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Lupe Fiasco Got Somethin’ On B.o.B.

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You can’t not dig the dudes at Nah Right when they open a post with this: “I’m sure this was never supposed to be heard by the public and that’s exactly why I’m posting it.” Here’s B.o.B.’s feel good single of the summer Nothin’ On You, but as it was originally recorded (by the original B.o.B.), Lupe Fiasco.

I know you guys don’t listen to FM radio anymore. But I do sometimes, and if you did, then I wouldn’t have to tell you that B.o.B. is inescapable this summer between this jam and that one with Hayley “accidentally Tweeted her boobs” Williams from Paramore. This shit sticks in your head like gum on your shoe like all pop music strives to, and we just tend not to talk about it here because you snobs are better off without it for the most part.

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With that said, this version is compelling for a couple of reasons. First, Lupe’s verses have got way more heart than Bobby Ray’s. And while it’s a close call next to the refined production on the one that made it onto radio, we dare say Lupe did it better. Or it might be more appropriate to say he wore it better, because the other reason this is interesting is it shows how these pop hits are manufactured. This ain’t B.o.B., or Lupe. This guy Bruno Mars made the track, and Atlantic just applied it to one of their hype snowball star “projects.” Lupe, B.o.B., Cudi, Pharrell, whoever we’re pushing, same difference.

You can check out B.o.B.’s version here.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. MMMMM Hayley boobs. Really, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Steve Keyes says:

    Amazing what a different vocalist will do for a song. Makes this ditty a bit more listenable. Also, screw you for getting this stuck in my head.

  3. stu says:

    Lupe really does blow that bob dude away. But I definately wouldn’t call lupe and cudi manufactured. Yah they both have a couple of pop ready songs, but each of their last albums were pretty stunning and for lack of a better term, had a lot of heart in them.

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