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Listen To Two More Outtakes From When Weezer Didn’t Suck

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Two new (old) Weezer demos have surfaced, for I Swear It’s True and You Won’t Get With Me Tonight, two Pinkerton outtakes recorded in 1995 or 1996.

I Swear It’s True (Crushing Version):

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You Won’t Get With Me Tonight (Crushing Version):

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Versions of these songs appeared on the deluxe edition of the recently released Pinkerton reissue, but these two versions, which the Weezer fan community has dubbed the “crushing tracks,” are… well… better! The “crushing” version of I Swear It’s True in particular boasts a far clearer mix, but both have all of the sort of youthful vigor and attitude Weezer is known for, that was missing from the versions on the Pinkerton reissue. Now we get to hear these songs as they were before being produced to death. And thus we get another glimpse of Weezer as they were before running out of spunk in the late 1990s.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Elijah's Rain says:

    Wow…these have bite to them. WTH happened to them?!

  2. Mike says:

    Like a good neighbor, Weezer is there. Very classy.

  3. A6 says:

    You know you can probably get sued for having these up on this site, right?

  4. Jimmy John says:

    Oh, don’t worry, the worst thing that could happen is one of the band members getting fired.

    Perfectly harmless.

  5. Jethro Tull says:

    “Produced to death”? Yeah, Pinkerton was totally produced to death.

    • Skwerl says:

      pinkerton wasn’t. i love the sound of pinkerton, personally, actually.
      but the versions of these tracks that appeared on the deluxe reissue? totally blended to death, comparatively anyway.

  6. Cody Lamie says:

    I love how Brian is doing the female vox on You Won’t Get With Me Tonight. Much better than the demo on P:DE.

  7. Lams says:

    hey, great stuff, how did you get these? i couldn’t even find it on allthingsweezer. great connections, antiquiet

  8. Lams says:

    by the way it was actually the drummer of the band who called it the crushing version, if i remember correctly

  9. ANON says:

    I for one, would also like to know how THIS SITE got those….

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