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Jack White Kills The Middleman, Defends eBay Auction

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In a rather immediate act of self-justification on Monday afternoon, Jack White responded directly to fans’ backlash against an eBay auction hosted by his own Third Man Records for one of five coveted copies of The White Stripes‘ first album reissue, on the double-colored vinyl edition set for extremely limited release in select stores and TMR’s Nashville store on Tuesday.

For nearly every TMR release, there’s an accompanying rare special edition. White’s voracious international fanbase spends batshit crazy amounts of money for these gems as soon as they hit eBay, fueling a black market ruled by “flippers,” record scalpers snatching up every triple-colored vinyl for quick, fat profits.

Yesterday, Mr. White decided to turn the situation to his advantage (if not the fans’), altering the dynamic of music profiteering in the process. Rather than challenge the futility of attempting to blockade the rampant inflation, he shifted the goods himself and stiffed the middleman.

Paid subscribers of TMR’s The Vault were directed to an eBay page with open auctions for copies of the limited edition vinyl version of the self-titled White Stripes reissue. Within an hour, all 5 auctions were above $100 each, and a small shitstorm of comments began to erupt on The Vault, when, suddenly, Jack White joined the site’s chatroom with a handbasket-gripping introduction of “See you in hell?” and explained, quite simply, why the hell there were people paying 500 bucks for a record you have to crack open to listen to: “Supply & demand.”

The simple nature behind all the profiteering on eBay is that people pay as much as they can for a record they want. As Jack said, “nobody told them to buy it with a gun to their head.” The records are expensive because the fans make them expensive. When a fan tried to argue that people with “more money than sense” were to blame, Jack retorted: “Or are they just paying what the going rate is?” White explained: “We sell a Wanda Jackson split record for 10 bucks, the eBay flipper turns around and sells it for 300. If 300 is what it’s worth, then why doesn’t Third Man Records sell it for 300? If we sell them for more, the artist gets more, the flipper gets nothing. We’re not in the business of making flippers a living. We’re in the business of giving fans what they want.”

Arguably sound logic. When Jack was pushed about the integrity of this move, he responded: “Integrity? What are we doing that doesn’t have integrity? You’re the ones telling us what they are worth.” Though it might not seem fair to make the colored vinyls so difficult to attain, as he put it, if everyone could get their hands on a limited vinyl, it wouldn’t be limited. For the people who aren’t able to, they have “the black vinyl UNlimited version.”

Closing the conversation, Jack reassured fans that “[Third Man] is on your side don’t forget,” and a promising “see you soon.” The money will roll right in, of course, and in today’s shifting music paradigm, it’s a fascinating thing to see such a highly renowned artist beating the devils at their own game. At least those with the pockets and arguable insanity to pay so much for the music will be directly funding the artist, and not the peripheral parasites feeding on fandom. But we’re not holding any illusions that the vinyl will ever see a record player.

Read the full context of Jack’s comments at The Little Room.

UPDATE: Jack later returned to the site and responded further, directly to reader comments, in a fiery exchange which you can read below, in all his unedited lowercase glory. Further below, read his closing comments on the matter.

Fan: Alright? Is this a big FU or something to vault members?! I ran home all excited to see what was going to be posted and this is it?! Seriously this is a bunch of crap. I pay my membership and have really got nothing extrodinary for it in return really?

Jack: you’ve gotten NOTHING extraordinary in return? i’d have to disagree with you, as the records you’ve received you can ONLY get with a vault membership. i won’t bore you with online content and free giveaways, and first admission privileges, etc. but are you saying you aren’t getting rare records at a price that’s at least a third of what they go for on, oh i don’t know ….ebay?

Fan: Well I think it’s official this is my last Vault experience. Really nothing on here worth paying for anymore. Think you get something special with a message, but it’s really just a link to fan exploitation.

Jack: fan exploitation? really? if you don’t want it, DONT BUY IT. and if you do want it, don’t act like you DON’T want it. get in line like anyone else, hunt for it like anyone else. you act like we bury them in tunnels in vietnam for god sakes, you can get one randomly in the mail if your lucky, in line at a store if you’re lucky, in your hometown if you’re lucky, etc. who is guaranteed a rare hard to find record? only vault members and their quarterly subscriptions. there’s luck in every other version.

