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Joseph Arthur Releases Free Double Album ‘Redemption City’

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Less than a year after he released The Graduation Ceremony, singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur has returned with Redemption City. Following in the footsteps of Radiohead, Yeasayer and countless others, Arthur is allowing fans to decide what they will pay for the ambitious 24 track double album. Both MP3 and FLAC files are currently up on Arthur’s site for download and fans also have the option to purchase the music on limited edition 12” colored vinyl.

In various Facebook updates since the beginning of 2012, Arthur has shared many interesting facts about the creation process behind Redemption City. In addition to retracting his statement that it was the best thing he has done, we learn that the recordings were mixed down to quarter inch tape in order to achieve a “warm hiss and smooth lower fidelity happiness.”

In the press release that appears on the main page of his website, the New York by way of Akron Ohio singer/songwriter shares how Redemption City has been a decade in the making. When it comes down to how one should take in his latest work, Arthur writes:

With the Internet and new ways of releasing music it seems
that the doors are open to broader perspectives on what’s
too much.
Here you have both a double and a single record,
depending on how you want it or your level of interest.
Also it’s not important (or possible!) to listen to all of it in
one sitting.
Take in Part 1 and then move slowly into part 2.
It’s a city.
There are lots of avenues and side streets,
Abandoned buildings and bodegas,
Cars parked on the side of oblivion with cats in them.
Come in and walk around.

To download Redemption City, please visit Joseph Arthur’s website by clicking here. In the event that is not simply not enough Arthur to fill your soul, you can catch him perform on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday January 18th, 2012.


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