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Multi-Cam Recording Of Nine Inch Nails’ Final Show Surfaces

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In early 2009, Trent Reznor surprised the Nine Inch Nails community by sharing over 400 GBs of raw live footage documenting his band’s mesmerizing Lights in the Sky tour in the cities of Portland, Sacramento, and Victoria. A mere few months later, a wholly devoted group of Nine Inch Nails fans banded together and released Another Version of the Truth: The Gift, a professionally edited concert film that took full advantage of Reznor’s fairly substantial Christmas gift, and offered the fan-base a masterful live DVD just as excellent as the band’s official live releases.

After the great success of The Gift, the excited Nine Inch Nails community decided to put together a similar project called A Tiny Little Dot: After All Is Said And Done. A Tiny Little Dot’s promise was to offer a multi-cam edit of Nine Inch Nails’ September 10th, 2009 show at the Wiltern – the last leg of the band’s Wave Goodbye tour, and quite possibly, the band’s last show ever. Unfortunately, after receiving hundreds of dollars of pledges and making substantial and baseless promises, the project remained stagnant, and its developers slowly receded from public eye, leaving the community angry, distraught, and most of all, very disappointed.

Apparently during the same time period when all excitement seemed to be focused on the falsehearted A Tiny Little Dot, a Nine Inch Nails fan from Germany had assumed the same task of recreating the Wiltern show by using all the live footage he could muster online. The fan’s motivation behind this massive undertaking was made clear in his post on the official Nine Inch Nails forums:

“I couldn’t witness this last show. So in return, working on [this project] was something special for me. Maybe you will also catch fire for this show, as I did, over the course of the editing process. Nine Inch Nails and all the others made this an amazing final concert! Hopefully it’s not the last time these great musicians and performers are – together – on stage!”

We couldn’t agree more.

The unofficial, unsolicited, yet wholly welcome multi-cam edit of the concert is now available on PirateBay, and it is beyond exhilarating to see such devotion towards a band and a project come to fruition.

You can watch the trailer of the project below:

And of course, you can download it by clicking here.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Rory says:

    Damn 9 GB’s?

    Totally fucking worth the wait. Behind the Queens of the Stone Salt Mine gig, this has to be the concert film I’ve been craving to see most. Can’t wait until the download is complete!

  2. chops says:

    Bang up job. I still hope ATLD sees the light of day, not holding my breath though.

  3. Eric says:

    Sad that one person was able to put together what an entire team (atinylittledot) couldn’t.

  4. zobi says:

    glad to see this out finally, i was fortunate enough to witness the show back then so i will enjoy this very very much.

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