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By at 8:39 PM Wednesday, August 31st 2011


Marilyn Manson Returns Via ‘Born Villain’ Short Film (NSFW)

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Earlier today, MTV announced that Marilyn Manson’s comeback was finally underway, set to come in the form of a short film entitled Born Villain, directed by… Shia LaBeouf?

As the Transformers star explains, he met Manson at a Kills concert, and became friends afterwards. The singer was reportedly impressed by Shia’s work directing Kid Cudi’s video for Maniac, and requested that he directed a short film for the first single off his upcoming LP.

As the now-director explains, “the song has all these references to ‘Macbeth’ and all this Shakespeare and heavy theology, so we tried to make Manson’s ‘Un Chien Andalou’ macabre ‘Macbeth’ — that’s sort of what that became.”

Whatever. It’s weird as hell, and possibly even cool. Watch the very NSFW six-minute piece right here:

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We’ll likely have some news on Marilyn Manson’s next album in the near future. Incidentally, for whatever it’s worth, while original/returned bassist Twiggy Ramirez has called it Manson’s best yet, Manson’s father Hugh Warner described the album thusly:

“It will make a vagina wet. What can you say after that? If the vagina’s wet, all things are good. That’s what he [Manson] told me when I was listening to it. It’s very hard, very heavy, very good. Everyone should be extremely excited and happy”


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. It’s no Closer, but it’s pretty damn good.

    And that scene with the eye on the hand? Fucking brilliant.

  2. Scotto says:

    Meh, I’ll pass. The video is decent enough, but the song goes absolutely no where. Also, when you need MTV to announce your comeback, I tend to lose a little respect in the artist.

    • Marilyn Manson + Macbeth + Religious teachings + Alejandro Jodorowsky + Miss Crash = BAD ASS BRILLIANCE. I suppose some don’t realize Manson is an artist and artist create from what is within the heart …from sudden inspirations or deeply embedded inspirations. The creator isn’t always creating so much for you, as they are creating most of the time for themselves.. It is a release of energy from within..I personally love all of his art. He has kept me inspired for several years now as an artist myself. I am not a huge fan at all of Shia LaBeouf but I can still appreciate his work with Manson. My reasons of not being a fan of Shia is all the negative youtube videos of him mistreating fans and the paparazzi as well as his drinking and driving.. I dislike this about Shia but who am I but one opinion of many million. It is what it is…

  3. JesseLane says:

    best Manson video since Holywood.. maybe even before

  4. Gothangie says:

    OMFG LOVED it! Really impressed, an excellent piece of film. Very gritty, artistic and thought provoking, Good move having Shia LaBeouf

    • Fierce says:

      THANK YOU! I was hoping someone felt the same about this. I am so happy. I love Marilyn Manson and everything he has EVER done.
      He is the true Shock Rock God <3<3<3

  5. Cory Hatton says:

    soooomebody’s seen the holy mountain. song didn’t do much for me. mehhhh.

  6. Elijah's Rain says:

    The song goes no where…what are you guys listening to?! blah

  7. shane says:

    it’s no antichrist superstar, but it is light years beyond the last disc. can’t wait to hear more!!

  8. Katie says:

    Good spooky film in the style of the unreleased phantasmagoria, however the song used barely even gets off the ground because of the film. I would prefer to see a music video exclusively for “No Reason”

  9. Ryan Magner says:

    Let’s put aside that casting call for an amputee, a fat old lady willing to do nudity, chicks looking to get tortured with hooks and needles, and a dude with a glass eye willing to remove it. Let’s focus on my huge problem with music videos that insist on breaking up the song into 4 parts! It’s fucking interruptive. To be fair it wouldn’t be a better song if it was strung together.

  10. Mr. Mustard says:

    Manson is starting to resemble Paul Reubens.

  11. john merrick says:

    I liked the video and even dug the song which I cant say for some of his work. The video looked like William Burroughs influence strewn throughout for great updating on Our Gang, love it!

  12. Jenkins says:

    This is a trailer for a short film, not a music video. You only hear scattered parts of a song (or songs).

  13. i didn’t see that the producers of the video of Marilyn Manson say that the video include so many parts of the movie “The Holy Mountain” from Alejandro Jorodowsky.. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071615/

  14. Cadence says:

    Manson? Mr. Manson? Your singing career is over and it’s time to wake up now. And who was that screaming idiot you shot in the face in that video? You wish Heaven was full of saps like that! It was so brazen, catching yourself on fire like that. But we can all see it was just an illusion.

  15. COTTER says:

    wow. this is video art. ive only ever seen one other video artist as creative that is still alive today. you have to look outside the box and into the triangle.

  16. Lara Boo says:

    Marilyn Manson is my god! It’s all that i can say…

  17. BRIANDEAD says:

    I am hoping the ‘audio’ to the above BORING video (that wont interest or shock many mtv watchers over the age of 15) is just an experiment in the studio than parts of any full track from any upcoming album! Yes, it was only a few seconds of audio, but there is no structure or chorus, and the vocal/overall production sounds bad. Not in a good way either! Its almost as if MM are trying to recreate what Trent has done in the past for them, trying to make an industrial sounding album (as similar to antichrist as possible) in order to make them as popular as they once were. Random noise is not what I want to hear, I want music. The last two albums however were pretty good, the worst so far musically I believe to have been their ‘smells like’ remix ep (ignoring sweet dreams), portrait, and arguably even grotesque. Everything else has been fine to date, from a good lyricist/band. So I will just wait. If its not to be released until February, they still have time to do alot better than the above… The above is shameful though, unless you are 15, lol. Its time to grow up.

  18. Glendale W says:

    Very Artistic need and got 2 have this song.

  19. dark age machine says:

    Antichrist Superstar paved the way so when Mechanical Animals came out I was old enough to listen and I still think that album is Manson’s best work. I also equally thing Golden Age Of Grotesque is soooo underrated and had a groove that was monstrous. This Born Villain stuff though is completely uninspired and sounds like they have gone off the deep end. and also, Tim Skold Rules he should have stayed with manson they were a good team.

  20. Dagonen says:

    This is a joke a real joke nothing that we can really explain but the artist himself.
    This is a trailor and not a music video so its a laugh when some one mentions the video sucks.
    As to the music to what ive been following i hope manson did a good job and intenteds to fill his promise of the beatifull art we know him so well for.
    Something to lulliby the mind to sleep…. or wake it more or less.
    Sadly from what ive heard im kinda disappointed but thats from expectation and not from personal value.
    I agree manson has been a bit of.. guess sell out after seeing one of his sounds on a trailor for clash of the tian saddening but well its manson get over it and watch his work release upon the world and if you dont like it well you dont have to thats whats mansons about wel lin some ways.

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I am not an advertisement because this content makes wholesome people uncomfortable.