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Lilith Fair Dates Cancelled: The End Of Musical Pseudo-Feminism?

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The Lilith Fair festival was looking to make a comeback in 2010 after 11 long years away from the scissor grind. They were hoping the revival would go down in “herstory” as an uprising of all-female acts, including the aural castrations that are Sugarland, Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Colbie Caillat and Sarah McLachlan. Sadly, it appears the feminist movement’s musical dream has died, at least in the South.

Chaz Bono will have to reschedule her/his summer plans, because a full 10 dates have been cancelled after the festival failed to sell to anyone outside the uber-feminist herds in nearly a dozen markets. Low-end lawn tickets were going as cheaply as $30 apiece (plus a $20 service fee, of course), but with decent seats listed for upwards of $100, it’s hard to rationalize spending androgyny-class tuition to attend a celebration of musical feminism.

It should come as little surprise that roughly half the canceled dates are in two of the most proudly ignorant and intolerant states in the nation – Texas and Alabama. How they thought they could sell a traveling cunnilingus circus to assholes who still fly the confederate flag, where “nigger” is still roughly as conversationally common as discussing the weather, is beyond me. But in all fairness, the lineup does suck pretty badly.

One look at the comments beneath the announcement on the main Lilith Fair site can attest to the total infighting meltdown of womyn who can’t believe their strong superstar sisters would straight up bail on ten chances to unite the unshaven masses. Apparently many of these fine ladies have already booked their flights/hotels and stocked up on brand new sleeveless flannel shirts, and they’re mighty heated to be put in the corner, baby.

Let’s say our bittersweet, puffily androgynous goodbyes with a song:


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Carly says:

    Yeah, this is a bit condescending.

  2. Skwerl says:

    yeah uh… agreed. you wake up hating women or something today firecloud?

    • I love women through and through. Most definitely. But having been to two of these shows in their original incarnation, I have little doubt as to precisely who the target market is for Lilith. The festival’s failure (again) leaves little option in the music world for the demographic.

  3. Steve Keyes says:

    Gonna have to agree as well. Not the cheeriest thing I could have read first thing in the morning. Everything ok buddy?

    • Apologies, I must’ve left my political correctness next to the Summer’s Eve this morning. But yes, everything is super ok. Phenomenal, acsh. A pic of Olivia Munn making out with a chick is “not the cheeriest thing” you could wake up to? I’m jealous, really.

  4. No shit Lilith failed. You go away for 11 years, you come back with a craptastic lineup and expect folks to shell out lots of cash in a shit-tastic economy? Give me a fucking break – this is a total f’n insult.

    Likewise, I thought Phish was around to unite the unshaven masses.

  5. Tom says:

    despite the tone of this article, the failure of lilith fair 2010 is hilarious and not surprising at all. too many shows, too many artists, too much for tickets. if they only booked 15-20 shows from the get go, had a core lineup of 5 or so big names, with the variable of each show being the no names, and then most importantly didnt charge hundreds for tickets, they probably wouldnt be in this mess.

  6. Trina Green says:

    Let’s make this the last time that I read the word “cunnilingus” in an article on this site that has nothing to do with sex ed, relationship advice, or Lindsey Lohan.

    And we all know the “target audience” of Lilith but, now call me crazy, “female empowerment” isn’t an all encompassing code word for “gay”. Straight chicks are in the fold, as well. As are people who just like music.

    These are hard times in the music/money world, sir, where even top dogs on the pile have to work a little harder to do better than just treading water. The success of a niche event like Lillith this time around was a straight mountain climb not because of thighs wide open but because its time has pretty much passed and the world has moved on as have, apparently, all of the high quality acts. Not because Billy Hick Moe Klansman wants to show those dykes how a real man does it when he’s not busy burning crosses on his front lawn.

    But that’s just me.

  7. Cam says:

    Wow, Steve….wow

    • Don’t worry cam, we’re joking amongst family. Trina’s adored.

      • Cam says:

        haha, I can see that now, thanks for clearing it up. I’ll admit that I was curious to see if Trina had enough gas left in the tank to dismantle a racist after her autographed Joan Osbourne panties got in a bunch this morning and she laid down that witty post.

  8. jpnyc says:

    I don’t care what gender the bands are, I’m not going to start buying any tickets until service charges are reduced to almost nothing—which is exactly what it really costs the venue and LiveNation to sell me a ticket. And by that I mean that the charges actually go down, not that I can buy shit seats without service charges if I get them on Friday morning after the promoters get worried and think about canceling a show.

  9. Alex says:

    Well. I have to wonder if you people have ever even been to Alabama or, indeed, spent any significant time in your life in the South. I’ve lived here my entire life (going to college soon), I’m half-black, and I assure you, we’re not as backward as you claim. There are some confederate flags around here (I’ve never understood why… the South kinda sorta lost the war a century and a half ago, it’s time to move on) but a lot of “ignorant,” as you say, people tend to confuse the Alabama flag with some sort of Confederate flag. Or alternately don’t even recognize the Confederate flag because they’ve only ever seen the battle flag and don’t know crap about US History.

    Anyway, I was pretty upset when the Birmingham date got canceled. Then I found out the Atlanta date was too… then I noticed all the other southern ones were… So now there’s no way I’m going to get to see the show, because I’m not driving 12 hours for a bunch of acts I don’t really care about. I wanted to go just to go to Lilith Fair (I was wee when it came around the first time in the 90s), but hey, maybe next year?

    But, you know, probably not.

    • My deepest apologies – I had no idea the South had attained such racial harmony/enlightenment in the decade since I’d been there for any length of time. Every cell in my body screams bullshit, but who am I to question a dude who’s half-black and lives there?

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