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Scott Weiland Falls Into A Hole, But His Vocals Do Not

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Is this irrefutable evidence that Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland is lip synching entire songs?

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Not necessarily… But it’s certainly suspicious. At last night’s show at the PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati, Scott Weiland took a really hard spill into a hole during Crackerman. Like, a really bad one. Skip to 1:25 in the video to see (and hear) for yourself. He’s down there for awhile as the crew tries to help him out. And yet, the vocal performance doesn’t falter in the slightest, and continues on sounding exactly like my copy of Core the entire time, as if not a breeze had swayed the frontman.

There were also a report of backing tracks “skipping.”

What do you think, experts?

UPDATE (sort of): At the Pittsburgh stop last night (8/28), Weiland addressed the lip synching claims from the stage. Here’s the video. I don’t really know what the hell he’s saying exactly, but it’s something to the effect of “No, I’m not lip synching, I’m in a rock and roll band, and rock and roll bands don’t lip synch.” Of course.

The debate continues however, and it’s hard to just take the word of the guy who has basically been accused of lying simply saying he’s not lying. We’re going to call this jury deadlocked for now. Maybe he wasn’t, maybe he was.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Scotto says:

    As a huge fan of STP, I really hope that this isn’t lip-synching. I know that Weiland’s voice has warped and changed so many times over the years to the point where he’s a completely different performer. I really appreciate those changes, but his lifestyle (going from drugs to hard drinking) have created huge problems for him, perhaps to the point where he is re-recording vocals. Gotta hear back from people actually in the front row first to figure out what happened.

    On another note, I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of the site, Skwerl. I may not agree with everything you guys say, but you all do such a great job here that it’s been my favorite music news site for a year now.

    • caleb says:

      i was standing right there when it happened and he def was NOT lip sycning. he put on an awesome performance and rocked it out like the freaking rock god that he is!

    • Jodi says:

      Well…I just saw STP a few hours ago. I’ll be fair and say it was a good show, the band was excellent. I enjoyed Scott’s performance…the showman. What exactly I was listening to vocally, I’m not quite certain. I could barely hear Scott’s vocal…backup was fine. Oddly, it seemed it was intentional. I was constantly straining to hear…until the encore. Then I could hear him loud and clear…now I’m beginning to wonder what’s up myself. Several points throughout the show I was trying to figure out what was “going on”…it was a bit of a disappointment to barely, if at all, be able to hear the lyrics sung by the lead singer. Well…at least the loyal fans took up the slack… I still had a good time.

  2. Kevin Lee says:

    I would say yes. I think you can tell towards the beginning when he sings through the megaphone. Sounds like it starts a few times before he even has the thing up to his mouth. Hmmm.

  3. I vote lip syncing only because he did not stop. I mean a fall like that, you have to miss a beat or two before picking back up. Interesting.

  4. Scotto says:

    Well, what I want to know is how did he land after that fall. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if he sort of landed on his feet, then maybe he could’ve kept singing, but a faceplant or something would’ve wrecked him for the rest of the song.

    • Judging on how they pulled him out, I would guess not on his feet. But that’s only a guess.

      • Scotto says:

        I hear ya. People over at STP’s fan forum are going a bit wild right now claiming that Scott would never lip-synch, and anyone who things otherwise is full of it. It’s tough to gauge how truthful people are on the internet. Someone posted that they were in the front row and just saw him carry on singing, but made no mention of what happened exactly. I’m getting the feeling that I won’t be seeing them live anytime soon.

    • Paully says:

      Steve Keyes…is this THE Stevie Keyes from Boston area? It’s your former singer man. Why Come and Goooooo! Always one of my faves bro.

      Ahhh no, Scott did not lip synch. I am a sound man and a vocalist. I hear alot of crowd singing along and maybe even Dean or his bro on bass saw the fall and started sinigng. Also, before the fall I could hear varioations in his voice that don’t sound like the record. People just love drama!

  5. MichaelPG says:

    I have an *exclusive* (not really) for Antiquiet:
    When I watched Velvet Revolver play in Detroit 5 years ago Scott’s voice was total shit. It was literally the worst I’ve ever heard a lead singer sing. He had obviously burnt himself out. When his voice cracked the guy who was standing beside me yelled “JESUS!” Only the drunkest in the crowd didn’t notice it.