Fan: Fuck you, Third Man.

Jack: really? you think we deserve that? would you like us to just stop making limited edition records? you would go so far as to say fuck you to us? for what? we didn’t do anything to you but give you what you want. you’re a vault member obviously, for what reason? limited records you can’t get elsewhere? would you kindly send us those records back so we can sell them to some other fan who didn’t get to have them? don’t want a split colored limited edition record? then guess what? don’t buy one. don’t want them to be expensive? then guess what? don’t WANT them. it’s you and others wanting them that dictates the price and the entire nature of the idea.

make no mistake, we could make twenty thousand split color whatevers for you, and they’ll be worth 20 bucks, and you’ll pay 20 bucks for them, and you’ll never talk about them, desire them, hunt to find them, etc. why should ebay flippers, who are not real fans, dictate the price, make all the profit (taken from the artist and the label) and take the records out of the hands of real fans. there’s a guy who waits in a black suv down the block from third man who hires homeless people to go buy him tri colors when they are on sale. doesn’t even get out of his car. should he be charged ten bucks or two hundred? don’t be spoiled, don’t insult people who are trying to give you what you want. last quarter every vault member got a black and blue live record. a record you’re only supposed to get if you ACTUALLY GO to a live show at third man. are you pissed about that?

we’ve done giveaways, contests, auctions, etc. a lot of different ways for vault members to get first crack at limited records when we don’t have to. we do it because by being a member you’re supposedly making a statement that you’re a real fan who wants the music, and to be involved in collecting rare and interesting vinyl. from some of these comments i take it that a lot of you would like this to be all digital, available to anyone on amazon dot com, anytime. boring, lifeless, lazy, and redundant. don’t get mad at third man for giving you exactly what you’ve asked for. and seriously stop all of the whining, because what you communicate to us is that all of the trouble we go to isn’t worth it because nothing we do will make you happy. we’ll try to do back rubs door to door when we get a chance. sincerely the staff at third man records.

Update: Jack posted the following message on the Vault board Thursday afternoon:

hey y’all, jack here. just wanted to touch base with the thousands of fans who’ve come through third man or emailed or called in the last few days. everything’s been going sweliigently. i want to stress to everyone that i am not mad or stressed at any fans in our world, i’m not even stressed at flippers. it’s no fun to see rolling stone saying jack white is pissed at his fans. that’s pretty unfair. i have to say the only thing i don’t like is that i’m supposedly given the message that i’m not allowed to have a dialogue with my fans or with vault members privately for that matter. i should be able to talk to you guys and explain what we’re up to without you thinking the whole staff here is pissed. we want you to know where we’re coming from and we want your opinions on what goes on.

there’s been a lot of positivity lately about our special releases and what all goes on at third man. glad you are digging what’s happening, hope you all get the records you want, and remember all these releases are on black vinyl, and most of the time digital as well, and if enough of you want it on 8 track, we’ll look into that too, matter of fact if an 6 year old walks in to the store today and asks for an 8 track of consolers of the lonely, i’m going to get him one dammit, and i’ll see him in hell too! (that’s a joke people, let’s all take it easy) working with wanda jackson today, i’m going to take my picture with her too if she’ll let me. take it easy, literally. jack III


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. tbone57 says:

    Now Jack and TMR should go after concert ticket flippers. Fuck ‘em all.

  2. Sloane says:

    Its funny to see those people bitch but really that’s capitalism at its finest, people paying what they think something’s worth. Like White said, he’s not forcing anyone to pay 300 bucks, nor did he start out at that price. That’s just what someone intends to pay for it.

  3. MidnightMarauder says:

    shit this was cool.

  4. Geddyfleaharris says:

    I do not have a problem with what Jack is doing. Free market, supply and demand etc. etc. But the best thing is that he is cutting the flippers out of the loop. Why should they make the big coin? Tired of those leeches.

    Give ‘ er hell Jack!

  5. martinamerica says:

    Didn’t think it was possible, but my respect for Jack White just went up 1000%.

  6. jenne says:

    RIGHT ON JACK WHITE!!!!!! i didn’t think it was possible to think even higher of you sir – but it’s true.

