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Watch M. Ward’s Dreamy 3-Act Clip For ‘The First Time I Ran Away’

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M. Ward’s new video for The First Time I Ran Away is a three-act animated approach to the breezy little track, the first release off Ward’s forthcoming album A Wasteland Companion.

The dreamy acoustic guitar-shuffle leads the track, from Ward’s follow-up to 2009’s Hold Time. His thoughts on crafting an album this time around: “Between now and when I made ‘Hold Time’ there has been a lot of travelling which requires a lot of reckoning with what to leave behind and what to carry – material and otherwise – and thinking about what I want versus what I need, creatively and otherwise. I wanted to get a reflection of that on the album.”

Joel Trussell, the same director responsible for the video for Ward’s Chinese Translation clip, is responsible for the visuals here. Job well done, and nice touch on the fish swimming up the waterfall.

A Wasteland Companion arrives on April 10 – find out more and pre-order the album at M.Ward’s official site.


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