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Is This The Bonnaroo 2012 Lineup?

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This could be total tomfoolery for all we know, but a rather credible rainbow-striped little birdie has brought this to our attention:

We shall see. So far the official response is “We cannot confirm or deny reports at this time.” We’re not ones to break out the marshmallows until we see the fire, so take all this with a hearty chunk of salt. But if it’s right, we’ll be seeing you in Tennessee this June.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Rory says:

    If this lineup is real, I’d say that there is a good chance that Coachella won’t be the only festival I attend this year.

  2. zobi says:

    i hate festivals, enjoy guys!

  3. alex says:

    Prince is probably the only big hitter on there worth seeing as his live mojo seems to have returned to him (did he ever lose it?). Radiohead is like watching 5 men masturbate, The Chili Peppers just phone it in now and Phish are a band nobody outside of the US will ever understand.

    The rest are a list of bands who had minor indie hits 5-10 years ago who fell off the radar. Coachella is the only fest lineup I’ve seen so far on your side of the pond thats worth blood and sweat. I’m glad I’ve got the Download festival here in England where cutting edge bands like Black Sabbath can wow the crowds with their genre crushing material.

    • fredflinstone says:

      jeez dude you are one insecure attention seeker cocky ignorant man, you know youre missing the point when you say “radiohead is like watching 5 men masturbate”. I hope you take this as a reality check or else get involved in an accident that disables your typing ability

    • steve says:

      haha you are a loser dude. 100% stay in england and go listen to Donk.

    • dylsmack says:

      prince never lost it. but you seem very informed.

    • Mike says:

      Wow, you shit talk Phish and Radiohead and then in the same breath praise a shitty fest with 3 decent headliners (Prodigy, Metallica doing Black Album and Sabbath). You Europeans sure are silly.

      • fredflinstone says:

        im afraid calling out all europeans “silly” is the wrong way to go man, and im from denmark just as fyi, not saying im better but stereotypes are never the way, its like calling out all the people in the united states(america is the continent) silly

    • jen says:

      If you can’t understand how much phish crushes what they do, then you need to find a new headspace….. And maybe go see them live.

  4. fredflinstone says:

    incredibly solid line up, hope for the ppl attending it is true

  5. Andrew says:

    Just cuz no bands are there you like doesnt mean its gunna suck. Those headliners are all gunna be in the hall of fame how can you hate. Fuck black sabbath

  6. tbone57 says:

    Yet another meh festival. And June in TN is hell.

  7. alex says:

    Fuck me… I took a swipe at Radiohead and made a sarcastic comment about Black Sabbath (which a good portion of the repliers clearly didn’t get) and the reaction was as though I’d written ‘PEDO’ on your front door in my own excrement.
    My comment about Black Sabbath was sarcastic>

    America has all the finest rock bands and like I said, Coachella has a top lineup with more variety and new music on it, nothing against America here.

    Shame about Whitney Houston wasn’t it? I heard they took her drugs off her and in protest, dragged her knuckles on the floor of her cage till it wore her hands down to the wrists. Blood everywhere I heard. Fortunately her repackaged greatest hits will be number one for a few weeks for anyone who gives a shit.

    • fredflinstone says:

      if you did that it would be more pleasant than having to read your attention seeking opinion on every article, youre trying too hard man, hell i would keep the plastic bags and gloves next to the door and gladly take that shit down everyday thank you very much

      • alex says:

        Your description of attn seeking is basically an admission of my skill as a wordsmith and your failure to write anything back worth reading.

        My comment was an opinion, it had both positive and negative content on site related matters and just because I wrote something you didn’t agree with you get personal. We can get personal….. yes….. and something about your mother.

        If I want a pesky little puppy eating the scraps that fall from my table I’ll be sure to give you a wink, otherwise, stay in your cage.

        • fredflinstone says:

          haha its funny to see how seriously you take yourself man, we all know what you really want is to get a job from mr firecloud, if you get it my sincere congrats i know how hard youve “worked” for it, and if you havent got it yet maybe theres a direct connection to the way you express yourself, ill say it again, youre just missing the point man, trying to hard. haha im good, a nice day to you as well

  8. zobi says:

    Americans don’t really get sarcasm i guess… fun read, thx!

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