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Soundgarden Recruits Pepper Keenan For ‘Gun’

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As the anticipation for new material from Soundgarden continues to rise, the band recently played their last concert of 2011 at New Orleans’ Voodoo Music Experience festival. One of the highlights of the concert occurred when they were joined by guitarist Pepper Keenan – frontman for Corrosion of Conformity and six stringer for Down.

Keenan (who lives in New Orleans) helped in adding some weight to the already ridiculously heavy Gun. Watch it below:

Soundgarden’s first album in 15 years will reportedly be out next spring, and the band will tour Australia in early 2012. As for Down, the band plans start releasing a series of EPs sometime next year, and we’ll be catching the band on their South American tour next month.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. pupo says:

    SG+PK – match made in heaven (hell perhaps??)….spring 2012 can’t come too soon!

  2. Phillip William Swisher,Jr. says:

    Hey Ya’ll,Canyon Man here.I am trying to track down Pepper to communicate directly with him.I was living in the pit oh hell-vetia,doing a “fantasy recon”.Hua,and all this.Have Ya’ll ever heard of Captain America? Well in reality ,I am Private Texas.Did I just type that out loud? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Oh well,tell Kim that if he ever thought I was a little “off” when I interacted with him,it’s because I was waiting for the right time to kill maitreya,which I or another little Doggy will be doing here directly.YEEHAW ,or as Pepper would say,YAHHHH-HEE!,or as Granpa would say Hoka-Hey Ya’ll can call me Iktomi (dhhd),but if you like canyon man,that’ll do.By the way,I want to produce your next record.I will want to do it ghetto in the ghetto.Pepper will have to get 50-50 cash and credit for his “bells and whistles skills”,while I will handle the big picture part.In any event,please give Pepper my email today if possible.Until we meet again,Phillip William Swisher,Jr.
    a.k.a. Canyon Man
    a.k.a. Iktomi dhhd P.S. tell Matt,if he is still down,that the place I want to record Ya’ll is owned by Eva Mettrey.At least it was when I was down that way,when I was doing some work for her Father ( God rest his soul,unless he wants another shot at it)Vote for Barry Swisher a.k.a. B.H. Obama. OOPS,did I just type that out loud? Dont tell anyone,its sort of a super high pri00rity secret.

  3. Phillip William Swisher,Jr. says:

    Do not post the thing on your thing,on this I must insist,i demand to be unfamous as PWS Jr.Ya’ll can pick the name as it appears on your cd cover,just so long as Pepper has 50-50 stuff in his name.

  4. Derek says:

    Pepper Keenan is a total poser. He is a rich kid from Uptown New Orleans who never, ever was the ” good ol’ southern boy ” he pretends to be now. Phil Anselmo, Mike Williams, Mark Schultz, on the other hand, are the REAL DEAL. The real old school New Orleans crowd knows. I can’t believe Pepper’s bullshitted everyone for so long now… And by the way… the songs are BOOOOORING and PLAYED OUT. Hey Pepper! Britt Whalen, Jessica Goldfinch, and Virginia Porter know who you really are! Remember them, rich kid?

    • Will says:

      What, you gotta be broke as fuck to be southern? Fuck off, bitch, he’s a musician and he puts his soul into it; that’s all that matters. Eat Pepper’s french shorts.

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