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Pro-Shot Video From Nine Inch Nails’ 1995 Tour With David Bowie

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Dude, this is so two months ago! Shut the fuck up, you fun murderer. It has been brought to our attention on a slow news day that film editor David Williams has slipped some clips he shot, professionally, of Nine Inch Nails’ 1995 tour with David Bowie onto Vimeo.

At the time, Bowie had just released Outside, while the masses packing arenas on the sold out tour were ecstatic with anticipation to see Nails unleash The Downward Spiral. It was a furiously intense union of two icons, each an inspiration to the other.

For a decade and a half the only footage we’ve seen from the legendary shows has been grainy bootlegs.

Here’s Bowie and Reznor playing NIN’s Hurt, part of the transition between the two sets. The two bands would intermingle throughout the evening, as the following clips show.

Halo Space Boy:

Heart’s Filthy Lesson:


That last one’s all Nine Inch Nails, despite the title.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Uh, this is fantastic. David Bowie is such a complete and utter badass. That version of “Hurt” is sick.

  2. I saw the Philly show of that tour. It was fantastic. Sadly, most were there just for NIN. The pouring rain didn’t help matters, as most left after Bowie took the stage.

  3. AutumnParanoia says:

    I would kill to have seen this show. Bowie and Trent sound incredible singing Hurt together.

  4. AutumnParanoia says:

    Someone has got to release DVD of this.

  5. Rory says:

    Wish was so bad ass!

    I wish I wasn’t a dumb ass 10 year old in 1995.

  6. Cubanpete says:

    I was i was a dumb ass 15 year old back again in 95:(

  7. Cubanpete says:

    I wish i was still ^

  8. Chris says:

    Love how stoked Trent looks to be singing with Bowie around 2:45.

  9. Cyrus says:

    This was a fantastic show. Saw it back in ’95 in Tacoma, Washington. Had the same experience as commentator above: half the crowd left after NIN. The youth didn’t appreciate Bowie enough. However, NIN opened for Bowie. The only reason this happened was due to, what I believe, was Bowie legally twisting Reznor’s arm. In ’94 Reznor released “Downward Spiral” which had the track “A Warm Place”; he credited himself as the sole author of the track. However, note-for-note, it is IDENTICAL to Bowie’s 1979 Japanese A-Side single “Crystal Japan”. Reznor claimed in all the interviews he did to support their tour that he had the song stuck in his subconscious and, to his “utter horror”, he listened to the Ryko re-release of Scary Monsters, heard Crystal Japan as a bonus track and realized it was identical to his newly composed song. My theory (and I believe it true to this day) is that Bowie laid it out for him: open for ME on my upcoming tour (to draw in the ticket buyers) and admit you stole my song on every interview we do, or I sue you to oblivion.

  10. Zongadude says:

    While this is fantastic to see such footage in that quality, the whole thing is completely ruined by the worse editing job I’ve ever seen on a rock concert. Makes you wanna puke after five seconds of watching.

    Dude, the music being wild does not mean that the editing should be the same ! On the contrary, fast paced edits and fast-paced numbers tends to cancel each other.

  11. Cody Lamie says:

    Amazing. For the longest time I thought the only footage we had was what was on the Closure DVD.

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