10 the venue is so small, its gonna feel like they are playing in my living room! plus ive never seen them before! fuggin STOKED!!!!!

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