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Johnny Cash & Eazy E: The Best Mashup Ever?

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Some brilliant son of a bitch named DJ Topcat put together a musical mix of Eazy E and Johnny Cash that’s just about the best goddamned mashup we’ve ever heard.

Listen to Folsom Prison Gangstaz:

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The unlikeliest of collaborations turns out to be one of the greatest mashups ever made. Go figure. For direct access to the vast collection of DJ Topcat’s recent work (including a new Beastie Boys/Black Keys album mix), head right over to his Mediafire account. He doesn’t mind. He wants you to.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the heads up and the graphic.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Skwerl says:

    ha, did you really need to call it the best mashup ever, hyperboleman? it’s hot i personally keep coming back to frontin’ on debra.
    hmmm… maybe it’s mixtape time?

  2. hmm… it’s not available on his Mediafire account. how would one go about DL’ing the EE & JC track?


  3. Straight outta Walk Hard.

    …nah, this is better.

  4. TC says:

    Hey man my name is Topcat not Tomkat!! lol
    no worries thanks for the love
    this download link should work

    I have a Soundcloud and Mediafire account but the best way to hear my latest stuff is fan me on Facebook I always post new tunes their first

  5. This is some pretty tight shit. I’m a stuck up cracker though so don’t take my word for it

  6. TC says:

    Ha no worries man, it’s actually Topcat with a C like the 60’s Hanna Barberra cartoon, but I don’t care how people spell it as long as they enjoy my tunes.
    rock on brotha :)

  7. This Dude says:

    Whats got two thumbs and digs this mashup!! I hadn’t heard of Topcat before this post, but do enjoy some of DJ Lobsterdust’s work, particularly the sexy smooth mashup of Air – Alone In Kyoto and Queens Of The Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu.

  8. Some Guy Named Mark says:

    Damn good mashup. One of my favourites is here:

  9. Steve Keyes says:

    That was all kind of balls to the wall awesome. Need to delve into the world of mashups more. Always kinda thought they were gimmicky but there is some truly cool shit out there.

  10. anon says:

    Here is a link to his main site with the mashup in the article:

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