    My guess is that it’s 50% recorded voice and 50% his own relatively soft singing voice. He wants to preserve it. He learned his lesson during that tour.

  6. T says:

    I think lip-synching is more common in rock than we care to acknowledge. Years ago, I was front row at a U2 concert and Bono sang a flawless performance. Only thing, between songs he was hacking and coughing so loudly that I could hear him over the roar of the crowd. I am nearly positive that he lip-synched that show rather than cancel it because of illness. I’ve had a lot of U2 fans pissed at me for that accusation, but I was there and I was close and I have little doubt that that was what happened.

  7. Rory says:

    He waited down there until the vocal part was finished so he could come back up and make it look like it wasn’t a lip synced.

    Smart by Weiland…but I’m bummed out. I’ve seen them twice live…and I’m confident that when I saw them in a club that he was actually singing. The second time I saw them was an arena show and that could have been lip synced for all I know.

  8. Mike says:

    It sounds to me like he’s really singing, but they’ve got a backup track also playing, if that makes any sense. I dunno if people really do that, but the drums sound a little too square for Eric Kretz to be playing like he usually does.
    Towards the end it sounds like Scott’s really singing. Maybe they’ve got a backup for only part of the song or something.

  9. Ted Laabs says:

    I saw STP in Milwaukee at the Rave last year.
    The vocals were live and just plain bad.
    It sounded like Scott was a bit out of it… who knows for sure?
    Let’s just say I got a note from management to take down my youtube video
    which clearly displayed how bad the vocals were that night!
    Does not surprise me one bit if they utilize a helper track!

  10. The three times I’ve seen the group live Scott was definitely singing live, and made several mistakes. But at least it was live. This video is kind of sketchy though, so I’ll just have to see when they play in Tulsa in September.

  11. Creator says:

    I was there, in the front row.
    He made the extra step and fell. He landed on his legs and then fell on his right side. He continued to sing quickly rising to his knees. Sang a few more lines near the crowd and was pulled up on stage.

  12. SilverGun7 says:

    Thanks for sending that out. I can say with confidence that there is no lip syncing in STP. I have been to every STP show within a 200 mile radius since 1993. I have seen weiland drunk/high/generally intoxicated beyond repair and still complete a set. I have seen him fall off stage and on stage. I have seen him fall into drum sets and swing sets. He sometimes forgets words, mixes words (he wrote it he can do what he wants), or skips entire versus all together.
    In review of this particular video I would say it really does sounds like a “helper track” is playing. But I have never heard that at a show before, and i dont think it is here either. Weiland has been rocking his butt off for a very long time and he is used to doing it all sorts of F-ed up. I would not put it past him to do a face plant and continue to rock the lyrics. If you still dont believe me, here is my silver bullet. Throughout the song – every time they have ever played this song – at the “get away” part Weiland uses the bull horn. After his spill he puts the bull horn down. Now pay attention when that verse comes around this time – no bull horn in hand – no bull horn-ed vocals. If he was lip-syncing the bullhorn would have to be recorded into the track. Unless they knew he was going to fall when recording the track and purposely did not put the bullhorn in for that one line – I submit to you dear Watson, there could be no lip-sync. C’mon anyways, this isnt the Backstreet Boys this is fucking rock and roll. There is no crying in baseball and there is no lip-syncing in rock.

    • Scotto says:

      Right on, man. I just saw some photos on, where he’s actually singing down in front of the stage. Good to see that he’s being authentic.

  13. Creator says:

    Spot on, SilverGun7.
    For the people who still don’t believe us, here’s the picture of Scott singing off stage

    Source of the pic and the true story:

    • Skwerl says:

      i’m not convinced one way or the other, but i have to say a photo of him in the hole with a mic to his face doesn’t prove he was singing, only that he had a mic near his face.
      it’s not even unprofessional or inauthentic to miss a couple words after busting your ass. it’d be so understandable as to be expected. what is suspicious to me is that you don’t even hear the slightest falter.
      saw stp back in… shit, i don’t know, when did they bring out steven tyler and joe perry at madison square garden? i was there, and then at the spectrum in philly… great fucking performances, but slight imperfections proved they were honest. i don’t hear any such imperfections in this video. but i don’t see anything indisputably damning, either.

