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Come Listen To A New Pearl Jam Song

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We’re not exactly sure who Pete is, but he just posted a song online on behalf of Pearl Jam’s manager Kelly Curtis. A Pearl Jam song. An unreleased one. Called Better Days.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if we listened, too.

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A few minutes ago it was posted here, with the message “Gary, Kelly wanted you to hear this please give it a listen.”

That’s all we know. Rumor has it this is a b-side from Riot Act, though a reader points out that, according to Entertainment Weekly, the song is a Vedder composition that’s going to be on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie Eat, Pray, Love.

Update: Ready for more? We’ve gotten our hands on yet another new Pearl Jam song – called Of The Earth –  and this one’s upbeat as hell.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. I love Pearl Jam – but a decent amount of the slower stuff does not do it for me. This is one of those songs. Not terrible, but something I would probably end up skipping after 4-5 plays. Best part of the song is the guitar solo.

  2. It’s a beautiful thing when I return home from a night out with the girls to find a lovely, touching song by my favorite band on the planet on my own website. Loving life right now.

  3. Steve Keyes says:

    I fucking love you guys.

    • peter mccarthy says:

      good tune eh? – I’m glad the leaker wasn’t me…(another “pete”) – major ooops!
      won’t be gettin’ a raise this year…see ya’ wed. @ the Peppermill !

  4. me! says:

    i would love to have it for my own…!!
    i wanna listen to it all day long!! <3

  5. SJ says:

    Thank you. Nothing like new Pearl Jam to make my day.

  6. Skwerl says:

    i love mike mcready and all, but doesn’t he kinda look like a butch lesbian? he needs a beard (literally, not figuratively).

    • pretty sure the puffiness is from the Crohn’s disease. Not that I disagree, really…

      • I still can’t believe he has Crohn’s. My cousin has it and it literally rules his life. Im in awe that McCready deals with it on the road and still brings the fire to live shows. But I agree. He could use a beard. That and Stone shouldn’t have cut his hair.

  7. Einat says:

    Joy and ilumination :)

  8. Best PJ song since Riot Act. Thanks, guys, as usual, you rock.

  9. James says:

    Well. This changes my whole week. What a song.

  10. Amen Ite, missa est

  11. Tania says:

    You guys are freaking awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Rane Pollock says:

    Best thing you’ll hear today, tomorrow, and for a long while.

  13. stu says:

    The melody reminds me a lot of the untitled song from live on two legs. But cool tune.

  14. doree says:

    I luved it thx!

  15. Vicky says:

    woop woop! love these guys, bubbling with joy at going to see them soon… X

  16. gas says:

    nice!!!! Aguante Pearl!

  17. alessiana says:


    Thank you! Thank you Pearl Jam. Thank you!

  18. alessiana says:


    This is gorgeous. I love the hamony… gawd

  19. Pat says:

    Epic PJ.

    It also sounds like it could’ve been on the “Into the Wild” Soundtrack.


  20. Pupo says:

    Pearl Jam….THE BEST, enough said.

  21. zoopster says:

    Me like. Makes me wonder what other nuggets they have laying around…….. Thanks

    • Abnorma says:

      I totally agree with you. If this is something that was left off of Riot Act and didn’t even make it to Lost Dogs, then what else do they have lying around? This song is awesome!

  22. Grant says:

    It’s good you guys. They need to come to Atlanta and play it. PJ forever.

  23. Daniel H says:

    thumbs up. cool song.

  24. BVAIL says:

    Its awesome. Where can we download it?

  25. Oh I wish this was on Backspacer and the crap punk stuff was left off and that album was more like a No Code album … they were the best with Jack Irons and when they were messing around with Niel Young and I wish they could return to more stuff like that. This song reminds me of what they could be.

  26. hell yes. thank you, mystery pete!

  27. Murph says:

    So am I correct in believing that “Pete” or “Gary” work for Antiquiet and that they had/have the tacit approval of Kelly Curtis or Tim Bierman to post this?

    In other words, did the 10C provide this link directly to you? I ask because one needs a login and password to bring up the site it was posted in. And “admin” and “password” are not them.

    If they did it’s pretty damn curious why they did so. What were/are their motivations for revealing the song this way? Can you elaborate on this?

