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Young Pirates Confront An Old Clown

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Gene Simmons has been speaking up about music piracy, boldly threatening anyone and everyone who steals his money (by downloading his music) with lawsuits.┬áThe ballsiest of the pirates have responded with a grand gesture, sinking Gene’s ship this morning with one big shot. Time for some popcorn.

As of this morning, is out cold, as is the UK’s Intellectual Property Office at Also targeted for attack are RIAA, the MPAA and the so-called “WebSheriff” as outlined in the “Operation Payback” target list here.

Snarky headline aside, we’ve given Gene credit where it’s due. Yet while the piracy argument may be complicated, the current situation is clear: On the internet, a global assembly of kids on message boards wields enough power to hold corporations and the law at their mercy.

This situation can’t last forever. And in every version of this tale through history, the pirates eventually lose. But it’s always fun to see such long-winded, calculated verbal threats met with a simple swift physical smack in the face, and hopefully someone among the powers that be in this world will take away that any potential solution to all of these woes cannot ignore the citizens with internet connections and balls, at the behest of old rock stars and executives with money and sob stories.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. MarianneSp says:

    Gene should threaten to make sweet, sweet love to them all. That might work.

  2. Gene actually invented web hacking in the hours before the band appeared on MTV Unplugged. Many folks are not aware of this; I only know it as it was an answer during the final round of Celebrity Rock and Roll Jeopardy.

  3. Kevin Lee says:

    Looks like the Dr. is getting a KISS of reality.

  4. Rory Biller says:

    Going to look into this more later…

    In the meantime…for people who think Gene Simmons deserves any credit at all…enjoy

  5. Finally those 4 chan people are using their internet wizardry for something worthwhile, keep it up guys.

  6. Ninjas always beat Pirates. But I suppose Pirates beat Clowns.

  7. jeebus says:


  8. jeebus says:



  9. jeebus says:

    good. tell him not to buy into that bullshit college radio made-for-television-commercials format that kroq dishes out. His indie stuff and even his rogue stuff was great. I’ve read some of his recent play lists and some of it reeks of the aforementioned format.

  10. jeebus says:


    the licker of Lichtenstein… (flickering tongue sounds)

    insert absolut mango billboard here

  11. jeebus says:

    but seriously… would he have played Amusement Parks on Fire if he weren’t on KROQ… seriously. Sun Goes Down? … fucking kroq with a british accent. Ghostland Observatory… really?

    closer and closer to Strykers Jukebox

  12. jeebus says:

    wasn’t it kroqs lawyers who prevented indie1031 from playing certain NIN songs?

    this is gonna be bad.

  13. jeebus says:

    btw I was the guy who called in around 2006 or 2007 and spoke to jonesy requesting that he post his play lists so I could acquire 99% of what he played!! of which they did so, and I as well… happily. Now… I dunno. Don’t fucking sell out Steve.

  14. philipp says:

    Where’s the problem? I dont like even like that Kiss band anyway.

  15. jeebus says:

    ya know what…. I loved Jonesys Jukebox. Honestly, I didn’t miss a minute of it. The whistling wasn’t my favorite but I still found some joy in it from time to time. However the show as a whole… I imiss.,… I understand that you have to work your way into a KROQ audience but I’m afraid that it will just stop at that… .So far the track list is 85% there… but the personality is absent. Bring it back Steve. Sirius would have been better… or Kxlu or what ever the BS local radio station in LA is. It’s not the same man. Whats the difference between tonights show and a show where stryker plays some random indie songs? Bring it back Steve…

  16. jeebus says:

    it’s not like you need the cash… for reals. how many dj’s have the potential to bring what you bring? and you sign with kroq? really?

  17. jeebus says:

    also…. Stryker… I have been listening to that guy for years. He is talented. Im not insulting him he just does a different thing.

    He was hilarious in Grandmas Boy and great with Dr Drew

    But Steve… wtf? really

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