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Phish Covers Rage Against The Machine, We Shit You Not

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On July 4th, 12,000 stoners in Alpharetta, GA had their fucking minds blown when Phish, the jam band that needs no introduction, covered Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name with full conviction. Watch:

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I never, ever would have imagined I’d ever mention those two bands together in the same sentence. Not even with the help of weed, which by the way is much better here than in Georgia.

Thanks to our pals at Consequence Of Sound for the tip on this one.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Dude – I told you guys Phish was kicking all kinds of ass when it comes to covers this summer. As a diehard Phish fan (shows 18-20 next month in Berkeley) I have yet to catch the band play Harpua (which this cover was a part of) but it shall happen one day.

    While Fishman on vocals makes sense, what really impresses me about this jam is Trey. His tone is usually off when they play heavier songs – but here he really channels Morello. Sick shit!

  2. I will be damned. That’s fucking awesome. Good job on the post – we haven’t locked the jam band market yet.

  3. That was unexpectedly good. Never been a Phish fan, but jeez.

  4. Thor Man says:

    the video conveys a ton of energy in that crowd. I can’t even imagine what it would have felt like to have been there in the skin. Badass cover.

    • ontour2010phish says:

      Ill tell you what, it seemed like the place was gonna lift up and float away! I’ve seen many many shows and except for the july 3rd one, this may very well have been the best ever!

  5. Deuce says:

    Not a big Phish fan but god damn…

  6. So if y’all are looking to tap into the jamband market – can I write a recap of the Greek shows for you? I promise to attempt to use big words and stuff.

  7. gopher says:

    this vid makes me wish I was still dumb enough to smoke weed

  8. gopher says:

    because it sucks donkey shit drinking beer

  9. stu says:

    I’m not much of a phish fan either, although they do have thier moments, but I really wish I had made a show this summer. This is awesome.

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