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Dead Sara Tease New LP With 3-Song ‘Weatherman’ Single

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We’ve been looking forward to the new full-length LP from Dead Sara, one of our favorite still-unreleased albums of 2012, and the wait just got a little more bearable with a short-form release from the band.

The four-piece, half-female Rock outfit that’s working their way up our sonic spectrum has just released a 3 songs EP, the Weatherman single. The release is available starting today, and you can get it here.

The quartet is a powerful Rock right-hook, working with the strong ingredients that made the first half of the 90s so great -namely the tasty Rock riffs, punk’s no-bullshit approach and a pop sensibility that makes the whole really easy to fall in love with.

You can check out Dead Sara’s songs in their SoundClound page if you need further proof. The band will be on this year’s SXSW and on tour this summer as part of the Vans Warped Tour 2012.

Check out their Weatherman video below:

Dig in deeper with Dead Sara at their official website, and check back soon for an Antiquiet exclusive session with the band.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Frent says:

    Is there something holding this album up?
    Thought it was suppose I come out last
    October? From what I’ve heard, they rock.

  2. joe says:

    they’re great

  3. houston says:

    They rock! they remind me of the rawness of the runaways!

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