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Pearl Jam Heads to South America

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Pearl Jam‘s commemoration of their 20th anniversary continues to pay off in spades. The slew of rereleases and upcoming documentary would certainly be enough to please many of their fans, but the biggest celebration is set to come via PJ20, a weekend festival/tour in honor of their twenty years on the road.

With the two-day festival in Wisconsin and 10-day Canadian tour already confirmed for September, today Pearl Jam announced a treat for fans below North America: a 9-date tour through South and Central America in November. Here are the dates:

November 4, 2011 São Paulo, Brazil – Estádio do Morumbi

November 6, 2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Apoteose

November 9, 2011 Curitiba, Brazil – Estádio Vila Capanema

November 11, 2011 Porto Alegre, Brazil – Zequinha

November 13, 2011 La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Estadio Ciudad de La Plata

November 16, 2011 Santiago, Chile – Estadio Monumental David Arellano

November 18, 2011 Lima, Peru  – Estadio Universidad San Marcos

November 20, 2011 San José, Costa Rica – Estadio Nacional San Jose

November 24, 2011 Mexico City, Mexico – Foro Sol

Coming six years after their previous gigs in South America, Pearl Jam are sure to encounter some of, if not the most enthusiastic crowds in the world. Here’s a pretty good example of what we’re talking about:

Surely, AQ plans to be there to witness this. In the meanwhile, we hope those sessions with producer Brendan O’Brien result in some new songs before the year’s end.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. pupo says:

    what about the US tour??

  2. About freaking time, people in perú have been waiting for years for this.

  3. Matov says:

    hey, this should only take two minutes of your time, and its worth watching and sharing. We’re saying NO to the VIP section in Buenos Aires for the PJ concert
    NO al VIP en el recital de Pearl Jam en Buenos Aires!

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