    If not I hope you don’t hear from their lawyers. Or maybe they’ve settled down since this:

    • Skwerl says:

      no pete and gary do not work for antiquiet. if they did, then we’d probably know who they are. that site didn’t require a login and password when we found it. no one provided it to us, we just don’t miss much.
      if we hear from their lawyers, they’ll hear from ours. we don’t take kindly to bullies.

  28. Sasho says:

    Great song, such a beautiful vocal melody by Ed… there’s nothing better than a day when a new Pearl Jam song/s is/are revealed… and this one is positive, transcendental… thank you PJ..

  29. Skwerl says:

    so just got a text from johnny… he’s on the way to lollapannaroostock or whatever the shit is going on this weekend, and he says:

    “Been listening to this PJ on the plane all day. Dunno what others are saying but I’m certain it’s new. Like new new. Ed’s voice is the giveaway…” then, later: “Almost positive. Post-Avocado inflections.”

    for whatever that’s worth.

    • Steve Keyes says:

      I’m getting the same vibe. It’s definitely post “Into the Wild” at the very least.

    • Murph says:

      Consensus should be:

      1. It has been generally accepted for a long time that the band recorded (or tried recording) a song by the same title during their sessions for Riot Act. For whatever reason that song did not make that album or Lost Dogs.

      2. If this is the same song, it (in all likelihood) was re-recorded more recently. This should be evidenced by the tones and inflections in Vedder’s voice, and the lushness of the production (which wasn’t as present on Riot Act). There is a precedent for the band doing this with the songs “Betterman” and “Hard To Imagine.” Betterman was played in the studio during the Vs. sessions for Brendan O’Brien as evidenced in the famous Rolling Stone article written by Cameron Crowe. “Hard To Imagine” was recorded over several different recording sessions for earlier albums, but not ultimately released until the soundtrack for Chicago Cab in 1998 or 1999.

      To me this is a new(er) recording. Of that there is little doubt.

      • stu says:

        huh? the last two albums have been over-mastered brick walls without any “lushness” to speak of. Riot Act was the last time they put out a proper “sounding” record.

  30. David Wohl says:

    Can’t stop listening to it!

  31. Sasho says:

    i think it’s the same chords as “Santa Cruz” off of the last year’s Christmas Single, but reworked, the tempo is a bit slower & of course – different lyrics and different vocal line by Ed…

  32. Sasho says:

    also the vocal melody is like the most of the other mellow Pearl Jam stuff, you just love it more and more with each new listen…

  33. Hank F'n Scorpio says:


    Betterman dates back to Bad Radio. There is video of a June 89 performance. You’re off about 4 yrs.

    In all likelyhood it is the 2009 xmas single. Sounds post Into the WIld.

    • Skwerl says:

      it’s not the xmas single. that’s gonna be hawaii ’78 and turning mist with mike vocals.

    • Murph says:

      Yeah, I’m aware of that. The composition is Vedder’s and he did try it out with Bad Radio first. But I can’t stand those Bad Radio recordings. I was really after a prime example of the band Pearl Jam performing the simple act of having tried out a song in the studio, then shelving it, then bring it back at a later date for release.

      Skwerl is correct about the 2009 single’s contents.

  34. Alexis Leiria says:

    Great song! Thank you, Pearl Jam!

  35. stu says:

    I would love to see the band do a whole album like this. You could throw in some Beggars Banquet-style rockers and a few loose, rhythm heavy extended jams on top of this and some no code style ballads and we’d have a pretty remarkable left turn from the punk band they’ve been dying to be for the last few albums. Honestly I’ve liked the last few, but they direly need to mix it up and take a few risks.

  36. Mario Lima says:

    Adoro Pearl, mas não curto muito as músicas lentas, prefiro as mais “rock n´roll”.

  37. Scott says:

    Why are we assuming this is a “Pearl Jam” track and not an “Eddie Vedder” song ala Into the Wild?

    • To be fair, it could be a solo Vedder track, but as a fan of the band for close to 20 years I’d be willing to bet something serious on it being a full PJ track. I’d be willing to bet even more that it was recorded very recently.

  38. Steve says:

    Holy frickin heck! This is like Christmas!!!!
    Love Pearl Jam as much as i can possibly love a band.
    I Agree with Scott, my first impression was that it sounds like EV’s into the wild business, but the band has done a lot of stuff like this in the past.

