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Listen To Unreleased Gorillaz Demo ‘Starshine’

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Late last night the site Gorillaz Unofficial pointed fans to Gorillaz collaborators Phi Life Cypher, who have posted an unreleased, unmixed version of the track Starshine for fans curious to hear some early sessions from the Damon Albarn-fronted collective.

Recorded back in the 2001 sessions for the Gorillaz’ self-titled debut, the track features Phi Life Cypher dropping serious flow over a minimalist guitar & beat instrumental, with Albarn’s dream-like warble tiptoeing through the chorus. Check it:

Pretty solid, right? How has this not seen the light of day until now? Phi Life collaborated with Albarn & friends on two other tracks, the alternate version of Clint Eastwood and G-Side track The Sounder.

Big ups to our good friends SomeKindofAwesome, who kick far too much ass not to be on your radar. They’re our partners, among others, at this year’s SXSW show on March 19. 14 bands. Two stages. Greenhornes headlining. Be there.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. George says:

    This has been out for years on G-Sides, as has the Clint Eastwood remix and as has The Sounder of course.

    Good song nonetheless though.

  2. James Whyte says:

    thank god you guys are using soundcloud for sharing now, that JW player you always post stuff on never fucking works for me

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