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Listen To A New Mars Volta Song (Technically)

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Yesterday on The Mars Volta fan forum The Comatorium, what many speculated to be a leaked track from the band’s upcoming 6th album slipped out into the open.

While it’s not technically a Mars Volta song, 1S2PFB (“one in the stink, two in the pink, flicking the bean”) was written and recorded by its core members for a fake band in a film, with drums by Deantoni Parks or Dave Elitch (we think). Either way, the track is missing Rodríguez-López’ frantic Latin mathrock and Cedric’s trademark wail, so scrutinizing speculation is sure to follow.

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After much debate over the MP3’s origin, weirdo & Volta vocalist Cedric Bixler Zavala took to Facebook to shed some light:

“ok here is the real dirt you little doe eyed queefs …. the song which is titled 1S2PFB(THANK U THANK U) is at least 2 years old….and… roll please….is not a volta song. now wait before you start losing your little blood filled boners…it is from a movie directed by mark rufallo. i think its called sympathy for delicious…it might have changed so don’t get your adult swim panties all in a knot CULOtorium….it is d on drums and omar bass and guitar(look out son!)…. we were asked by mark to write something for it…or rather omar to write something for it….juliette lewis is the bass player in the movie version of the band…. orlando bloom is the singer…so the version you hear with vocals may not even be my vocals because what i wrote for orlando to sing was actually duplicated by him.”

We’re told the track won’t be on their new album. More on the film here.

Here’s a little bonus video from Volta’s psychotically deranged, fantastically fucked frontman:

There’s a whole world of this on Cedric’s YouTube account.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. I didn’t bother with the last album. I gave up. It’s one thing to be an artist, it’s another thing to be the turd in the punchbowl. Do the right thing guys and take the paycheck for 2011 and fake it with some At The Drive-In gigs. Start collecting at that twat infested hipster gig in the desert and maybeJUSTmaybe I will pitch a tent for y’all once again.

    • I don’t understand why indie hipsters dig At The Drive-In so much. Sometimes, I think they just got angry at how sophisticated and successful The Mars Volta are, so they decided to adore the thing that was a step below, just to piss off music lovers. Typical hipster behavior, right?

      • I won’t act all hip and cool, I first heard ATDI at the tail end of their run. From there, I went Team Mars Volta all the way. I can’t even listen to Sparta. I just feel as if these two have pushed being difficult and edgy and out there to a point where it’s no longer incredible (the first two records by TMV) and now it’s just vomit in the listeners ears. I would hope a visit back in time to ATDI would remind Cedric and Omar that you can be insane, but you need a good song to launch the madness from.

        • Oh and most hipsters heard At The Drive-In after they heard The Widow (radio edit) on modern rock radio.

          • You silly bitches are insane. Bedlam In Goliath was a fucking phenomenal album that digs deeper and deeper into my brainguts with every listen.

            • Rory Biller says:

              Agreed. That album grew on my with repeated listens. Especially the 7/4 madness of the first track Aberinkula…

            • dylsmack says:

              also agreed. Bedlam is ridiculously funky.

            • Cory Hatton says:

              bedlam owns. overuse of the word hipster means you’re a hipster :)

              • Cory Hatton says:

                also, for a long time I thought one of the lyrics on the last song of that album was “I’ve got a penis that rips through the very fabric of time” which would have been the best line ever.

                • Jon Kinney says:

                  I thought those were the lyrics as well. If you check songmeanings, a lot of other people thought he was saying penis initially.

                  While it would have been funny if he said it, the whole sense of the album would be wrecked.

                  “I got a pain inside that’ll rip through the very fabric of time (time… time… time… time)”

                  Conjugal Burns is so awesome though. I really dig the parts at the start with “Maybe tonight…… oh oh oh hoh…”

                  and the similar part that’s like “JUST SO YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW”

              • Perhaps I shall re-examine Bedlam, but yeah it did nothing for me upon it’s release.

                • Mike says:

                  yeah man, give it a few more spins. Like I said, that tour was schweet because they had such a great catalogue by then. I saw them a week before that album came out, so it was new to us. But that album rocks in a lot of ways.

        • Skwerl says:

          i like about two sparta songs. namely mye and breaking the broken. relationship of command is great, but mars volta is better.

        • Mike says:

          I agree with almost everything you said. I also got into ATD-I as they were breaking up, Vaya changed my life, and they became my favorite band. As TMV came out with their first album, and blew everyone’s mind, I was also a full-fledged member of Team TMV. I also agree that the first two albums were the best, De-Loused being one of the greatest albums in history. I tried listening to Sparta at first, and never got into it. Pretty weak stuff.
          The only place I disagree is that while Amputecture was no De-Loused or Frances, it was superb music. Since then they have been a different band, but I wouldn;t call it vomit. Bedlam had some nice moments and that tour was ridiculous. Here’es to the music they can’t take away from us: ATD-I and early TMV forever

      • I prefer ATDI because I feel it strikes the perfect balance between the standard rock sound that became Sparta and the acid-trip noodling that became Mars Volta.

        Sparta’s first album was great, but they quickly lost my interest. I haven’t listened to Mars Volta in a very long while (since “Deloused…”), but from what I understand, they’ve continued to get more and more insane – not sure if that’s good or bad.

  2. Melissa says:

    From what I’ve read, it’s Cedric’s lyrics that rub hipsters the wrong way. I kinda think that hipsters have a secret hard on for them that they don’t want to admit to, so they just go to ATDI ’cause they’re what’s ~cool~.

  3. Cody Lamie says:

    What a retarded stream of comments

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