  7. ScienceKiller says:

    Hey I got a post on here. I was the one who mentioned fan exploitation. I shouldn’t have said that as that’s what he focused on. My bigger point was that I got a tweet saying PREMIUM VAULT MEMBERS ONLY CHECK VAULT (or something to that effect). Here I am thinking we might be getting something special regarding the releases, and when I sign in and check the page it is simply a link to a public eBay auction.

    I’ll admit it just seemed wrong at first to do it this but the more I think about it, the more I really don’t care. At the end of the day the same 5 people who would have paid flippers will simply pay Jack and Meg.

    But it was cool to anger Jack enough to get him to respond to me, even though he sort of focused on the last two words of my statement and not the whole thing.

    • Gerard says:

      I think he made his marketing now impossible for some fans, I guess there will be fans going to look to another side just because he´s cutting flippers, which is a good idea but never the less who´s going to get his music at that price?

  8. SumusVulgus says:

    like most people, i can’t afford those records. but more power to the people that can. that’s what makes them special. you go, jack white.

  9. Nicholas Sandoval says:

    the only way to actually go after flippers is, once all are sold out at the stores, release another 5,000 split colors for $20 each. Then the flippers don’t make any profit.

  10. Ryan Magner says:

    It only takes a few assholes, man. I hope this doesn’t discourage him about the internet at all. He’s expressed disappointment before if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately the ones out to destroy something good seem to always have the biggest mouths. He had a lot of good shit to say, but I just wish it was a little more formal than responding in the comments section to a few punks.

  11. ScienceKiller says:

    As much as he does, the same flippers are inevitable. Ones from Nashville sale today now on eBay, Buy It Now for $750.

    • Ryan Magner says:

      Either way the artist gets the initial cut that they should expect. He saw an opportunity, maybe didn’t use as much tact as people would like, but tough shit. When has the Vault subscription TRULY been a negative thing? We get exclusive shit for our 60 bucks. The biggest point here is that TMR isn’t selling records for $750 bucks.

      • ScienceKiller says:

        The Vault itself isn’t a negative thing, it just isn’t worth that much anymore to me. I’ve seen all the videos I care about (and 90% can be found on YouTube anyways). The packages are getting considerably worse (don’t care much for the Greenhornes and the shirts they use are the lowest quality shirts I’ve ever owned).

        All in all it just isn’t worth it anymore because they offer me nothing I want. It was fun while it lasted but this is my last one unless the package is truly exceptional.

  12. drdano says:

    i was trying to point out that when item’s first go up on ebay there is mad frenzy of bidders, usually rookies who drive the price up. people with more money than sense.

  13. Kamen Zheynov says:

    Big Up, Jack!
    Big up, mate!

  14. I back Jack completely on this. This setup is much more honest then the flippers getting all the money. Those guys arnt real fans and are no better then scalpers with a ebay account. fuck em, I say.

  15. ScienceKiller says:

    I agree with you, but why turn around the day after doing this and sell to those very same flippers? Check eBay, the shit is up there right now.

  16. Lea says:

    I totally agree with Jack on this one. So, let’s pretend that you have created an amazing product that everyone wants and you market it in such as way that it appeals to collectors and fans alike who are willing to pay more for it. You would have every right to make the most money possible on it. It doesn’t matter how much money you already have, or how little money someone else has who may want to buy that product. Just because you are already rich does not mean you have less of a right to make more money. It also would not be your responsibility to protect others who are making money off of the product you created. This is a free market economy, based on supply and demand. If no one wanted to buy your special product, then you couldn’t demand a high price for it. Jack White is a musician, yes. But he is a business man too and is successful at both due to his unorthodox and creative marketing. You can’t hate him for the same reasons you love him.

  17. Murray says:

    If someone is willing to pay above retail for an album more power to them, and if TMR is the one auctioning the albums so be it. Why should someone with no connection to the business or the artist profit from someone else’s work? If I was willing to bid in an auction for one of the split colored albums I’d rather the money go to TMR rather than some shmoe that happened to be able buy the albums directly at retail and flip them.

    I might be one of the few that is grateful just to have the opportunity to buy the remastered albums on vinyl. I pre-ordered all three today, if I get the split color vinyl that’s cool, if not, I got remastered analog recordings on 180g vinyl, and that’s cool too.

