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Pearl Jam Vs. & Vitalogy Reissue Details Emerge

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Amazon appears to have spilled the beans on the upcoming reissue of Pearl Jam‘s multiplatinum albums Vs. and Vitalogy. The highly anticipated updated releases, remastered by Adam Ayan, are set to coincide with Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary celebration which is expected to include a feature film (directed by Cameron Crowe), a festival weekend getaway for fans and other unearthed musical gems.

Added to the bottom of the Vs. tracklist, new tracks include Hold On (previously featured on the rarities/B-sides compilation Lost Dogs), an unreleased jam called Cready Stomp (which has been speculated to be a Mike McCready instrumental track) and the excellent Crazy Mary, which was originally featured on Sweet Relief: A Benefit For Victoria Williams.

Set for a March 29 release, Vs won’t be the only PJ reissue on deck; the same day, the band’s third album Vitalogy will also get the reissue/remaster treatment, with demos and alternate versions of tracks including Corduroy, Better Man and Nothingman.

Expected in the reissue packages are live performances, a cassette from the band’s Monkeywrench radio series, a composition notebook (similar to those which frontman Eddie Vedder pens his lyrics) and a memorabilia-filled envelope. Extended versions of the reissues are planned as well, which will include Record Store Day vinyl editions for each album. The limited edition collector’s box set will feature a double vinyl LP and CD of Live at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, April 12, 1994 plus an exclusive digital download of the concert.

Listen to Crazy Mary from Pearl Jam’s July 8, 2003 show:

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  1. Cody Lamie says:

    so where did these details come from? the amazon page doesnt tell jack shit.

  2. Hell. YES. Loved the shit outta the Ten reissue so been waiting for these ever since.

  3. stu says:

    aside from cready stomp pretty dissappointing bonus tracks (i guess betterman might be interesting at least). but the real news here is that this means vinyl releases. can’t wait for no code and yield

  4. Cody Lamie says:

    new version of hold on might be cool.

  5. tbone57 says:

    I loved the Vs album. When my son was about 6 y/o, his teacher sent home a questionnaire regarding the young students preferences. You know like favorite color, favorite tv show. That kind of thing. One question was: What is your favorite song? While the other kids answered some shit by Barney or some Disney crap, my son answered his fav song was Daughter. And ever since, my son and I have shared a deep connection with music. We attend concerts together all the time (last show was The Black Angels), but we have yet to see Pearl Jam.

  6. FARTSO says:

    PJ SUCKS. total studio band.



  7. J7creative says:

    […] Jam is gearing up for one hell of a 20th anniversary Summer, having already reissued their first three albums with enough bells and whistles to make even the most hardcore fans lose […]

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