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Cee-Lo Makes Kings Of Leon’s Radioactive His Own

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Not too many people seem very impressed by the new Kings Of Leon album Come Around Sundown (listen here), but most have taken a liking to their new track Radioactive. That includes spazzy soul wizard Cee-Lo Green, who dropped by Radio One to cut a live lounge session cover of the track.

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The performance is stellar, giving the song new wings. Kudos to Cee-Lo for making yet another cover all his own – listen to his entire new album The Lady Killer, right here.

And of course, big ups to Some Kind Of Awesome for the heads up.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Trina Green says:

    Goddamn. I like this so much and now I actually want these two dudes to duet on this song and I’m not kidding. Can you imagine it? Their voices would practically be having sex with one another, they’re so complimentary. And the soul.

  2. Elijah's Rain says:

    This makes me like KOL a little again but only just a little.

  3. Steve Keyes says:

    Cee-Lo is all kinds of awesome.

  4. J Rexxxxx says:

    Holy Sheepshit, Batman. That’s pretty damn good. I don’t care for the new record too much, but this is one of the few KoL songs I liked, and Cee-Lo just took it up about 5 notches. Kudos!

  5. Jess says:

    I don’t know what you people are talking about. The Kings Of Leon did a great job on this album. It’s something different then their normal stuff they do but it’s still really good. I have been a fan of these guys since the very start. I think they did a very good job.

    • Trina Green says:

      I’m a great fan of theirs, too, but this album sucks ass. That’s the abbreviated, internet, but very accurate version of my opinion. I’ve been very thorough and longwinded on the subject.

      Back to Aha Shake Heartbreak for me.

  6. Wolf Gemora says:

    The new KOL album is great! Love this version as well. Just goes to show how good the song is.

  7. haysoose says:

    jesus.. thats crap. everyone is bitching because KOL is taking on a more atmospheric guitar approach rather than selling carbon copy riffs from Bleach b-sides. Goodness. I really don’t understand the criticism of Come Around Sundown.

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