  18. ScienceKiller says:

    Should people not be allowed to sell Picasso’s and Rembrandt’s either? Because surely most owners these days have no connection to the artist or business.

    • Murray says:

      I have yet to hear of a Picasso or a Rembrandt being flipped within minutes of purchase, but I’m not really into high-end art collecting . Buying something that appreciates in value over time is one thing, but to turn around and sell a hot item once it sells out is another. My point was that if anyone should profit from the initial spike in demand it’s the artist, not someone in the right place at the right time.

  19. Jake says:

    Hilarious…. just thinking. If this were Billy Corgan instead of Jack White, this story would be receiving 100% negative publicity for stuff like this. This is a really opened ended thought, if Kanye did this he would be the most innovative artist (at least in Pitchfork’s mind) of the 21st century. It’s funny how the world works, in the end everyone bitches about anything and everything until they hear the next big hit made using pro-tools!

    • mcdo says:

      very good point. if it were jack, kanye, trent reznor or josh homme, it would be absolutely 100% positive. billy corgan would be shot down. heavily. saying that though i’m not much of a jack white fan but support him completely on this idea. power to him

    • Wanna know why we would yell and scream if Billy was behind this? Cause he would be doing it for the money. He lost any credibility as a artist a long time ago. Jack would crawl naked through glass for his music. Thats more then enough of a reason for me to back him on this.

  20. eyevocal says:

    Fair enough for the music that’s easy to find otherwise, but for stuff like the unreleased song on the Dead Weather Triple Decker, this is a bitch. Exclusive release versions, fine. Knock yourself out. Exclusive music–that’s where I say FU to Third Man.

    • M says:

      Another example of Jack/Third Man’s completey twisted idiotic rationalism for their very ethically questionable actions. The only thing White has accomplished by selling these on ebay is taken 5 copies out of the 350 designated for walk-in customers, Thus lining his own pocket with over $2500 for something that cost him less than $10 each to produce. How would you have liked to been one of those 5 people in that line in Nashville to be told they just sold out of the last split color LPs.
      Honestly 350 copies of a groups release that will probably sell at least 100,000 copies worldwide is just crass Collectorscum BS. If they made 2,000 to 5,000 of split color it would still be very collectible and would surely still retain high value over time. If they want to do something really interesting they could do a press run of 100 and auction them on ebay as CHARITY auctions. JACK WHITE DOES NOT NEED NOR DESERVE OVER $500 for each record sold

      • Ben says:

        totally agree.

      • blasted1 says:

        I absolutely agree with you. Ranting about “flippers” is a way of muddying the waters of what the crucial point of this opera is really about…Greed; Jack’s, the flippers and everybody else’s. Jack’s AND the flippers “ethics” and motiviation are the same. Nobody gets to take the moral high ground. J.P. Morgan would have admired Jack immensely…and that’s no compliment.

      • Rdub the Great says:

        This is officially the dumbest thing I’ve heard someone say on this topic. Who the hell are you to comment on what another man needs or deserves. Worry about yr own, and don’t hate somebody for selling their own shit, on their own terms. Burn in hell.

  21. db says:

    I ALMOST agree with Jack 100%.

    My only issue is with his point that if they made a ton of tri-colors or triple-deckers for $20 that nobody would want them, insinuating that the only thing that makes them desirable is the limited quantity. I completely understand making MOST of those limited. But if he made just one triple-decker a large run there’d be a ton of non-crazy-collectors who would love to have one just because they are cool. So I hope he sees that there are many levels of fandom, not just “crazy collectors” and then “everybody else.” Sometimes a record style is just cool and they’re innovating some neat things over at TMR – I’d love a copy of a triple to show people what cool crap they’re doing, but I’m never paying eBay prices for one.

  22. Marianne says:

    I dunno…I used to collect stuff like this like a rabid hyena. Now many years later I look at a orange Taiwanese vinyl LP I paid a ridiculous amount for and go, “Why?” Making “collectibles” just for the sake of it kind of puts you in the Franklin Mint business. It’s fun on the manufacturing side but at the end of the day I guess I would rather just have more new music.

    At this point there is nothing that Jack’s going to do in any of his ventures that is going to be met with 100% acceptance — it’s price of big fame. He should just do what he wants to do, and if he likes it, good enough. On to the next project.

