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Have A Hot Summer With Prince

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This morning Prince (on his 52nd birthday) took to Minneapolis radio station The Current to unveil another new track, called Hot Summer. Some listener was apparently prepared, because a version of the track is already floating around online. Natch, we’ve got it for you right here:

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It’s a carefree summer track, certainly no Prince masterpiece, but decent enough to warrant a few playbacks from fans. It isn’t going to win over any new fans, that’s for sure. The staccato organ hits sound a lot like another Prince penned-track, Shake!, which was released by The Time back on the Graffiti Bridge soundtrack in 1990. The backing female vocalist is kind of irritating, and the track really goes nowhere lyrically. It is just an ode to having a hot summer though, so it’s not like it has any ulterior motives. As far as Prince “summer” tracks go, it gets the job done.

Rumors of a new album by Prince have been floating around for a while now but still no real concrete info. Last year’s triple-disc LotusFlow3r was decent but still not the kind of work that Prince used to be capable of putting out. Here’s to hoping that the man releases a new album this summer, and it sounds nothing at all like the ungodly Vikings fight song he recently penned.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Skwerl says:

    this is pretty bad.

  2. Naj says:

    Not feeling this song but Steven is so right.

  3. eric says:

    not a terrible song but nothing brilliant either.

  4. Seth says:

    Something about the melody feels overly simple to me and those staccato keyboards don’t work for me here. All of this can be saved with the right video but as a standalone song I give it a 5 of 10.

    Then again I thought “The Most Beautiful Girl In the World” was gonna flop hard and it went #1. So maybe he knows what he’s doing

    • Well, this isn’t really a single though, just a random one-off released online. I don’t even think it will see a release on Amazon/iTunes or anything. Doubt a video will be coming either.

      5/10 is more than fair.

  5. BigBlackRod says:

    Prince has officially jumped the goddamn shark. I love his music, and will go see him in concert, but I think that Jehovah’s Witness foolishness has sucked all the fun out of this man…PEACE,

    • Kamanzi says:

      Greg you are on to stneohimg there with “This Too Shall Pass” but “Here It Goes again” is just pure fun and “White Knuckles?” This song is just too catchy. Maybe there is a back lash from Clear Channel stations because they dropped their label but it’s just a shame. Just listen to that song. Damn it’s good and that is but one mans humble opinion.

  6. Derrick Nijel says:

    Wow – you folks sure are crazy!

    Listen – not every track is going to be Sign o’ the Times. Sometimes, you need just a simple, up-tempo track to get the party started.

    Put your earbuds in, your sunglasses on – get yourself a big, floppy hat – and plunk down in a lounge chair beside the pool. Then tell me this song doesn’t get you in the mood for some summer fun!

    • Pete says:

      Every track doesn’t have to be Sign O’ The Times but it should at least be original. Prince seems to have lost his creativity and is now just repeating himself. I wish he would be like Stevie Wonder and let his legacy speak for itself. This man made some classic music from 1978 to 1992 starting with the For You Album and ending with the Love Symbol album. He’s made a decent song or 2 sense then but nothing classic. There aren’t to many artists that can top the output he had those 14 years. This new stuff is bad and it’s really making him look like a relic to the newer generation. I’ll always listen to that timeless music he made but I’ve given up on the newer stuff.

    • KJ says:

      I totally agree with Derrick! I’m a true Prince fan and I know of some random songs he’s included on many of his past albums. People change with the times. Can you really imagine “PRINCE” making Love Sexy music with the things going on in this world? I mean really? The man has changed with his age (which I wish many other artists (Beyonce) would do) and has shown maturity and grace while doing so. I think the song is fun and I look forward to many other tracks that will be on his new album. I enjoyed his own 2 cds in the Lotus Flower album but I hope he’s kicked ol’ girl to the curb. She sings like Vanity.

  7. Tim says:

    In a word or 2… or 3 or 6, I like it, I like it…
    Thank you P for the much needed fix.

    Hot Summer! I think it’s a hit!

  8. David says:

    I think this is great – much better than that song about california gurls by Autotune with Kate Perry & Snoopy Dawg.

  9. Boberto60 says:

    Fun car and/or beach tune. It is not great but it is very listenable and had a good beat. I can imagine a video in the vein of R.O.C.K. in the USA with this track. Hope it gets released on cd or via itunes.

  10. npgdan says:

    I would say to the ppl saying this isn’t a good song…I challenge any of you to write, record and release one better. I like this because it shows that Prince can still write a not overproduced song like the Dirty Mind days.

  11. Miznal says:

    Absolutely terrible. I own every Prince album and then some and cannot stand it when he releases these shitty songs.

  12. Seth says:

    ANY song would get similar judgments. I think when you put an unplayed by radio artist on a site like this and have it ‘judged’ by random people they LOVE to down the song. Let’s run through the list of notable new artists that people initially “slammed”;

    Counting Crows
    Katy Perry
    Lizz Wright
    Maxwell (yep, Maxwell!!)
    Lily Allen
    and that’s just the ones I know about! I was unsure about this track too at first but the more I play it, the more I like it! Same with “When Doves Cry” (the song has no bass line, who knew???) also with “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” (though it was too falsetto and too syrupy… then it went #1). So I’ve learned you really have to give it a good listen with the understanding that it may not sound like what you’re used to. It’s a VERY difficult thing to do!

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