  39. Eitan says:

    Major Props.
    This is so not a Riot Act b-Side. This is totally Into the Wild material – Eddie’s solo-style, his whispery-high-voice thing he’s been doing recently, and the folky-guitar w/lots of organ/harpsichord and “heee’s” and “whoo’s”. If it was 1998, I’d say it was from the Dead Man Walking soundtrack, ’cause of the rythmic beats, but his voice has gotten better since then – like on this track. Ok I’m done being OCD about this.

  40. armogi says:

    why would they email a 2002 track?
    plus ed sounds very 2009 on this but what do i know?

  41. Murray says:

    Willing to bet it was done after the Spectrum shows when EV dusted off the accordian for Bugs. Just my guess….

    Great song! Thanks for posting.

  42. NicolasP. says:

    Great song! To me, not sure if this is a PJ song. Drums don’t sound like Cameron’s, same with guitar and guitar solos, I can’t see Mike or Stone there, it just don’t fit to me.

    My options:
    * Into the Wild track
    * A near-to-come movie soundtrack or
    * An EV solo album :)

    Awesome song anyway :)

  43. CraigS. says:

    This track sounds waaay fresher than Riot Act. On my initial listen I guessed it was an Into The Wild cut, but upon further listening I feel it’s the entire band.

    Doesn’t anyone remeber while they were doing press for Backspacer they said they had a bunch more songs they recorded during those sessions that they might do something with “in six months or so” ? Seems to me it’s been more than six months, so maybe this is one of those songs…

  44. Steve says:

    My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that this was done with the self titled album. Has more of an Inside Job flavor than anything off Riot Act. Especially the chorus of Inside Job. Either way, I like it.

    BTW…was at 2 of the Spectrum shows and I am not sure if I will see anything better!

  45. Jeff Shipton says:

    day went from bad to good as soon as the chorus kicked in

  46. tish says:

    Music lifting soul… elevation. Rise up spirits! Spread hope love. Live. In light. Shine on…


  47. BetterMan says:

    What’s this accordion on the music? OMG… it’s unnecessary on music… More Bass… More Drums please!

  48. Carly says:

    That was amazing. As usual. Definitely post Riot Act.

  49. Asier says:

    The best possible end for a working week… a beutiful and unexpected present from one of my favourites bands. Have a nice weekend!!!

  50. G says:

    Christ, we were waaaay off. EW is reporting that this is an Ed Vedder song for the upcoming Julia Roberts’ movie, Eat Pray Love.

  51. nirgalvallis says:

    ¡Qué preciosidad!

  52. LittleNemo says:

    Rock it! Yes yes. I hate marketing sh*t, but if this is to make people listen a song made with the heart, thumbs up. I’m with you.

  53. Troy says:

    this is better than anything off Riot Act. (Hell, their last 3 albums for that matter) I wonder why they left it off.

  54. Hello says:

    where can I get a copy of this song :P

  55. Yo Yo says:

    Great shit guys, thx!

  56. the best american rock n roll band in the world !!

  57. MrB says:

    Love it!


  58. Gonzalo says:

    Sound Like TEN’s tunes… Viva the Old School!!!!

  59. luis aros says:

    from Chile here…..” AMAZING!!!!!”

  60. Holly Tupper says:

    Sorry if this is a repost, but turns out it’s going to be on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” Article is in Entertainment Weekly online.

  61. alessiana says:

    @G you weren’t way off at all. Much of what PJ does is Vedder. Pearl Jam is not *all* Vedder, but to deny that his contribution is significant, is missing what they are; missing, as in being extremely way off.

  62. and_re says:

    What a brilliant tune! For me, one of the best they’ve made. It breathes just fine.

  63. Yo Yo says:

    PJ for life nigga!

  64. So this song got me fired up enough to write 1,100 semi-constructive words about the band, the b-sides, PJ’s awesomeness, Doc Martens, etc.


  65. What a great summer morning! New Pearl Jam! Life is good.

  66. Billy D says:

    B-Side from Into the Wild.

  67. tish says:

    Oughtn’t it be Pray, THEN Eat, Love, :P

  68. Boggy says:

    The author of “Eat Pray Love” (Elizabeth Gilbert) also wrote “The Last American Man: a Post-Modern Davy Crockett” which has some parallels to Krakauer’s “Into the Wild.” I am inclined to agree that this is an outtake from “Into the Wild.” Good stuff!

  69. rinky says:

    I love Eddie Vedder and pearl Jam….

  70. I’ve recently started a site, the information you offer on this website has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

  71. Denise says:

    Love it — really lifted me. Pearl Jam rocks as always! Better days to all out there! Peace! :)

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