    • Jay says:

      I like your Franklin Mint comparison. I was thinking more along the lines of Beanie Babies. I feel sorry for fans that buy these limited edition LPs thinking they are going to appreciate in value and help pad their retirement fund. Not going to happen.

      • Jay says:

        Oops… I should have read a few more posts before commenting. Emily H really hits the nail on the head. Didn’t mean to steal your Beanie Baby comparison, Emily.

  23. Ben says:

    Jack, you dictated this price. Not the flippers. According to your Myspace page, your band The White Stripes has 250,184 fans. Now, I realize that all your fans are not on myspace AND not each one of them is salivating over this ultra-limited reissue, but say 1%of them are. That would be 2,502 fans, give or take, based on your “friends”. How how many of these rare records did you produce? 450? You mentioned that you could produce 20,000 records that would be worth 20 bucks or whatever, but what are you really trying to say by restricting your fans this way. By restricting your fans, you are responsible for this maniacal behavior of flipping. By using your successes, as an artist and now as a business man, you are exploiting the people that helped get you there. That said, the flipping is inevitable. You can’t control it, but by selling your own records through these tactics is extremely unethical. With your statement, clearly money is what you are after for your label and your band, and not the flippers, consider alternative methods. Not ebay.

    Also, why a limited edition of a reissue? Isn’t the original the one that is sought after. Feels like we are being played.

    • M says:

      Exactly Ben, Jack’s notion that everyone who buys one of these III Man limited releases is just going to “flip” them on ebay is ridiculous. There are currently 23 copies of the Split color LP on ebay, some of which are relists. I would imagine that at least 80 percent of the people who waited in line at the store in Nashville were fans who really want the special split vinyl edition, not “flippers” Jack just made the matter worse by taking 5 copies out of circulation to people who really wanted the record at a reasonable cost. He’s being just as bad as the “flippers” he says he hates. As Ben stated very UNETHICAL. The whole thing calls into questio his integrity and honesty into exactly how many of these records are really being pressed. Think about it, what would it take for them to press up more than what they are claiming. It’s not like each record is individiually numbered. Bad move Jack. “See You In Hell” indeed

      • gotime says:

        so, donating the money made from these records to charity is also unethical, because of his method of fundraising? Trying to sell records in remote locations so that fans(hopefully) are able to get them and not a line of flippers is also an unfair practice? Who is the one riding on the high horse of conspiracy theories today?

    • Scotto says:

      For me, I couldn’t shake the feeling that what Jack White’s doing is indulging in a bit of snobbery. I like bands who offer their b-sides, alternate takes, and otherwise non-mainstream material in an inclusive way. Look at Pearl Jam; they offer almost all of their material for everyone to enjoy. You just need to know where to look, whether it’s finding their singles releases or a live DVD.

      Jack White kinda gave me the impression that he doesn’t really care so much that his music gets to his fans to enjoy, but to rather create a pissing contest that divides people. In this case, I really don’t see many people happy: fans who miss the auction feel left out, and the people who get this limited record will be pissed that they spent so much money to get so little music.

  24. Emily H. says:

    Ben nailed it. Jack & his record label set the price for these releases, by creating an artificial scarcity. There are plenty of bands that make records in “limited” quantities of 300 or 500… because they’re not very famous & aren’t sure the record will sell out (or don’t want to bring more on tour with them than they can sell). Sometimes the band gets big & those records become sought-after & valuable. Making too few items on purpose so they’ll be worth hundreds right away is something rather different. The kind of record collecting TMC is enabling here is about as meaningful as Beanie Baby collecting.*

    Selling records for more than 10 times what they’re worth is classless and tacky. Cashing in on collector scum’s neurotic need for products you don’t really care about is exploitative and tacky. Bottom line, if something is classless and exploitative, don’t do it. Some asshole (the flippers) might come along & do it anyway, but so what? You can’t control other people’s actions, you can only control your own. If you’re passionate about music rather than about innovative marketing strategies, act like it.

    *And as with Beanie Babies, collectors may be disappointed some time down the road, when they find their rarities aren’t really worth anything. That’s the downside of insta-collectables.

