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Ben Harper & Friends Introduce Fistful Of Mercy

Fistful Of Mercy, Music


We love us some Ben Harper, and it’s been fun keeping an eye out for new projects he’s involved in. So when our good man Sami from RockItOutBlog tweeted a link to a new Harper project in the works called Fistful Of Mercy, we were on it like… well, like goddamn nerds on Twitter.

Have a first taste of Fistful Of Mercy, by Fistful Of Mercy:

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The band consists of Harper, Dhani Harrison (Beatle George’s son) and obscure alt-rocker Joseph Arthur. Their MySpace page bio still has standard Latin-fill text, but the band is slated to release an album Oct. 5 and hit the road shortly thereafter.

Check out the band’s performance of Restore Me on KRCW.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Zach says:

    sooo fucking mellow

  2. I’ve already seen Joseph live four times this year (once with Ben). Fingers crossed I can see these guys when they tour, as I assume it will be mind blowing.

  3. pupo says:

    FUCK! I thought it was news about ‘A Fistful Of Dirt’, those fuckers rock! Zillion times better than this mellow shite.

  4. stu says:

    very interesting, can’t wait to hear the whole thing. also, this track would benefit from some jeff tweedy

  5. Sounds great! Very talented people involved. I’m really lookin’ forward for this album. Joseph Arthur was a full-time member of the Twilight Singers, along with Mark Lanegan, the last time they toured. So that’s a great résumé he has.

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