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Ryan Adams Covers Iron Maiden’s ‘Wasted Years’

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As we reported a few weeks ago, singer, songwriter and heavy metal enthusiast Ryan Adams is set to release his latest effort Ashes & Fire in October. Adams is currently across the pond promoting the disc and paid BBC Radio 2 a visit. In addition to discussing the writing process of the albums lead single Lucky You and working with producer Glyn Johns, the former Whiskeytown front man took time to pay tribute to one of his heavy metal heroes.

Along with Lucky You, Adams performed a haunting solo-acoustic version of Iron Maiden’s 1986 classic Wasted Years. While the legendary fret work of duel axe men Dave Murray and Adrian Smith translates well to the acoustic format, it’s Adam’s vocals that really make this version stand out. Gone are the operatic shrieks of Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, and in their place one will find the soothing Southern vocals that Adams has perfected over the past fifteen years.

Sexy fat ups to TwentyFourBit for the sounds.

While Adams was busy serenading Maiden’s homeland, Dickinson was busy helping Adams adopted home town of New York City. Daily Mail reports that Dickinson (who kills time between world tours by working as a commercial airline pilot) was one of the first approved for take off from Newark Airport in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Dickinson used Maiden’s Boeing 757 (known as Ed Force One) to fly 200 passengers from the states to Reykjavik, Iceland.

There is no word if Dickinson will give Adams a ride back to the state when he is finished promoting Ashes & Fire in Europe.


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  1. Jenkins says:

    Ugh. This fucking sucks! The way you talk about Bruce’s “operatic shrieks”, it clearly carries a negative connotation. In reality, Bruce is a very powerful singer, and this is among Iron Maiden’s best and most powerful songs. Everything that makes it great are gone from this version, leaving behind nothing but the sound of a lonely hipster crying in a room. It blows.

    • I have been listening to Ryan Adams much longer than I have listened to Ryan Adams. Nothing negative intended in the way I described Bruce’s vocals. I will say, I do feel bad that you missed the greatness that comes with Adam’s version. I would have been bored if Adams had used his Orion metal band to tackle this beast. What he has done here is taken the beast and made it vulnerable and for that I give him nothing but love and respect.

  2. T.V. says:

    Here’s an artist I’ve heard mentioned and never found the time to investigate myself. As a massive Iron Maiden fan (This being one of my favourites), I was apprehensive about the nature of the cover, but by god it really does work. Just because it couldn’t be more different sonically doesn’t make it bad, if anything a direct stylistic copy would have been boring. This adds a completely new dimension to an already classic song, and shows the versatility of the original songwriting. I’ll definitely be checking out some of Ryan Adams’ original material after this.

  3. Elijah's Rain says:

    I like it…it’s a subdued version with alot of soul.

  4. Joey Schmidt says:

    Wow, nice! The original is off Somewhere in Time, which was the first album I ever bought with my own money in 1987!! I also got a 12″ single signed by the Brucemeister himself.

    I really had no idea what to expect from this, but it was really good and adds a new dimension to the lyrics, awesome job.

  5. Jacob says:

    such an amazing song!

  6. fmuff says:

    Would have been better if the cover was by BRYAN Adams – then we;d have something here.

  7. […] his recent solo acoustic tour in support of his 2011 effort Ashes & Fire. The title (a play on Iron Maiden’s 1985 concert record Live After Death) would certainly indicate as much as Adams returned to the […]

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