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Foo Fighters Drop Trousers & Bare Asses In ‘Hot Buns’ Video

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Foo Fighters posted a link to an event called “Hot Buns” on its Facebook page a few days ago, asking fans to “keep it clean.” The link led to a page on the band’s website featuring a picture of a man’s legs in cowboy boots standing in a shower.  Pretty harmless, until one discovers the truth behind those boots: they belong to a member of the Foo Fighters, all of whom are naked as jaybirds and dressed as hillbilly truckers.

The “Hot Buns” video, which you can see below, features the band in a truck-stop diner setting, dressed the part of the 18-wheeler wheel men. When their number is called, they head to the back shower area – where untold carnal delights await. Or, if you’re a female, unspeakably sexay events involving the naked men of Foo.

Nude high five! No, asses! No!

It’s all just a demented & clever little promo for the band’s tour this Fall. We’d post the dates for you right here, but that would be robbing you of the full experience of such an exhilarating batch of man-on-man action. With a corncob pipe, nonetheless.


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  1. Elijah's Rain says:

    WTH Did I just watch?! lol

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