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Beastie Boys To Drop The Deuce In 2011

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It has been 15 long months since MCA (Real name Adam Yauch) of Beastie Boys fame took to the bands YouTube channel and shared the news that cancer had been discovered in his parotid gland and lymph node.  At the time, all live concert dates for the band were cancelled, and the release of the bands eighth album Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 was put on hold. Camp Beastie has been relatively quiet since the shocking announcement, but that started to change last week as news regarding the band’s new movement began to hit the web.

The good news started when Director Tamara Davis (better known as Mrs. Mike D) took to her cooking blog to report that her husband was back in the studio and that Adam was “feeling better.”  The short post left many hardcore fans debating if the band was re-working Part 1, or if the trio had scrapped the project in favor of Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 based off comments made by Yauch in Entertainment Weekly last spring.

Earlier today, the Beastie Boys cleared up some of the confusion with a posting on their website. The brief update confirms that while Part 1 remains on indefinite hiatus, Part II will see a spring 2011 release.  While no official in-store date is set, one can assume that Ad-Rock, Mike D and MCA will hit the road in 2011 in support of the bands first album since 2007’s (awesome)  instrumental album The Mix Up.


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  1. Rory Biller says:

    Last time I had a chance to see them live was in New Orlenas in 2004…and it was a brilliant show.

    I’m long overdue for a Beastie show.

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