  14. Geoffrey says:

    There was no lip synching involved at the STP concert, just plain ole’ drunkeness….you can’t see from the video that’s being posted, but he actually was on his knees still singing down there. The people in the front row, next to the area he tripped, have spoken, and apparently more than 5 people have confirmed this….FYI……Weiland rocks it still! Drunk in all his bi-polar Glory!

  15. thehipcola says:

    NO way. You can tell that’s not the original vocal being played. And there are more than a couple of times the megaphone parts fade out as the mic is pulled away..perfectly the way it should be if it were live. Real deal is my vote.

  16. SCOTT WIELOSER says:

    LOL! I always wondered how this guy could do so much cocaine and hit those notes still. If you watch old concert videos you’ll notice is singing suffers when he’s dancing around (actually singing). Does it surprise you that he’s turned into Britney Spears? He cares more about his clothes and fancy dancing putting on a rock show straight from the heart. What a pawn.

  17. Bryan Ptak says:

    well guess what this isnt the first time its happened i wish i had my camera going when he played sioux city the date right before the incident in milwuakee and he got too close to the front of the stage and slipped and fell bad but i did notice he had his mic to his mouth but the same thing no change in his singing when he fell and i often wondered after that night and now this backs it up i just wish i filmed it i was in front row and i could in plains sight see what was going on

  18. motts says:


  19. Steve Sudden says:

    Dude, you were COMPLETELY WRONG with this accusation. That’s not cool. He’s a performer who takes great pride in his performances. If you listen closely, you can easily tell Scott sang this song. He hurried one part so he could get to the megaphone in time, and he did a terrible job singing after the fall from a technical standpoint. From a performer’s standpoint, his singing was fantastic because he didn’t miss a beat. That’s awesome, and you should have recognized that in this article instead of falsely accusing him of lip synching. You should be ashamed of yourself. He is acutely cognitive in his profession, (shown in the clip) and I cannot state the same claim for you (shown in the article).

  20. deladante says:

    c’mon who doesn’t believe he is lip synchin & you really think the women in maxim aren’t photoshopped

  21. really says:

    He isn’t lip syncing. The vocals aren’t even that great. Not bad but not great. Who would pre record alright vocals to lip sync to?

    • Rory says:

      Somebody who wants to make an audience believe he is singing when he isn’t. The pop stars have been recording “alright” vocal tracks for tours for years. Just so it doesn’t sound like it is straight off of the record.

      They know their audiences are stupid…but no that stupid.

  22. Jeff says:

    I have worked as a lighting technician at a music venue for the past 6 years where I have seen probably a bit over a thousand shows with the best view in the entire place. I have seen artists who lip sync and artists who are the real deal. Right when he falls into the hole it also coincidentally happens at a minor vocal break in the song however when it kicks back in it is right around when he probably would have felt the full impact of the fall. There’s no possible way that he would have been able to keep the song going without some form of straying from the vocals. Also, the megaphone bit, gives a hint at lip syncing. Usually when I see artists use megaphones the vocal levels have a shift in volume. Granted there are volume knobs on megaphones but the levels on the megaphone sounds way to smooth and doesn’t produce a gritty enough sound for talking through a megaphone.

    • Rory says:

      I would agree. Maybe he just lip syncs for the songs where he uses the megaphone. I know the sound guys have crazy compressors to deal with the sudden amplitude change, but I still think it would clip out.

  23. michael ray says:

    i think it is lipsynched.
    however….in his defense, let me pass on a little story that happened to me once.
    i do a lot of karaoke (and not badly either) and i was in this little club/bowling alley bar called the club 300 one night doing my thing.
    i, at that time, was completely sober and in the middle of the clash tune: should i stay or should i go.
    i was using a wireless mic at the time and ALWAYS went into the crowd doing what i do.
    i was moving a bit too fast forward approaching a table when i could not stop the forward momentum and took one of the nastiest headers over the table and onto the floor.
    i KNEW there was no way to stop the in-evitable and KEPT ON SINGING as i hoped i wasn’t going to be too WRACKED UP.
    let me say this again……I KEPT ON SINGING!
    i did NOT miss a beat.
    i did NOT falter.
    oh yes…… hurt like hell, but i finished and went back to my seat.
    lucky for me i didn’t sustain any bad injuries.
    but this happened on ground level, not from a height like the one scott fell from.
    it is “suspect” that the vocals NEVER falter from that header.
    i am POSITIVE if it had been me, i would have blew the vocals.
    but he didn’t.
    from my experience i HAVE to say that ANYBODY taking that plunge, would’ve blown it.
    weilland may be good….but he’s not that good.
    i only pulled off my “stunt” because i was totally sober.
    knowing weilland’s history i would have to say this was “synched”.
    sorry to burst stp fans’s bubble.

  24. michael ray says:

    one more very important thing that apparently NOBODY has seemed to notice, or comment upon:
    as he takes “the plunge”, why is it that you DON’T HEAR THE MIC HITTING THINGS on his way to the floor???
    i am a musician, and a soundman, and i can honestly say that the mics used onstage ALMOST ALWAYS are shure mics and those mics (along with other brands/models) DO NOT HAVE ON-OFF SWITCHES attached/built in.
    this is so you don’t blow speakers when you hit the switch on, or off.
    knowing this, there is no way on this earth that weilland, or any other member can say that “as he was falling he switched off the mic”.
    it won’t fly.
    not to mention that you can STILL hear lead vocals as he’s going down.
    if that mic had’ve been “live”, you KNOW you would’ve heard it smacking crap.
    no way that mic DIDN’T hit stuff.

    • Jeremy Bartels says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I am a musician as well, and I know how sensitive mics are. And even if there was an ON/OFF switch, there is almost always a popping sound when that switch is flipped. So, clearly that is not the case. Also, as he starts to fall, you can see that the mic moves away from his mouth, yet that note is still being held out. I was actually at this show, but I looked at away at the time he fell. I also didn’t know the song well enough, either. All of a sudden everyone around me started talking about him falling off the stage, and I noticed that the vocals were still going. I don’t think the idea of him lip syncing even crossed anyone’s minds.

  25. I thought I was the only one who loved Scott! Haven’t ever seen ‘em live, but I put my money on the “no-lip-synching” side. Now, you know lip-syncs? Mr. Alx Rose.

    • Rory says:

      Axl Rose may e a lot of things…but a “lip-syncer” (if that is even a term) is not one of them. I’ve watched him butcher a lot of shows vocally…hehe but still had fun at them.

  26. I want to add: for me there’s no discussion. If you know the song, you’ll simply notice the lack of megaphone where it’s usually used after the fall. Period.

  27. Tebo says:

    Yes, he was using vocal tracks! Of course he was! A lot of guys do it. Steven Tyler has had a guy hidden back stage singing all the high stuff for years! Thats a fact Jack!

  28. Puaj says:

    “and continues on sounding exactly like my copy of Core the entire time”. Then your copy of Core is so different from mine.

  29. kpop chart says:

    She was my accurate idol. I kept playing her music till evening. Everywhere I go plays ehr music too.

  30. Djalma Reis says:

    Closing the case:

    he was lip-syncing a backing track. This backing track is on a lower volume level and WITHOUT the Megaphone sound. of COURSE the backing track is without the megaphone…it’s safety! That way Scott feels free to use or not the Megaphone while singing the song, and that´s why you do not listen to the Megaphone while he is down( and that explains also why his voice volume drops a little during his time on the ground). An A picture of him with a mic on his mouth doesn’t prove anything. Except the fact that he was determined to mantain the lie. People say “look at this picture here…of course he was singing”. Well, this is at least extremely naive.

    STP is my fav band since1993 and forever will be, no matter what, but Scott Weiland is sadly already dead and for sale. Let’s face it.

  31. Rob says:

    I hear imperfections that scott has been singing all tour. I hate how he sings some of the old songs because he add this certain thing to the end of words the oww oww thing drives me crazy. If this was a recorded track I would think it would be a better performance. Definitely not as good as the old preformances from 90s or early 2000s.

  32. Chauncey says:

    i worked for weiland for years. he would/could never lip sync. end of story.

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