  25. Tom says:

    seeing this story linked everywhere. you guys must be having fun with reading the analytics. and glad it doesnt involve being held at gunpoint. congrats.

  26. Jumbo says:

    Everyone here is so smart. I gotta get smarter. SO smart. When we are REAL smart then we are fair … but we don’t gotta be fair until we get more … smart. Even all these records aren’t as good as these comments. These comments are right. They are the best. If you think they are the best then they might be better. No one has enough money. I have something to say.

    How did you all get so smart and this way?

  27. Sphincter Control says:

    Whiners whining at whiners whining about nonsense. While drinking wine.

  28. stu says:

    This is hardly a solution. Now instead of some fans being able to get the vinyl for a reasonable price, no one is. Having super limited items is cool, but not when the only way to get them in the first play is to have tons of dough. I agree 100% with Emily H, the only thing this is good for is making third man some money (and really not all that much). The only thing that makes super rare records and other memorabilia cool is that they are rare for a reason. This is just silly and totally against the spirit of what Jacks going for.
    On another note, did you guys see Pitchfork picked up the story and cited you guys?

  29. Dw Dunphy says:

    My opinion is this: I have been shut out of sales, as a fan, by flippers with all the time in the world to grab items and turn them for a quick profit. I recognize that’s the goal of capitalism. Fine.

    It would be nice if the people who wanted an item because they personally had an interest in it could get first dibs. More often than not, they can’t. They then should chalk it up as a lost opportunity and not buy the item at an inflated price on E-bay. The only way to stop the unfair practice is to stop making it profitable.

    Will that ever happen in the majority, in a meaningful way that would affect how the game is played? No. People with money get what they want and that is, after all, the only rule of the game itself.

  30. mij says:

    I’ve been to a few limited releases at third man, usually if the release goes along with my work schedule. I can say that it is easy to pick out the flippers. The comment jack has about the guy in the SUV getting homeless people to buy them is not a surprise. I don’t plan on selling my records, but it is nice to know that i CAN sell it if something comes up in the future. In many ways there are fans there that buy the record like its an insider tip at the stock market. once word got out around Nashville that you could wait in line for 6 hours and make $300-$500 people started going to the releases in great numbers. You use to be able to walk up to the store and buy it, now you have to wait in line for hours and sometimes you are still beat out by the flippers. It sucks, but it’s part of it. The early bird gets the worm.
    I know for a fact that third man cares about their customers and that jack has every intention to give back directly to the fans. I hope he can find a way to defy the flippers without dancing on the border of gestapo interrogation techniques (Who are you? Whats your Ebay account? Answer this random White Stripes Trivia question to prove you are a real fan and earn your limited record!)
    on the real though, i hope he gets those damn flippers. hate those guys.

  31. Nick Fargo says:


  32. Tristan says:

    I understand the idea of wanting to cut out the record flipper, but as a record collector and listener (and especially a POOR record collector) what I love is the ability of records I love to appreciate in value from what I bought them for. The fun of collecting vinyl loses the entirety of the thrill if I’m paying $500 for something I love. Record flippers are an unfortunate result of this system, but I feel like it’s just rewarding people with disposable income for that sort of thing, and is in danger of turning the record distributor into the record flipper themselves.

  33. Juicy says:

    I like the song Money. Do you think Jack likes Pink Floyd?

    Do you?

    Marianne’s real name is Jumbo and she’s tiny but has a lot to offer.

  34. Jim says:

    I thought all Jack White’s fans had to be whinners. Why else would they listen to his garbage music.

  35. Oh come on! You want the records, Jack wants your money, period! I’m on the Ben – Emily H. side. This is just absurd. Every fan wants the fucking recordsubss, it’s just sadistic to watch your fans competing for the damn thing, spending all their money in the race. Jack’s a great musician, one of the very finest of our generation, but this kind of shit is just sad. But that’s my humble opinion. It’s just Rock N’ Roll, so let’s move on.

    • Jay says:

      I think Jack secretly gets off at the idea that his records are instantly collectible. It probably helps him feel secure that his records are any good. It’s a good smoke screen at least.

  36. gotime says:

    donating the money to charity(and it’s not millions)-who’s to say that someone who really deserves something(meaning not necessarily a record) is not going to get what they need because of Jack. There is a bigger picture to this that your arrogant, narrowmindedness is not allowing you to see.

