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Kings Of Leon Puke, Cancel Show, Are Officially Pussies

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It seems that overpriced-scarf-salesmen Kings Of Leon performed another assault on their ever-forgiving fanbase last night. As backstageOL reports, the group walked offstage at their Dallas gig last night, after performing only a handful of songs.

Apparently pigeon poop was not a major cause. According to reports from locals, lead singer Caleb Followill was very intoxicated; he left the stage with the promise of coming back for more songs, but never did. In the video below, you can see Mr. Followill mumbling through some crowd ass-kissing, then stating: “I’m gonna go backstage for a second, I’m gonna vomit, I’m gonna drink a beer, then I’m gonna come back out and play three more songs”.

Update: The original videos have been removed due to copyright claim. Here’s one that’s legit and long-form:

A short time later, it was announced that the show was cancelled, leaving the following words ringing in the jilted ticketholders’ ears: “It’s not us, it’s Caleb that can’t play. I know you guys fucking hate us…. It’s not our fault, it’s Caleb, he can’t play the rest of the show. We will be back as soon as possible.”

After the incident, Caleb’s bandmates Nathan & Jared Followill tweeted apologies, stating that “there are internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be addressed” and ultimately “the heat got the best of a few of us,” cleverly avoiding the word “alcohol”.

At publishing there’s been no official statement from Caleb, but we’re not sure if it’d do much to improve our – or the rest of the band’s – view of him at the moment. Next stop: rehab.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Robbie says:

    GG Allin is not impressed.

  2. Zack Jackson says:

    Believe it or not this article was the working title to ‘Because of the Times’.

  3. Rory says:

    They like Guns N’ Roses in 1991…except gay.

    • Exz says:

      Gibberish to English Conversion:

      They are like Guns N’ Roses in 1991, except gay.


      Kings of Leon are of similar stature to Guns N’ Roses in terms of Alcohol usage, but are apparently homosexual.

  4. Erg says:

    If it was just the singer that didn’t want to play anymore, why didn’t the rest of the band just stick it out and play without him? They could have salvaged some of the concert, by just doing it sans vocals. Do it Steel Dragon style and get someone from the audience to sing– they’d be shit, but it would be a bit of fun.

  5. Hah, they can’t handle one day in Dallas? I’ve been here all my life and this current streak of 30 consecutive 100+ days is a piece of cake. Wish it would rain, but this is hardly difficult to deal with if you’re not an alcoholic dumbass who can’t recognize heat advisories.

  6. Cameron Crews says:

    Yea it was hot, but by the time they came on it had cooled down quite a bit. Yesterday was pretty cloudy too.

  7. Frinkazoid says:

    Isn’t it time we quit caring about these asshat panty wastes?

  8. Fernando says:

    Since their management is making “copyright claims” (bullshit), here’s a better, longer video showing Caleb’s meltdown

  9. holy.roller says:

    That is soo lame! Just puke and get on with it!

  10. themikoras says:

    These guys have always been “officially pussies”. They have always sucked. The craze for them was headed by the usual bad perception of “good” music by the ridiculous group of people that are commenly referred to as “the public”.

    I love being right all along. Note: I also called greatness for ‘Incubus’ during their “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” era. That was almost easier than calling these no talent ass clowns “no talent ass clowns” when I accidentally saw them at Coachella.

  11. pupo says:

    Fuck Kings Of Pussies….Thermometer is stuck in 115 in my town all summer…Nothing a couple of brews can’t fix.

  12. pupo says:

    heat?? he was fucking hungover…and again, nothing a couple of brews can’t fix! PUSSIES!!

  13. Adrien says:

    But after puking, one generally feels better, right? So what’s his problem? Puke, puke some more and then return to stage to finish the set.

  14. Bradlee TheDawg says:

    No-talent no-endurance spoiled rotten baby douchebag pussie-assed faggot bitches. Suck it up assholes and play your gigs. Your fans are fools but that’s another story – they paid their money – now you gotta play the gigs.

  15. The Wolf says:

    Youth & Young Manhood was a fantastic album. Aha Shake Heartbreak was pretty solid, Because of the Times had some high points and then it was all downhill from there. They have talent that they proved early on in their career. Fame turned them into pansies.

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