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Turin Brakes Have Talk Talk Well Covered

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The not quite widely enough known folk band Turin Brakes have recorded a powerful cover of Talk Talk’s Ascension Day, apparently for the sole purpose of letting film director Philip Bloom shoot a subtle but cool video. Check it out:

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Bloom has promised more details on how the video was done shortly, but frankly even the “basic” info he’s posted thus far is only of interest to the geeks. It was all shot with a Panasonic AF-101, which we believe is some sort of spy plane.

The Ascension Day cover is just a one-off, but we’ve still got the band’s most recent album Outbursts in rotation. It was one of last year’s best albums. Give it a shot if you haven’t yet.




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  1. pupo says:

    they look so damn cool & a great choice of a song to cover, to all @ AQHQ: you just made my day (as usual….)

  2. toby benjamin says:

    This track was recorded for a Talk Talk tribute album for Wildlife charities that’s in the making which Turin Brakes are contributing to…
    The video is brilliant and suits the mood perfectly

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