  37. Derek says:

    Youre all capitalists … So whats the problem … if you dont like the system … vote & change it…

    Also whats this all got to do with The Vault.????

    Premium Vault members dont get the big money rarites, theyre sold via TMR shops.

  38. rick says:

    well played Mr. White.

  39. Hell Yeah Jack White! says:

    You Mr.White are to amazing for words to describe, those fucking ebay flippers don’t realize how lucky they are to have something that amazing :)

  40. barney says:

    Hell Yeah Jack White is the man. i Respect im EVEN more. Get back together with Meg and come to New Zealnd. PLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE. I know soooooo many people that would give anything to see you live.

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  43. jim says:

    I sell rare records on eBay for a living. I admit I recently flipped an expensive record store day item (by purchasing two copies online, not at a store, one to keep for myself, and one to sell). I made a bit of money and got one free in the process. People who sell records professionally put in a lot of time hunting, cleaning, listing, listening, researching, etc. The records get out to people who REALLY want them all over the world. That said, I think Mr. White has it right! He and his cohorts are CREATING the much sought after items – that is why they should get the money – duh! With most of the records that I sell, the artist is long gone and the customer is very happy. Everyone wins. Cheers.

  44. parker smigelski says:

    i think its great for the musicians i know if someone was getting the money from the songs i write i would be pissed and for music this great and my personal inspiration for becoming a guitarist i think they should get every penny. i would have bought it but im saving up for a grestch.

  45. Maria says:

    got a tooth pulled out yesterday.
    was in blind panik, sitting on that chair, waiting for the pain, sweat allover, fear of death.
    i was in hell, trust me!
    an then i saw jack whites face in my mind , just by the time the pain came through.
    and i had to think about his great work in musik and at the TMR and how much love, passion and work he had put into this to make others happy.
    had to think of the ebay controversies.
    at last the money goes to the right direction.
    at last someone had enough balls to really show the world what music is about!
    fuck the industries!
    pay the artist for the work, for the products we all are glad to consume!
    at least someone with enough guts to show (again) what R´n`R and Punk primary is/was all about!
    pay some tribute and respekt to the ones who deserve it, the ones who are not able exist and live without music:
    pay the creative folks!- not the parasites!

    ….like i said, this all made my pain go away.
    thank you jack!!!

    kepp rolli´n.
    and dont let the jealous wanna be´s come to close to you.
    Keep selling and Fuck ´em – Fuck ´em all!!


    Maria, Germany

  46. Al Catasus says:

    I am not a Jack White fan, not because I don’t like his music. I’m just not familiar with it. (I’m old, what can I tell you?) I can tell you this however:

    Not enough of the fans’ money goes to the artists. When I buy music, in any form or format, it is never because I am a fan of the producer, the recording technicians, the guy in accounting who totals up the take, the tax lawyer who files the label’s returns, the agent who helps the artists get their backing and certainly not the guys who buy limited edition recordings or concert tickets in order to create a false scarcity and distort the market. i buy music because i like what the artist is putting out there for me. These others (the production, legitimate distribution and business teams, not the flippers) are important. They make it possible for the artists to perform and/or record. But without the artist and his art there is NOTHING!

    So, in short, Mr. White, you are 100% correct in everything you wrote, and you stated it with consummate clarity. Your words should be circulated not just on a rock fans’ blog, but throughout the artistic community!

  47. […] winning bid finished adult being $510, though White had to face down indignant fans, writing: make no mistake, we couldArticle source: […]

  48. td says:

    jacks right…you idiots need to stfu!…money should go to him and the artist

  49. dirt says:

    You all are dumb fucks!!!! Leave third man be theres morels pulling it off.where did the mentality of people go.. I will see you all in hell, lol get fuct

  50. steven miles says:

    People have been flipping Roland keyboard manuals on ebay when in fact they’re free for the postage. Another is Lollar pick-ups posted a free diagram for the DIY pick-up winding machine, there’s a guy that sells it on ebay and amazon for $250, what a rip. Now Lollar sells a copy for $60 out of courtesy. But hey, supply and demand. Thanks Jack for sticking up for the artist, they’ve earned it!

  51. Shari says:

    Ill take one of those back rubs please :)

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