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New Song From Eddie Vedder: ‘Longing To Belong’

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Have a listen to Longing To Belong, the first single from Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder‘s forthcoming solo album called Ukelele Songs, which we’re learning is due out this June.

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The record, the full details of which you can read here, is bound to follow the same adventurously introspective spirit that carried the Into The Wild soundtrack to such great heights. It’s likely to also include a few other gems that Vedder’s penned over the years but played only sparingly. One such song is Satellite, perhaps my personal favorite composition the man has ever put together. Have a listen:

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Delicate, seductive and full of crushing devotion, the track was written from the perspective of Lorri Davis Echols, wife of Damien Echols of the (perhaps falsely) incarcerated West Memphis 3. It’s just one of several that Vedder debuted during two solo performances in the early Spring of 2002, alongside You’re True (“Lonely cliffs and waterfalls…”), Goodbye (total heartbreaker track) and Broken Hearted. Needless to say from song titles alone, it’s clear the man was going through some transitions in life at the time.

Once you’ve had a few listens to Longing to Belong, have a look at the official video for another new track, You’re True. Also check out a new Pearl Jam song, an unreleased rocker called Of The Earth.

Update: There’s also another new song making the rounds called Sleeping By Myself. Check it out at MusicBoxBlog

Thanks to MusicBoxBlog for the sounds, and Denis Blairon for the find!


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Joseph Rose says:

    I can dig it, but this would be the weakest track on Into The Wild if it had been grouped with those.

  2. Merci Denis !!! Super trip !!! Vive Vedder !!!

  3. andy says:

    ….You’ve spelt “ukulele” wrong.

  4. Free the WM3. Or at least give em a fair trial.

  5. hahaha “Eddie’s shitty album cover”. True.

  6. eddiefan says:

    Everything Eddie does is great. All you that knock the music aren’t true fans. Who wants to hear only 1 song their whole life….shows he has great range

  7. njpj says:

    I love the cover!

  8. David Davis says:

    Thanks for bringing attention to the West Memphis Three. Anyone interested in keeping up with the latest – and learning what YOU can do to help – should visit the website co-run by Mark Byers’, the father of one of the victims of (Terry Hobbs’) crime… and one of the most vocal WM3 supporters out there. Get involved and stay up on the case:

    Justice for 6 = Free the 3 & arrest the 1

  9. Marcelo says:

    Maneira demais esta musica… torço pelo sucesso dele em solo tbm…

    viva o Brasil.

  10. Rizz says:

    I came, I listened and I dug it.

  11. Zechmann says:

    Good shit. Hope this stacks up to his previous work!

  12. Lissa Owens says:

    Ya know~ I really don’t care what anyone else thinks…….this is the most beautiful song that I have EVER heard. Hands down.


  13. JS says:

    Well done Eddie!

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